Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Chris Hackett on a roll

Pennsylvania Republican 10th CD candidate Chris Hackett got another significant endorsement yesterday. Well, I think it's big because I'm a blogger. The conservative blog RedState has endorsed him over Dan Meuser:

Chris Hackett, unlike his opponent, knows how tax cuts and tax hikes, spending cuts and spending hikes, and regulation and deregulation affect small businesses. We need people with real world experience in Washington. We need people like Chris Hackett in Washington.

RedState is one of the most influential Republican sites and although I don't think it has the influence on the right or the the fund raising ability that DailyKos, ActBlue or MoveOn has on the left it has a dedicated following of my activist conservative friends. It's one of my first reads everyday. This follows the Club for Growth endorsement that means some big bucks will be flowing his way.

Most endorsements are only good for a press release because they come from an obscure group or some has been politician but don't steer money your way or influence the debate. That's why unions are so important to Democratic campaigns. They not only put money into the race and communicate with their members they provide boots on the ground for election day.

He has added another campaign event since my last Meet the Candidate post:

Stevensville Meet and Greet
Sat Mar 8 15:30 – Sat Mar 8 3:30pm – 5:30pm
Stevensville Community Hall (Old School House)

Where the hell is Stevensville?

I looked it up and found that it is in Bradford County between Camptown and Rushville. I hope that helps.

His new radio ad is called "Groundswell"


kar said...

"Never in the history of human history, have so many, done so little,for one candidate.", apologies to Winston Churchill.

C'mon, "Groundswell"???
More like "where's the beef"?

I particularly love the "real conservative" strategy; don't attempt to reform "earmarks", simply eliminate them for the 10th district, oookay.

Family farmers...screw 'em, if they can't make it in their "chosen profession", let 'em get a real job...interesting.

Uh, Chris, and Dave,and Pat, you might not be aware of this, but the 10th has quite a few family farms, and these people vote,they are conservative, God-fering,hard working, and unlike you guys they live in the real world, not some extremist vacuum.

I can't wait for the next important group, no one has ever heard of, to step up and endorse Hackett.


Anonymous said...


Your attacks become more severe as you and your candidate become more desperate. Hackett is using his real view mirror to watch your candidate flail in an attempt to gain some momentum. You're winning the "blog" war with all your postings; I hope that makes you feel good.

Bob Kelly said...

I did hear Toomey pretty much say farmers shouldn't be helped by tax payers because they chose the wrong profession. That was pretty bad. Especially in the 10th.
As for the endorsement by a blog, I'm not too sure how many of these hard working farmers and quarry workers in the 10th get time to scan the blogs to see who they should vote for. I think there vote will be based on what they experienced when they met the candidate. And in that case Meuser will win hands down. Hackett has the personality of a turnip. On top of that he's so full of himself talking down to people. So he can get all the "endorsements" he wants from organizations. He hasn't gotten any endorsements from people who mean anything.

Anonymous said...


I happen to like turnips - what do you have against them?

Keep up the fine work. Clearly, you're a big thinker and have all the answers.

West Side Republican said...

Bob & Kar,

The Buffoon brothers. They are equal opportunity deflators of Chris Hackett. All of the reasons they give for the people of the 10th not to like Hackett are the same reasons us local politicians don't like Meuser. Don't get me wrong, we don't like Hackett either. I will concede that Meuser will win the contest that decides who loses to Carney. This is terrible news for the 10th!

Anonymous said...

West Side,
And when Carney wins again, he will hold onto that seat forever....... The republicans really dropped the ball with democrat contributing RINO's. I guess there are no conservatives in the 10th.

kar said...

Anonymous 8:40 am,and all your anonymous brethren, pick aname, doesn't have to be your real name; jackass,numb-nuts,dumb-ass, would make it easier to respond to you/them.

No desperation here, not now, not ever. If Hackett has to rely on fringe groups, marginal groups, and people previously thought deceased for support, so be it.

Meuser is happy to walk among the living,the relevent, and the influential.

Hackett made his biggest mistake, among a series of mistakes,when he basically "kissed off" 10th district farmers...brilliant move Chris.

Chris, get out of your fake SUV, and take a look around, those are farms you're lookin' at, and they are inhabited by hard working, tax paying, God-fearing, conservative voting Americans, and you just told them all to take a hike.

Give Pat & Dave a bonus for that winning strategy.

Adios Senor Chris.

Anonymous said...

You are so funny - no one could be as stupid as you appear - so it must be intentional.

Anonymous said...


Chris drives a prius and has a lot of support farmers. Some farmers want the freedom to farm, not some government bureacracy in the way. RINOs vs. conservatives is the way these PA races boil down to and by your own admission Chris is the conservative.

Bob Kelly said...

First of all, Hackett bought the Prius when he decided to run. Since you know so much about him how about telling everyone what his other vehicles are.
As for the support of farmers, that is a blatent lie and that will be shown on April 22 when Hackett loses by thousands of votes. It's not even going to be close.
So call KAR stupid, call me whatever you want. Truth be told, your candidate never CREATED a job in his life. They were there. He just filled them with replacement workers. Keep supporting a loser. At least this will all be over soon.

Anonymous said...

I for one am sick and tired of the Tweksberry / Eckel whiny cry baby farmers who are not only millionaires, but want more subsidies that simply do not work. When everyone (including myself) in my industry failed, no one was there to bail us out. I lost everything and went into another business. What's more no RINO cared.

Seems like Meuser and supporters are conservative only after the special needs are met.

kar said...

Well, I'm glad we cleared that up, family farmers are "crybabies", and family farmers are a "special interest" group...and people call me stupid.

Seriously guys, keep up the good work. Hackett's on a roll alright, he's rolling out of control down hill, poetic justice would be if he rolled right into a pile of cow dung...although that would be as close as he or he "barn jacket" would ever get to a real farm.

Y'all come back now.

Anonymous said...

Kar, would you, please, get a book on, grammar, and learn how, to, properly, use the comma, you, are killing me, with all of the commas, it takes me ten, minutes to read one, of, your, comments, if, you want, to be taken, seriously, you could seriously, learn, how to, write, in English, thank, you,

k,a,r, said...

An,on,y,mous, if, you, don't, have, anything, to, say, don't, say,anything.,!?

C,I,A,O, Senor Jack ass.

Anonymous said...

hey 'conservative' kar, do you give money to mrs. bill clinton and charlie rangel too?
How about water technology guru kanjorski?

Anonymous said...

Getting a little touchy - heat must be turning up in the Meuser camp.

mattyb said...

don't forget Hackett had to buy Carhartt to go along with the new Prius. he's worse than Santorum on ag issues. Other than "Dr." Dave's radical right-wing single issue pro-lifers, there's not a more loyal voting block than farmers in this district. Way to go Chris.

Anonymous said...

Yah sadistic mattyb, let's all what left of the Republican party soften up; New agenda from now on pro baby murder, take all the guns away, euthanasia, pro homosexual agenda, higher taxes, more regulation, No mention of God anywhere, weaker national defense, and 'it's for the children'. Excuse me, I'll be right back, Ted Kennedy's on the phone!

Anonymous said...

is that kennedy thanking muser for a donation?