Sunday, February 03, 2008

There is a football game today

To me it's the Super Bore. Being an Eagles fan I just can't pull for the Giants even though I always cheer for the underdog. The Patriots have a date with destiny trying to go 19-0 but even if they do it I still think that best team ever was the 1972 Dolphins. Anyway I hope the commercials are funny, at $3 million a pop they better be. If the Giants win maybe the rumors that Eli was adopted will be put to rest.

I'm watching the pre-game and FOX has a bunch of sports figures reading the Declaration of Independence. It's kind of neat

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Michelle D said...

Woooooo Giants! Hit a homerun! Make sure you play left field with a hockey stick. Be sure to take the foul shot from the 3 point line.

Um, yeah.