Sunday, February 10, 2008

Obama wins more states

Add Maine to Barry's column


Obama 2,079 59%

Clinton 1,396 40%
He has won every contest this weekend and is poised to sweep the Potomac primaries of VA, MD and DC on Tuesday. Obama has won every contest since super Tuesday. Next week is Wisconsin and the Badger state has a long proud history of deciding the nomination (JFK) but it's starting to look like the deciding contest may be the March 4th Ohio primary. To win the General Election the Democrats have to win Ohio.



Has every Dem nominee won the Ohio primary? It is possible that Obama can head to the Convention with more delegates than Clinton--however, she has more super delegates. Unless the SD's switch allegiance to Barack, chaos will ensue that will make Florida in 2000 look like a cakewalk. Hillary will be nominated but with all of the enthusiasm of Humphrey in '68. or Carter in '80.

Anonymous said...

he won maine and nebraska???? very telling..

Forrest Gump said...

Let's not make a big deal about these piddly primaries and caucuses. When he wins a state that really counts then tell me about it. The media is trying to turn this into a race. If Hillary doesn't panic and do something outrageous she's got Ohio, Texas and yes PA to look forward to. Don't you find it funny that she keeps losing all of these races and still has more delegates. Talk to me at the convention. That's when the fun starts.