Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Admistrative fee

That's how Dan Meuser described the fine that Pride Mobility got hit with for employing illegal immigrants. The company paid $23,000 after a few years of negotiations with the ICS. The original fine was over $40,000 but they jawed it down. He says that only 3 employees were involved but when you look at ICS website they cite 4 hires and 58 I-9's violations.

Bob and kar, I'm not anti-Dan. I just wish he would have bothered to talk to me before we got into the nitty-gritty. Probably not his fault.


NEPAExpat said...

Before anyone decides to throw in their two cents of mock outrage, a couple of things need to be said:

1. Dan Meuser did not personally hire these people. In a business that probably goes through people like water (Are they really family sustaining jobs if there is such a large amount of employee turnover?), someone at that executive level should be focused on growing the business and empower his/her employees to perform their assigned duties.

but it leads to

2. Dan Meuser goes on the cheap when it comes to operational support to protect his business interests. We've seen legal matters such as employment law violations, sexual harassment, and product failures. The fact that such a pattern of behavior has even occurred. Instead of hiring qualified operations staff to squash such risks, PRIDE has legitimately spent 6 to 7 figures in fines and legal costs that most successful businesses avoid.

The question is:
Has the Meuser campaign learned from these mistakes or are these behaviors a harbinger for things to come?

Anonymous said...

Excellent comment nepaexpat! I have no dog in this fight, and will back the Republican in the fall.

However, this has the potential to be a huge story. So far, Mr. Meuser's explanation does not pass the sniff test.

If Pride Mobility or Dan Meuser was fined $23,000 (originally 40K), simply because 3 immigrants tricked them, there is a major, major problem in our judicial system. To be honest, I find that explanation extremely hard to believe. You are right, I am sure that Dan did not hire these individuals. However, it is looking more and more like the cover-up is much more likely to kill a campaign than the actual offense.

Mr. Meuser, what happened? Saying that you were deceived by 3 illegals and therefore fined $40,000 is simply not true. For the sake of the Republicans, please come clean.

kar said...


A minor point but worth mentioning. CIS is not an official government site, it is an advocacy site, and it's numbers should not be taken as being "official".

That said, the fines were indeed administrative in nature.
3 illegals were discovered, in the course of the audit it was determined that the I-9s for approximately 50 legal employees had errors or were incomplete.

It is important to note that the additional 50 cases involved legal employees.

Those errors were the absolute responsibility of the employer, and were subject to additional administrative fines and other remedies.

Pride paid the administrative fine of 23k and instituted additional hiring, screening, and interview procedures...mission accomplished.

When you buy a pound of cheese you can sliced thick or thin, at the end of the day it's still a pound of cheese.

Hackett/Maderia/Toomey/Carney can slice all day long, it doesn't make it more than it is, they can ruminate till the cows come home, Dan and his campaign are going to move forward.


Zen said...

Cheese and rice, I go away for a week and come back to the blog world to find tired stories being bandied about. This investigation is from 1996!!!! It has been explained to death. Gort please post a gif of the guy beating the dead horse. If you don't have one, let me know and I'll e mail you one.

When did your blog become the official attack Meuser domain?

Anonymous said...

I'll bet Chris Carney can't wait to run against this sleeze Meuser.
Take one look at his friends and you'll see who he really is.
Hopefully Republicans will dump this creep soon.