Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Meuser fires back

From the Meuser campaign:

Chris Hackett has broken his promise to have a “positive campaign and primary” as reported in the Times Leader. He realized he could not match Dan’s experience creating and protecting family sustaining jobs, advocating for seniors and working to elect conservative Republicans. This is just the first installment of Chris Hackett's negative campaign to misrepresent the facts for political gain”, said Eric Wallace, Meuser’s Campaign Manager.

Dan Meuser said, “As we have said all along, we hired three illegal aliens who presented us with false identification. During the review undertaken by the INS, they believed additional records of American workers were incomplete as required with the I-9 form. We agreed to the $23,000 fine to take responsibility for all of the records, but again only three were illegal aliens. Pride was determined to make this the first and last time they would be victimized by false identification and thus implemented criminal background checks, personal interviews and the new federal government’s Basic Pilot Program. As your congressman, I will continue to communicate my experience to small businesses and workers in Northeastern and Central Pennsylvania and to help prevent more illegal aliens from victimizing our economy and taking our jobs.”

Eric also added this:

Over 20 years ago, Pride Lumber and Manufacturing was a small furniture manufacturer with 20 employees. Over the last 20 years, Pride has grown to be the leading manufacture of mobility products in the world. In the course of growing from a small family business, Pride has employed over 10,000 people and has produced over 3 million products that make a real difference in people's lives. Currently Pride Mobility employees over 1,000 residents of Northeast and Central PA, has over 250 positions that pay over 50,000 a year, has a minimum starting salary that is 2 dollars higher than the new minimum wage, provides healthcare benefits to its employees and is consistently rated by the PA Business Journal as one of the best places to work in Pennsylvania. Any attempt to distort the outstanding record of Pride Mobility Products is simply for political purposes.


Anonymous said...


Make it stop. The man with almost as much money as me is makin me upswet. I picked a fight but he pwomised he wouldn't punch. We agweed we'd only discuss experience and who had better hair.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't take long for the desparate to slither into the sewer..
I used to have a lot of respect for Ex Wayne County D.A. Mark Zimmer. To see him in the Times Leader joining in the muck raking with Maderia , Hackett and the evangelical Club for Growth is shocking. Wow ! What posessed a stand up guy to join Toomey and his group of losers ?

This is about to get a lot more interesting. Wait til you see the skeletons that fall out of Hackett's closet .. Remember , he is the guy who rents thousands of low end workers that he pays $8.00 per hour with no benefits. Wonder how many of them are illegals ?
He who lives in a glass house....
I guess we should stay tuned ..
Good entertainment for Chris Carney. Takes the heat off of his voting record..

Anonymous said...

Wow you meuser guys don't get it. It isn't about pride anymore, its about meuser lying about the details. Its easy to clear the air - release the records. This will only get worse until he comes clean. Notice he has already changed his story once - and now to try to move the focus, he is going after the other guy. Transparent

I think meuser has run a good campaign thus far, but he's dead in the water if he doesn't release the the records.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dan in the 11th, how's the run-down quaint summer cottage coming down in the 10th at Harveys Lake?