Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Mike Carroll for State Represenative

Freshman Democrat Mike Carroll kicked off his reelection campaign. I'm glad he got that over with because the suspense was killing me.

JENKINS TWP-Facing more than 100 supporters at the Volunteer Hose Co., state Rep. Mike Carroll formally announced his candidacy for re-election to the 118th District, for which he amassed 1,500 signatures though only 300 are required to appear on the ballot.

No Republican is running in the district to my disappointment because I hate uncontested elections. But a young man is taking him on the Democratic primary.

PJ Best State Candidate


sqimy said...

i wonder if his swing at a second term will be as successful as his swing at banning aluminum baseball bats.
What a waste of time

Anonymous said...

And the ever-worthless Eddie Pashinksi with his bill to register buyers and sellers of scrap metal. That law protects all of about 3 rich guys with construction sites. These legislators got something against metal? What gives?

Eddie Pashinski and Mike Carroll have the same ol' campaign platform: "We did nothing our first terms. Elect us again."

Anonymous said...

Hey they're democrats, let them alone! Do you think their electors really care?

Anonymous said...

Real issues transcend party lines. Look at Carroll's opponent. His issues are real issues that anyone can get behind, unlike the freshman class of 2006 with a vendetta against metal.

danny said...

That's some great picture you got there.

Anon 2:04 the scrap metal bill is designed to deter thieves from stealing metal siding and copper and cashing it in for drug money.

The Purple Cobra said...

The absence of value in the commentary of this blog never ceases to amaze me. Pashinski's bill expanding the scope of practice for dental hygienists did something for a LOT of average people.

Instead of cutting down elected officials, anonymously, do something about it. Put your name on the ballot. I dare you.

the red buzzard said...

the problem is that the old school politicians, like carroll in this case, get bought by the old corrupt politicians, and the constituents are duped into electing them, not reasonable people who decide to put their hat in the ring.

these screwballs gotta go!