Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Haire drops PA-10 bid

To my disappointment Davis Haire withdrew from the race for the Republican nomination in the Pennsylvania 10th Congressional District. When this started I was hoping for 10 GOP challengers to freshman Democrat Chris Carney and for a while it looked like I might get my wish. But now it's down to a 2 man race between Dan Meuser and Chris Hackett.

From Davis Haire's press release:

I want to thank all of my supporters who worked so hard over the last few months on my behalf. The time and energy of so many friends, family and neighbors has been very humbling to me, and I cannot begin to describe my appreciation for their loyalty. I won't forget it," said Haire. "I recognize the uphill climb our campaign has against the money of Mr. Hackett and Mr. Meuser, but I am hopeful that whoever the Republican nominee is, he is able to articulate a winning conservative message of lower taxes, tough borders, affordable healthcare and protecting our family farms."

At this time, Haire will not be endorsing either Republican candidate.

Both Hackett and Meuser said nice things about him in the TL.


Anonymous said...

he made the effort to get on the ballot, got his petitions signed then why not just stay out there. you never know what might happen. wonder who got to him?

Anonymous said...

Old School R says;

Maybe common sense kicked in... Sometimes it takes a while to see reality. He had no shot from day one .. He did the right thing in getting out .. Good man...

Anonymous said...

Hear ye, Hear ye now usher in the candidate with the most money, right Pat Toomey?

Anonymous said...

old school r you are correct, but why not just leave your name on the ballot anyway? i guess once we see who he endorses we will know the answer.

Anonymous said...

Haire is gone and I was for him.If you examine the remaining two, Chris Hackett is by far the better choice and has a more specific conservative agenda. Meuser has damning evidence of widespread corruption with federal fines and kick-back schemes concerning his old folks go cart business. Watch for more of this to be revealed soon.

kar said...

Thanks for the tip on the Hackett/Maderia/Toomey campaign strategy.

"Scorched earth",keep digging and slinging,Meuser will keep talking about issues.

If you guys weren't so desperate, you might be amusing, but really you're a bit pathetic.


Anonymous said...

Ditto on that on KAR. It's so transparent what the Hackett/Madeira strategy is.
"Don't vote for me, vote against Meuser".
That says a lot about a person.

Scott said...

To the contrary, I would say I have seen nothing but issues from the Hackett Campaign, and nothing but smear, name calling and condescension from KAR on the Meuser side.

Compare/contrast the two websites: Hackett has specific issues and plenty of research for what he says, while Meuser has a general outline, but nothing more.

It looks to me like Hackett is running an issue campaign that will beat Carney on the issues in November.

Anonymous said...

Right on Scott, Meusers web site is as empty as his house at the lake!

kar said...


Seeing as your guy is so issue specific, what about family farms, and those who have invested generations producing the harvest that Americans enjoy daily?

Toomey seemed rather specific when he basically kissed them off, and he & Hackett & Maderia, & you, I suppose are sympatico.

What about farmers? Any love for them?

Ciao for now

Anonymous said...

Scott, since when are blogs used to gauge a political campaign? Hackett's people have launched an all out mudslinging attack on Meuser. It was so transparent. And it's on the radio and web and print.
So KAR has said things against Hackett. KAR doesn't represent the Meuser campaign. Madeira admitted they were going dirty to try and beat Meuser. So know some facts before you open your mouth.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mike and-or Ray for your insightful commentary on the shape of the SS Meuser. Hackett talks earmark reform, Meuser talks... well... protecting earmarks. Status quo anyone?

Anonymous said...

well if yall are worried about family farms than don't vote for either republican, vote for carney, he is actually doing something about helping them out.....

Scott said...

Anon 10:18,

1. I challange you to name ONE campaign mudslinging attack on Meuser in radio, web or print. Seems to me all Hacketts campaign has done is point out differences between he and Carney.

2. Please cite when Madeira said they were going dirty. I've been following this thing pretty closely, and I must have missed that quote in the paper.

You talk about facts, but don't give anything but accusations yourself!

Anonymous said...

the mulk of the mudslinging is taking place on this web site.

Barry and Kar are the biggest offenders plus many anon posters.

In any form of media, both candidates seem to be only going after Carney or discussing issues.

Perhaps their supporters can exercise their candidates class and knock off the mudslinging here.

It is a lot of fun to follow and as a Carney supporter I just love the info being given to Chris to beat either one of the rinos.

Anonymous said...

Not sure if you had difficulty navigating the website but Meuser clearly has issue papers on his website. They are hiding under the button "On the Issues"