Friday, February 29, 2008

Luzerne County update

With Sam Guesto taking a newly created job out of the limelight thanks to Judge Ciavarella, the Luzerne County commissioners acted quickly to appoint a new chief clerk/manager. In a rare 3-0 vote they hired Doug Pape to be new day-to-day manager of the county. He has a solid resume and will be paid almost twice as much as his bosses but less than Guesto.

Many of you will shocked by this statement but I think the commissioners are underpaid. Luzerne County is a $200+ million operation with almost 2000 employees and they are paid around $40k a year. You get what you pay for. We really do need Homerule but that is another post.

Stepping on that Kumbaya moment Greg Skrepenak tried to move into Sam Guesto's old office in the basement of the courthouse until Maryanne Petrilla stopped him. Office space in the courthouse is a very touchy subject and any changes must be approved by all 3 commissioners.

Sounding like the cool kids are being mean to him and he wants to change his lunch seat Skrep said; “I ran to be in the majority, but all I hear is that we’re three equal, independent commissioners. So if that’s the case, the office space should help us obtain our goal.”

Will Skrep and Maryanne exchange Christmas cards next year?

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