Tuesday, February 26, 2008

On the road again

“I think (Hyder) abused his privileges on other trips.” - Luzerne County Commissioner Maryanne Petrilla

WILKES-BARRE – The Luzerne County Prison Board voted 3-2 Monday to approve sending Deputy Warden Sam Hyder and two other employees to a three-day seminar on gang investigations.

The trip is the first to be approved by the board since controversy erupted over the use of Hyder’s county debit card at various training functions in 2006 and 2007.

Board members Wister Yuhas, Robert Payne and Commissioner Greg Skrepenak approved the trip. Commissioners Stephen Urban and Maryanne Petrilla voted against it.

Hyder has to be the most travelled and best trained county employee we have ever had.

Sam Hyder’s debit-card purchases


Anonymous said...

It is rather clear that Urban and Petrilla only vote against that which is no good for us when they know they will be out-voted. Why didn't they come together last week and oust the debit-card bums? It is rather apparent Skrep has no morals, but the other two keep playing games that they think we can't see right through.
Sorry, Urban and Petrilla, we are smarter than that.

Anonymous said...

It just goes to show that county officials have no respect for county residents. We are genuinely powerless in this county.

Anonymous said...

It isn't Urban, it is Petrilla, she is playing the game, she gets to seem like she is opposing Skrep when I would be willing to bet this is pre-arranged behind closed doors. Urban has always been more of an advocate for the citizens, he just has no desire to be in the majority and will not help the local party do what it takes to get a better position in the county.

D.B. Echo said...

Off-topic: Sputtering idiot Glenn Beck has endorsed Rick Santorum for President.


Anonymous said...

Urban is our guy. He has been uncompromisingly consistent which in itself is a virtue. The Back Mountain RINO's (which is just about everyone) hate him and show it by constantly throwing large money at the democrats every chance they get. This is the reason why there is no Republican party or leadership in Luzerne County. I wouldn't completely tear down Petrilla yet. I think she realizes that she has been duped by Skrep and has shown some courage by not rubber stamping everything this creep decrees. Look back and realize that the past democrat majority marched in close lock-step, which isn't the case now. Petrilla needs more encouragement to do the right thing and pressure needs to be exerted to remove incompetent Skrep.

Anonymous said...

IMHO Petrilla is playing a game and I would bet with Skrep's approval. She needs Skrep's ability to get money. I think this is all for show. It gives her the chance to look like the reformer and independent, when I doubt she is either.

Anonymous said...

Don't bet on it. Skrep was ardently working to get Bill Jones elected. Once Urban was out of the way he now could subdue her.

Big Dan said...

I think it takes a lot of "chutzpah" to do this again!