Thursday, February 07, 2008

Pennsylvania 10th CD update

Davis Haire was campaigning in Bradford County Tuesday and got some nice press in the Towanda paper. Some choice quotes:

I’m very concerned about the future of our country...I had it better than my parents, and they had it better than their parents. If we don’t start to turn things around, I’m afraid our children and grandchildren won’t have the same opportunities we had.”

Haire said his campaign “won’t spend a ton of money.”

Haire said he believes in capitalism and small government, but the energy crisis is so important that it needs “national coordination"... “If we determined that 5 percent of our national energy should be from rural-based independent wind energy, the national energy agency would put out bids for research and development of a wind tower.”

There is a “valid sense of urgency” in the United States today about weaning the country off foreign oil “so we can’t succumb to political correctness all the time,” he said.

Dan Meuser's website got a facelift adding a media center that has his 2 TV ads but still doesn't list his schedule.

Chris Hackett added a schedule to his website and I heard a new radio spot touting his recent endorsements on WILK yesterday. When they add it to the site I will provide a link. On Tuesday I dropped by Hackett's HQ for his Petition Party and the place was buzzing with people coming and going with their petitions to get notarized. Chris told me that he expects to have 2 or 3 times the number of the necessary signatures. But it wasn't much of a party because I was expecting some booze, blarring music and dancing girls. Instead they had the Super Tuesday coverage on the TV, some bottled water and Mrs. G was the only dancing girl in the place. Oh, those wild Republicans. On the way there we passed the Meuser HQ, it looked dark.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Is the second Meuser ad a commercial for him or Pride? He sounds like he's trying to sell wheelchairs.

Gort said...

I thought the same thing about the 2nd spot. It comes across like an ad for the Scooter Store and the only thing missing is the tag line. " Dan Meuser has been pre-approved by Medicare."

kar said...

Gort, I know this may be a stretch for you and your liberal buddies, but it's about leadership, and job creation.

You know, jobs, real jobs, jobs that allow people to do all of the things that good citizens do, jobs that every politico from both parties say are important.

Big difference is that Dan Meuser has actually presided over business growth, and created sustainable jobs.

How many jobs has Chris Carney created? How about Kanjo? I mean aside from his assorted relatives.

Anonymous said...

kar it is a bad commercial period. if you have to explain the point of the spot it means the message is not getting out. i saw it and thought the same thing, is this a commercial for pride.

dan\'s media team sucks. his web site is amateurish with run on after run on sentence. a whole lot of words saying nothing.

instead of using his money to hire d.c. hacks he should have gone to local people who understand the people of this community. instead it is just one carpetbagger hiring other carpetbaggers and trying to tell people what they think they want them to hear.

and let\'s face it the only reason he has created jobs is through big government spending.....

why doesn\'t he create a non gov\'t reliant industry where people would be willing to part with their own hard earned dollars...

Gort said...


I know that in your world that all you have to do is yell liberal and somehow that makes you right. But just as an observer of politics I have to say that it is a terible ad.

kar said...

The ad speaks for itself, some won't/don't like anything the Meuser camp puts out, so be it.

Dan is rightly proud of what he has helped create and sustain at Pride, jobs don't fall from the skies, a lot of hard work and guts go into a venture like Pride Mobility.

Question though, how many jobs has Chris Carney personally created? Kanjo on job creation? Family & friends yes, anyone else...sol.

Note to Gort,saying liberal doesn't make me right in any world, liberals by their own words and actions prove my case time after time.


Anonymous said...

kind of amazing in the mythology that dan muesser has created that they never mention the actual founders of pride mobility and how he and his brother came in and bought an up and coming company. a company that was already being built up, that was already creating jobs. i guess that wouldn't make the incredible b.s. that is put out there so legendary

Gort said...

I have to agree with you kar. The government doesn't create jobs because it is not a business although a business can profit from the policies of the government.

c'est la vie

kar said...

Anon 12:34,

No myth, just facts, Dan & his brother Scott transformed a small lumber company into a world leader in Mobility Products.

Growing from fewer than 100 employees to more than 1,000 in a span of less than 20 years.

The area could use a few more myths like that, wouldn't you agree?

The opposition? Talk about myths.

Chris Hackett, king of the part time, you want fries with that jobs.

Chris Carney? I doubt he has the slightest idea of how to create a job, let alone a good family sustaing job.


Anonymous said...

Kevin, as a member of the Meuser camp, you're missing everyone's point. Yes, Pride has created jobs. But, only at the expense of taxpayers funding mobility products paid for by the government. And, do we need to remind you that the government actually fined Pride for helping its dealers bilk the government? When you're a candidate like Meuser whose been fined by the Office of Inspector General for bilking the government, that can't be good.

kar said...

I volunteer time for Dan's campaign, no secret there, never has been.

It's because I believe in him, and what he stands for, and what I believe he can do for the residents of the 10th district, my district.

As Yogi Berra once remarked "it gets late here early", all of these attacks on Meuser and his business, are desperate measures by his opponents usually seen in the closing days of a dying candidacy.

Pride Mobility is highly regarded,highly regulated, and an asset to N.E. Pennsylvania.

Regularly listed in the "Best Places to Work in Pennsylvania", and a solid corporate citizen.

Keep digging though, maybe you'll find something that has some traction.

At some point however, you and your ilk will need to start talking about the issues, issues such as job creartion, and attracting new business to the district.

Everyone seems to agree that these are important issues,and yet the one candidiate who actually has a tangible record of job creation gets disrespected.

That,my anonymous friend, is the type of attitude that has held this area back, why don't you join us in the 21st century, you might like it.

Ciao for now.

Anonymous said...

Wrong- actually read the article. If we say people can't make a profit from government- would that also includes doctor's, chiropracters, dentists, and insurance companies. The simple fact is if a company creates something that will benefit citizens and taxpayers then they should be allowed to make a profit. I beleive that is called capitalism? if we were to take the profit motive out of helping citizens then there would be no docotors, insurance companies and medical equipment companies. The profit motive is the reason that we keep moving forward to create better drugs, better products, and a better life for the people of this country. Don't take that away.

I believe Mesuers opponent got two big contracts from Luzerne county and corrupt commissioner Skrepnak- Did he not make a profit?

NEPAExpat said...

Let's be honest,

If we can judge Dan's business history to project his actions in Congress, the area gets no change at all. Dan Meuser's fortunes for better or for worse depends upon the whims of the federal government. Yes, he has to compete against other firms, but like it or not his business would be called one large corporate welfare project.

The area isn't going to be anything less than a political dumping ground if jobs aren't created that do not depend upon the whims of the Beltway.

Gort, I know you love baseball, so let me put it in terms you can translate later. Being the economic equivalent of the old Kansas City Athletics (trading away the best and brightest for nothing in return) won't bring the area accolades.

For those sick of the high cholesterol diet on the menu of Chris Carney, currently, a vote for Dan Meuser doesn't change the recipe.

Anonymous said...

You are absolutely correct. In fact, over the past three years, the government has worked hard to reduce fraud and abuse by power wheelchair manufacturers and dealers. The government hasn't cut wheelchairs for those who need them but has tried to curb illegal billing for them. Dan Meuser has almost single handedly fought against this. Why would anyone go to Washington and literally fight against cleaning up corruption in an industry by denouncing the strengthening of Medicare regulations? Because he has made a fortune from it and doesn't want it to stop. A vote for Dan Meuser is a vote against taxpayers.

Tom said...

The Meuser's came in late. Pride was already doing "mobility" products. This b.s. that he built it from the ground up is insulting to the actual founders who did the ground work.

Anonymous said...

Wrong- pride was not doing mobility products- pride was a furniture company that was not doing well. Get your facts right.

Tom said...

no anon you are wrong...... i guarantee that you are wrong, i have my facts straight.... it is just that the mueser mythology would be torpedoed if the truth came out.