Sunday, February 10, 2008

James May for State Representative

I met James may last week and we had a brief discussion about his experiences in Iraq and at Walter Reed Army Hospital. He's an impressive guy and tomorrow he kicks off his campaign to unseat Karen Boback in the 117th District.
He is running hard on the teacher strike issue and has garnered support from some of the heavy hitters in the state.
From a press release:
When: Monday, February 11, 5:30 - 6:30

Where: Twin Stack Center, Natona Room, 1100 North Memorial Highway, Dallas

On Monday, February 11,
James May will kickoff his campaign for the Pennsylvania State House, with guest of honor David Barton! David Barton is currently the Vice Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas and was named by Time Magazine as "The Lesson Planner" for President George W. Bush's two Presidential victories. As a senior member of the Republican National Committee and a senior executive on the Bush/Cheney Election Team, he has been called "a hero to millions, including some very powerful politicians".
I have to admit that I don't know who David Barton is but May is excited about having his support. James invited me to the event but I have to work tomorrow night. This work thing sure screws up a lot of stuff.
I'm not sure if Capitol Ideas has included this race in his A Is Running For B At C series so it's a reminder if you missed it John.
And what is Russ Bigus up to.


Anonymous said...

Russ Bigus did not file petitions today. That clears the way for a May victory in November!

Anonymous said...

Russ Bigus had a snow ball's chance in hell because he is 24k jerk.

James May is someone you could be proud of to represent the 117th. Finally a true conservative! I would love to see him in a high profile debate against the fuzzy and cutesie Dr. Karen.

Anonymous said...

FYI from the web.

Because of today’s snowy weather in many parts of the state, Gov. Ed Rendell has extended the deadline for political candidates to turn in their nominating petitions until noon on Thursday.

Also, even many in May's church have said they will not vote for him. Yah, he has a chance.

James May said...

Facts are stubborn things! To the person who chose to post annonymously, without giving any proof to back up your statement, here are the facts:

There are 73 indiduals in my church who are both registered republicans and living in the district. Of those 73, 65 signed my petition. The other 8?

Dick and Mary are living in Florida for the winter, but have sent $50 to the campaign

Ted was unable to sign, but his wife did, and they put my sign in their yard last year

Bob did not sign, but his wife did, and he sent me $25

John and Hilda are elderly and in the hospital - their son and daughter-in-law signed.

Bill and Judy were unable to sign, but put a 2X3 foot sign in their yard last year.

If the rest of the district is just as committed to voting against me as my church is, I'd say I'm in pretty good shape!

(If anyone wants to see a copy of my church directory, a copy of my petitions, and a copy of my donation list to verify this, stop by my office.)

...and I'm not afraid to give my name when I post.

James May

Anonymous said...

This anonymous poster says, Go James, Go!

Bob Sypniewski said...

The phrase "your word is your worth and you are worth your word", fits James May. Everyone that knows and respects James will agree with that. I have had the opportunity to know him and his family over the past couple of years. The finest people you would like to be around. I believe you owe yourself one thing, get around James and see for yourself. He is a man of conviction and a leadership like non other. He has served his country in the military with a tour in Iraq. Any man or women that puts on that uniform stands for one thing "HERO". Regargless of your political party you cannot argue that. He has served his country at Walter Reed Hospital. Try witnessing to a family that has either lost a loved one or wounded in battle. That kind of leadership is not given to everyone. It is leadership that is earned, not from the world but by the creator of the world. Anyone that doubts my comments, I challenge you with this. In the next couple of days go to find out where James will be, get there and listen to him, get to know him. You will walk away kowing what I know. He is a man that has the conviction and the leadership to lead the 117 district. This is the new leadership that the Repulican Party needs. The anonymous writer that wrote that his own church does not support him,Apparently you are not from his church becasue James clearly tells you where his church stands, so you must be Karen Boback or one of her supporters. Maybe that is why you are anonymous. I can't say I blame you for being anonymous. I proudly display my name and let James know I support him.

Anonymous said...

Wow finally someone with serious issues instead of how to train mothers to raise children and how can we subsidize worthless ethanol.

Anonymous said...

James- don't belittle yourself by posting on this blog- Haters post on this site. Run your campaign- Blogs don't matter- about 20 people on blogs and most don't live in your district.

Anonymous said...

Signing a petition and casting a vote are two totally different things.