Friday, February 22, 2008

New Chris Hackett TV ad

In a press release Republican Pennsylvania 10th CD candidate Chris Hackett took another shot at incumbent Chris Carney over earmarks. Carney has said he is proud of being the Freshman Pork Champ and Hackett is making opposition to earmarks his signature issue. He signed the Citizens Against Government Waste (CAGW) Earmark Reform Pledge and says:

We need to work to restore confidence in our elected officials and establish a commitment to be as fiscally responsible with citizens' tax dollars as they are with their paychecks. The only answer is an open, transparent, and honest process. This cannot be achieved within the current earmark system," Hackett said in a letter to his opponents.

"When elected to Congress, I will not only abide by this pledge, but will fight to end the corrupt earmarking process altogether. The CAGW pledge is only a good starting point, a minimal effort that I would think all candidates could easily join me in supporting if they are truly opposed to wasteful pork spending," Hackett added.

The CAGW recently named PA Congressman Jack Murtha it's Porker of the Year. And I know how much my Republican friends like Murtha.

In a statement to the CV, Dan Meuser, one of Hackett’s Republican opponents, called the pledge “political gamesmanship.” Meuser said he supports eliminating earmarks, giving the president the right to veto specific earmarks and Congress voting on earmarks one by one.

The other 10th CD Republican candidate, Davis Haire, has stated on his website that he also opposed to earmarks:

Too often Washington politicians care more about spending your tax dollars to win votes back home, then thinking first about your wallet.

This is a good ad that drives home the point

Update: Congressman Carney reponds


"These projects will create jobs right here"

Clarks Summit, PA—Chris Carney issued the following response to attacks on the federal funding he delivered for the people of northeast and central Pennsylvania:

"These projects will create jobs right here—good, high paying jobs that will help our communities. These appropriations bills pass Congress with overwhelming bipartisan support, both Republicans and Democrats believe in sound federal investment. At best Hackett is tragically misinformed about how to invest in our community, at worst he is just trying to score cheap political points."

Chris Hackett, one of several potential Republican candidates for Congress, has challenged Chris Carney's commitment to public service and his work to bring jobs and investment to the region.

Carney brought more federal investment back to the district than any other new Member of Congress.


Anonymous said...

Upon examining the backgrounds and positions of the candidates, Davis Haire is the only true conservative. Will he win? Probably not, as the Republican party has been hijacked by the landed gentry. Meuser and Hackett will spin and spend their way while garnering support from their country club pals. Isn't that true David Madeira? If either of these two bums ultimately win it will be at the detriment of the lazy and stupid voter who succumbs to enough sound bites. When dissatisfaction arises and we get another Arlen Specter type who do we blame this time, the guys with the most money as usual?

Anonymous said...

That ad is terrible. Seriously. Terrible. Music DOES NOT fit the 10th District. Tempo is great for an urban campaign...poor media by Hackett thus far, Meuser is going to destroy him.

Doctor Rick said...

You want to lionize conservatives for pork barrell spending...yet anything Carney does is somehow not pork?

Anonymous said...

The electorate is hopelessly lost and Carney is on his good behavior for now. When reelected watch him move subtly more to the left.

Anonymous said...

Why are we complaining about "pork" in our state? Why not talk about the REAL waste!! What about the Billions that were literally "lost" in Iraq? I'm not talking about the war waste, I'm talking about the money sent over in CASH that no one can find!! How come nobody complains about that!!??!!?? Please don't let this crap make us take our eye off the ball. We have to start sticking together. Help each other. Not just the rich getting richer. We pay enough taxes that we should be able to help each other,if we would just pay attention to the REAL WASTE! Why does a stealt bomber cost 1.2 billion dollars? And the government won't even admit if it cost more then that! Why not? Who's working for who? Let's stand up and take our country back! Back from greed! I get sick when I hear candidates saying they will cut back on helping the poor! WHY!?!? We are a great country but greed is bringing us down. Let's keep our eyes on the REAL WASTE! Why are we spending millions on running for president but bitching about not having enough money to rebuild New Orleans?!? Why don't the people in Iraq have gas for their cars? I have to stop! I'll drive myself nuts! But please listen to the REAL WASTE! Write your government! We CAN make a difference!

Anonymous said...

I think Chris Carney has done a great job thus fare. Look at him compared to Sherwood and there should be no complaint. The Republicans have destroyed this country and that alone will be a victory for Carney and all Democrats alike.