Friday, February 22, 2008

Davis Haire weighs in

Thousands in Contributions to Democrats + $707,000 County Contract = Hackett Violating Pork Pledge
(Tunkhannock, PA) - In response to a gimmicky Earmark Pledge cooked up by Chris Hackett's campaign today, the Davis Haire campaign blasted Hackett's hypocrisy since he's personally violated the links between contributions and government pork listed in the pledge. Over the last two years, Hackett's questionable contributions to county politicians - Democrat politicians - were followed by a $707,000 county contract in Luzerne County, as reported by the Citizen's Voice last month.
"Dr. Haire already stated his opposition to earmark abuse months ago," said Tom Whitehead, Campaign Manager. "But Chris Hackett should have read the pledge first, since he's guilty of violating the linkage between campaign contributions and pork listed in the pledge. It is hypocritical for Hackett to say he's opposed to wasteful spending since he's personally taken a $707,000 pork barrel government contract from Luzerne County after giving thousands of dollars to the Democratic Commissioners who authorized the contract. Republicans know better and can see through this charade."
On January 22, the Citizen's Voice reported Hackett gave $6,000 to Democrat Commissioners Greg Skrepenak and Todd Vonderheid in 2006, and for nearly a year and a half, the county paid Hackett's company $707,000. The Eighth Point in the pledge seeks to end the links between campaign contributions and government pork.
Dan Meuser is no stranger to financially supporting Democrats either. Since 2002, Meuser and his company gave at least $39,150 to liberal Democrats Hillary Clinton, Ed Rendell, liberal Congressman Charlie Rangel, and Rep. Paul Kanjorski, who will now turn around and use Meuser's money to take on illegal immigration fighter and conservative Republican Lou Barletta.
"Dr. Haire is the only true conservative Republican in this race and the only candidate who was raised here. He believes in making the tax cuts permanent, securing our borders, making English our official language, and making healthcare affordable through market based solutions instead of Hillary-style socialized medicine," added Whitehead. "He is the only Republican who can stand up and beat Chris Carney in the fall."


kar said...

Yikes, the "mouse that roared", or more appropriately the "haire that roared", welcome aboard Dr. Haire.

You are "dead on" about Chris Hackett, essentially he was apolitical, or democratic leaning until "His Holiness" whispered in his ear to run.

You are off the mark concerning Dan Meuser.

You fail to mention that he has donated in excess of $160,000.00 to republicans in the same time frame, and more importantly that Lou Barletta, and a host of other prominent republican leaders have endorsed Dan.

But, what the heck,you're having fun and that's all that matters.
Enjoy your 15 minutes,the clock is running.

Ciao for now.

You are a b

Anonymous said...

Calling a contract to fill jobs pork is a bit of a stretch...

but leave it to KAR to be condescending and belittle to Haire when Haire is attacking the opponent of Kar's candidate!

Anonymous said...

again, haire the only one who can call like it is, since neither hackett or meuser can attack the other for giving to Democrats. Wake up people. I love the crowd that attacks RINOs but as soon as Meuser waves his dollars bills at you, your legs buckle and you wet your pants. I don't know any true blue Republicans that give generously to Democrats. You just don't do it. Why do people rush to Meuser and Hackett's defense on this?? haire is a good guy, and has my vote

pj the wb lefty said...

So Tom Whitehead thinks market based healthcare is the answer. In ecenomics there are such things as substitutes. If a leather couch is too expensive, you buy a fabric one. Sorry Tom. Healthcare is a little different. "Open heart surgery too expensive? Just give me an aspirin since that's what I can afford."
Healthcare is not a commodity and the sooner you get that through your heads the quicker you'll realize market based healtcare is simply an excuse to allow people to go without health insurance.

Anonymous said...

Haire is a non issue. Sorry, that's just the truth. The primary is going to Meuser. I just think once all the skeletons come out of the closet, Carney is going to win.

Anonymous said...

Many uninsured choose not to purchase health insurance. They prefer to pay 300-500 dollars a month for a luxury care lease, $100.00 for a perm every months, or blow $50.00 a week on lottery tickets. Or how much money at the bar, cigarettes, Mohegan Sun, fatty foods, daily trips to McDonalds or some chain restaurant, go by the Wyoming or Viewmont malls where all the restaurants are located, their parking lots are jammed, eat healthy you might not need expensive health care. Stop shelling out 100 dollars a week eating out and you could afford health insurance.
Let us not forget cable T.V., cel-phones, i-phones, blackberries and on and on and on.
Should we provide shelter, fuel, transportation as well?

The simple fact is that in a capitalist society there will always be those that can not afford to take care of themselves.
That is life. Get over it.

Or if you desire socialism there are plenty of countries in the world that follow that model, move there and stop trying to destroy America and turning us into a cradle to grave nanny state.
What ever happened to individualism? What ever happened to pride in providing for one's self.
Take you leftist socialist excuses for failure and stop trying to ruin America.
I don't desire your safety net. If I fail and I suffer please let the choice remain my own.
You should read:
You will probably disagree with the entire post, but it is the truth: Liberalism will lead to slavery.

pj the wb lefty said...

I see the compassionate conservatism oozing all over. There are people that desire to have health insurance but can't afford it. The next time you have a couple minutes, call an insurance company and ask how much a plan is. Write it down. Then call and ask how much a plan is, but mention you have a child with cerebal palsy, or asthma, or diabetes, or any chronic condition of your choice. See how much it is then, and write it down. Stark contrast. In a country as rich as ours, health care should be a right. The family that can't afford it because it costs too much or because there's a member with a pre-existing condition in your compassionate conservatism world should be kicked to the curbside I guess. Choosing not to purchase it is fine. Wanting it but being unable to afford it is another matter.
A cradle to grave nanny state? Individualism? I'm all for that. This president is the one that wants to erode our rights laid out in the constitution so save your sob story.
I haven't produced any excuses for failure. I was simply pointing out that not all economic maxims hold true in healthcare.
I humored you and read the post and it's a view of how some on the right view liberals. That they are simply power hungry or want to play god. Give me a break if you think that isn't closer to describing some on the right.

Robes said...

I never claimed to be a compassionate conservative. Compassion is an individual trait. for a state to be compassionate or not is wussy bullshit.
As far as Bush goes I would say he is probably almost as stupid as you. I have no use for the jackass, he is not a conservative.

PJ there are many alternatives for people in the situation you have described, there are free clinics, many drug compaines have programs for the indigent, I know doctors that devote much of there practice to bro bono work, sometimes it takes the lazy people to make an effort and find what they need. Oh but wait, you want everything handed to you, I forgot.
I agree not everyone who wants insurance can be covered. But check out the bars, these poor people who can't afford even the most basic service are at the bar smoking, drinking and drugging. While that is sad it is an unfortunate reality of life. Not everyone who wants food, shelter or water can afford it. Some don't get it, some die.
There is no guarentee of health insurance in our consitutiion. You are mistaking care with insurance. Emergency rooms must provide care no matter your ability to pay. Does this put a strain on the systme, of course, but it is available care.
You claim to be for individualism, individualism also means that people will fail. If you and your liberal friends want to provide a saftey net, raise some money and provide. There are many liberals with big money get them together and let them spend there money for free clinics and free pharmacies.
I pay my own health insurance, I am fortunate enough to earn enough money that allows be to pay for a good plan. My parents who are worth well into eight figures choose not to have health insurance as do many of my relatives and their friends. They would be grouped into the uninsured number, oh shit that is a fact none of you want out there. The number of insured does not include the same people from year to year, people get insurance and some loose it. That's life take off the rose colored glasses and grow up. Life is neither easy nor fair and in the end we all die.
Since you on the left put so much faith in evolution and natural selection then let those who are ill and detive be weeded out and better the human species. Because I get the feeling you are a little slow, so that was sarcasm.

Anonymous said...

Haire is the only conservative in the race, and see what happens as usual? Unfortunately he doesn't have the Meuser/Hackett money. Now here comes the country club gentry R's to trash him.

...And we wonder why the dems will win in the fall??