Thursday, March 20, 2008

Meuser accuses Hackett of fishing expedition

From a press release:

Another Day Another Negative Attack From Chris Hackett

Hackett Campaign Calling Former Employees of Meuser In Hopes Of Launching More Negative Attacks

For the second day in a row, Chris Hackett has shown that he isn’t interested in keeping his promise to run a positive campaign as he had his campaign manager calling former Pride Mobility employees trying to find information to use in his continued negative campaign.

On the day Dan Meuser officially entered the race for Congress, Chris Hackett told the Times Leader:

“I would like to congratulate him on his decision to run for Congress. I look forward to a positive campaign and primary.” (Times Leader, October 10, 2007)

In an email to Dan Meuser (see attached), a former Pride Mobility employee said that a man identified as George Farrell (Hackett’s Campaign Manager) called and left a message for him last week. The man returned the call the following day, and Farrell began asking him questions about his time at Pride Mobility and other potential negative attacks. Farrell also, stated that he was calling other former Pride employees seeking any information he could use.

“Chris Hackett should be ashamed of himself and should denounce the actions of his campaign manager,” Meuser campaign manager Eric Wallace said. “After promising to run a positive campaign, Chris Hackett has shown once again that his campaign is desperate.”

“We should save Chris Hackett a little time and energy,” Wallace continued. “Pride Mobility and Dan Meuser have a reputation for doing what’s right and taking care of their employees. That’s why they have been named one of Pennsylvania’s best places to work and have grown from 20 employees to over 1,000.”

“Having your campaign manager calling to harass former employees of Dan’s is not only useless, but it is below the pale,” Wallace said. “If there was any doubt Chris Hackett and his allies were about to launch a negative campaign, those doubts are gone as he uses questionable practices to try and find mud to sling.”

“Hackett can not match Dan’s business experience and conservative credentials. He is losing in grassroots support, petition signatures, fundraising and endorsements and as a result has turned to dirty political tricks that the people of the 10th district reject outright.”

As we discussed, I received a phone call from a man identified as George Ferel (not certain of the spelling) last Friday. I returned the call on Saturday, during which I was informed he represented a Mr. Hackett who was running for Congress and asked if I would answer a number of questions surrounding my time at Pride Mobility Products. The questions would relate to "Illegal Immigrants" and "Outsourcing". He mentioned that they were trying to confirm statements that you had made on these topics. I declined to answer due to my current job's restrictions pertaining to any political activity. I also asked who gave him my number and he did not reply.
Feel free to call should you need any additional information.

Walter N. Quade


Anonymous said...

so is Hackett going to denounce the actions of his campaign manager and live up to his promise for a positive campaign? or will this mud continue to fly? this is starting to look like the mederia/baker race all over again. Probably will have the same result.

Barry said...

How is it mud if it is true. Integrity matters and Damn Meuser has yet to show any.
Best conservative wishes,
Barry O'Connell

kar said...


What's next? Are you going to station henchmen outside Pride and "shanghai" employees as they leave the building?

I mean desperate doesn't even begin to describe this sort of activity, you guys wouldn't know a genuine issue if it bit you in the caboose.

I'd love to see a Hackett strategy meeting, the dumb leading the dumber.

Barry go back to rugs, and leave politics to those who actually have a clue as to what they're doing.

Chris, "Your Holiness", Pat, do us all a favor, take your slimy facsimile of a campaign and leave, just leave, don't pass "go", don't collect 200.00, just go.


Anonymous said...

I don't ever recall Madeira going negative over Baker. The problem is he wouldn't.

Meuser just doesn't want to hear these things about him by evidence he won't release any records about his fines. Stinky stinky!

West Side Republican said...

Meuser's a pansy who can only dish accusations, not take them. He was on Corbett the other day, what a bumbling idiot. He avoided questions, talked over Corbett's questions and stuttered like crazy.

Anonymous said...

I don't even live in the 10th but I do have to comment on the word "mudslinging". Hackett is digging through lawsuits of Pride Mobility and is now calling ex-employees to get possible dirt on the company. The only things I ever heard publically from Meuser is defending his company. I did not hear mudslinging on his end. Am I wrong??? This guy is all over his district while Hackett is at the courthouse or on the phone digging up dirt to sling. This is such a no-brainer. If Hackett doesn't stop making the Republican party look bad then the Dem's will take over the 10th!

Zen said...

to anon 1:49

You are correct. The Meuser campaign agreed with Hackett's team to have a mud free primary. They have not stooped to their level.Hackett's team has thoroughly reneged on that. If he can't even keep his word about that, how can anybody believe anything he says? It's a shame his people are doing it, Chris is a smart, very likeable guy. He should reign in his hatchet men before he loses even more face from their antics and if he can't control his own team, what does that say about his leadership abilities?.

Barry said...

Why stop with PRIDE (People Roasting In Defective Equipment) workers past or present. Hackett needs to get to the families of the PRIDE victims. A great attack ad would string together images from the Coroners Inquest with voice overs by the victim's families.

Chris if you need help let me know and I can help your people piece it together. Remember what James Carville's Guru Ad did to Bill Scranton? This could be just as effective. Definitely low budget but high IMPACT!
Best wishes,
Barry O'Connell

Anonymous said...

that's nice barry. drop to the level of the biggest scum bag dem advisor on the planet.

if chris hackett takes you up he needs to get out of the republican party and join the party he has exclusively donated to in the past

Anonymous said...

Barry, did you once work for Pride and get fired for being an idiot?? You got a lot of hatred inside buddy. I hope you repent before stepping in church Easter Sunday. I don't want to be next to you when the roof comes down.

Barry said...

Angry insults from Anonymous posters who lack the integrity to sign their names. It is fitting that you support Meuser since Damn Meuser completely lacks integrity. You want to make me the issue since Meuser cannot stand up to scrutiny.

PEOPLE DIED because of Dan Meuser... But you don't care. Instead you blame me or blame Chris Hackett.

Dan Meuser allowed PRIDE to HIRE ILLEGAL ALIENS... But you don't care. Instead you blame me or blame Chris Hackett.

Dan Meuser allowed PRIDE to ABUSE WOMEN... But you don't care. Instead you blame me or blame Chris Hackett.

Dan Meuser has in effect BURNT DOWN HOUSES... But you don't care. Instead you blame me or blame Chris Hackett.

Dan Meuser was a party to DEFRAUDING THE GOVERNMENT... But you don't care. Instead you blame me or blame Chris Hackett.

I never met Dan Meuser. Why do I oppose him? because I think it shameful that a rich scumbag can try to use his money to bully people into ignoring his RECORD OF SHAME. Dan Meuser is not fit to be a congressman. We as taxpayers deserve better.

It is not Mud if Chris Hackett tells the truth.
Best wishes,
Barry O'Connell

Anonymous said...

Lies, Lies, Lies-Barry you are one bad man. Hackett must be very proud to have your support.

I don't know where the libel/defamation line is in a political campaign but if you're not over it, it's in the wrong place. I hope Meuser or Pride sues your ass. That's what you deserve.

kar said...


Pride is, and always has been a company built on hard work & integrity.

Consistently ranked in the "Best Places to Work in PA".

Consistently garnering increased market share in a very competitive industry.

Consistently ranking number 1 in consumer satisfaction.

Consistently contributing to the quality of life in NE Pa, through of variety of charitable endeavors.

Barry, you may not know this but these kinds of consistent accomplishments don't come easily, they are earned.

They are earned through dedication, hard work,focus, and most importantly earning trust.

People do business with people & companies they know, like & trust.

People support candidates for the same reason.People in the 10th are getting to know Dan better, and they like what they see, as evidenced by the 4,000 plus signatures garnered during his petition drive.

People in the 10th are becoming increasingly disgusted by the tactics of Team Hackett, they know the truth, and we will all see just how much they believe in Dan on April 22.

Team Hackett may not realize this, but when they attack Dan through attacks on Pride, they are also attacking the integrity of the more than 1,000 employess of Pride.

Aditionally Team Hackett is attacking the many honest hard working local providers who sell and service Pride Products, many live in the ditrict,and have family & friends who live & vote in the district.

To paraphrase one of Hackett's ads, yes there is a ground-swell building.

It is the pent-up resentment of the thousands of hard-working, honest people affifilated with Pride.

That ground-swell of resentment is aimed directly at Chris Hackett, and it will sweep him out to sea on April 22nd, one can only hope it washes you away as well.

Good job Barry.

Ciao for now.

Barry said...

Dan Meuser is very fortunate that the Federal Governemnt has not choesen to bring a RICO case against him and his OC family and associates at PRIDE. Since a RICO case only takes a pattern of racketeering activity involving at least two acts of racketeering activities Pride is clearly open to suspicion. Rico Predicate number one "Bringing in, aiding or assisting aliens... (if the action was for financial gain)". Pride already admited that one. If it could be shown that there was a known treat of fire from the Pride Chair of Death then perhaps the Arson Predicate. If it is true that that people have been presured not to speak about certain PRIDE activities that could constitute a RICO Predicate. Defraudng the Federal governmentr and Conspiracy to Defraud the Federal Government could clearly be RICO Predicates and PRIDE is on record as admiting to what could be a RICO Predicate.

We live in a society where if you are Scicilian or Italian or Moslem you are subject to the Law in very different ways than if your name is Damn Meuser. However the closer we get to Dan the more he looks like a participant is a sustained pattern of criminal activity. Now I am not saying that PRIDE is a criminal enterprise but I think it obvious that Dan Meuser is not fit to be a congressman. I have to ask why do they victimize poor Louie DeNaples when Dan Meuser walks free.

I hope all of you are having a Joyous Easter Weekend and a Happy NowRuz.
best wishes,
Barry O'Connell

kar said...

A message to Chris Hackett; "know ye by the company ye keep."

Barry said...

A message to Dan Meuser; "we know ye by your crimes."

NEPAExpat said...

The Meuser campaign is jumping well beyond the any logical conclusion when Chris Hackett "promised" to run a positive campaign. Read the quote again. It states, "I would like to congratulate him on his decision to run for Congress. I look forward to a positive campaign and primary." The word promise is not mentioned in the quote. There's plenty of ammunition to run against Chris Hackett. If the Meuser campaign is serious about being above board, all they would have to do is release all pertinent documents regarding the previous controversial situations. It would actually make him look a bit more well like an actual leader versus having his paid advisors playing the liberal "victim" card.

To respond to a previous post, don't use the phrase "mission accomplished" when speaking of fixing previous transgressions. Since this blog will have more of a national audience in the coming weeks, your phrasing has a different meaning. "Mission accomplished" to the rest of the nation means "we royally f***ed up".

NEPAExpat said...

Just to be fair...


Most of the allegations against PRIDE have been covered in a multitude of ways over the last 6 months. Your energy would probably be better spent finding candidates in the future with real roots to the area.

None of the 3 viable candidates grew up in the area. Their ties are specious at best without their business/tenure interests. Regardless of the best intentions, the area will not be fixed post November without work from those who've spent their lives in the region. Picking fights with nameless bloggers accomplishes nothing. Changing the perception of the area of being backward intellectually and perpetually economically depressed will provide much more of a benefit than 10-second talking points provided in a campaign speech.

Anonymous said...

old school R says;

Chris Hackett is a guy who has consistently re-positioned himself to get what he wants ..
He started out pro choice and peddled that in his position statement last May.. By June he found out that pro-choice doesn't sell in the 10th, so he quietly morphed into a pro life position..... Was he pandering to voters ? or was it to impress Maderia and the super right Evangelist Club for Growth ? We may never know.
We do know that he bought Maderia by hiring him in hopes that a slice of the vote came with him .. Maderia put himself up for sale earlier in the election.. Maderia was still broke from his nasty failed attempt at Lisa Baker.(remember when he called her baby killer?) Now Maderia and the 'Club' are orchestrating these disgusting attacks against Meuser ..

Meuser was a salesman when 3 illegals fraudulently obtained employment at his company. These guys talk like he was personally driving the turnip truck that brought them here.
This is their smoking gun ? Or is it the 18 malfunctioned wheelchairs out of the 3,000,000 that Pride has made ?

If anyone has hired illegals , my money would be on Hackett.. He is the guy who rents out thousands of entry level laborers that he hires for $8.00 per hour / no benefits..

I had to chuckle when I heard him say in last week's debate that he is an entrepeneur that came here and bought a business with his wife.. I'm sure at some point they bought it... when his wifes father (the owner) retired. Chris Hackett married his money.. His huge ego makes him too proud to admit it... His m.o. through this campaign has been to tell just a ltlle part of the truth .. just enough to get what he wants ..,

I could go on all day, but I will restrain myself since it is Easter.

Shame on you Chris... I thought you were an honest guy until this campaign started.
Go to church today.. You need it..
We can talk about your phoney church leader claims next time..

Anonymous said...

That is not the only time hackett said he would run a clean campaign. He has told all the county leaders that he would be positiive. He has unfortunately lied.

Anonymous said...

Dave Maderia ran a very dirty campaign agaisnt Lisa Baker. There are no hiding those facts. This is just simply a Maderia/Hackett scorch the earth campaign. That is the only type Dave knows. The good news is that Maderia was destroyed by Baker- got only 23%- the word is LOSER. Dirty campaigns work for a little while but not when they are they only thing a campaign has. Dave you should have stuck to cracking backs.

Anonymous said...

please provide specifics of Maderia's dirty campaign.

the way I recall he ran a very issues oriented campaign. please back up you statements

Anonymous said...

The disappointment for voters is that everything said about Meuser is true. Hackett isn't much better. Unfortunately, with the repubs putting up an unethical candidate like Meuser as a voice of values, we don't stand a chance against the dems in the general election.

Anonymous said...

No, "old school R" Madira never called Baker a baby matter how many times you say it, it doesn't make it true. He is not that kind of guy.

And 23% in a 5 way race is a respectable showing against an heir apparent...the word is DETERMINED. Lincoln lost in his first VP run, but went on to win the presidency.

mattyb said...

Madeira - respectable? you've got to be kidding. Lisa had twice as many votes in a 5 way race. He has to be one of the bigger hypocrites in recent political ventures. The Harteis letter wasn't pretty, then he would bring the wife and youngest child out when he needed to pander for sympathy votes. He would have done more, but got lucky when Mayor Jim went off the deep end and pulled the negativity trigger first. Hackett recognized his own weaknesses and decided an alignment with the far-out right would bring him closer to the middle. Didn't Chris help pay Dr. Dave's campaign debt?

I heard Hackett admitted his staffing companies probably hired illegals back in the days before he used the nifty new government software - he was just one of the lucky ones that didn't get caught.

Just curious - did Hackett use some amateur company to shoot those Carhart commercials or is his complexion really that bad?