Wednesday, March 26, 2008

More voters

About 6,000 filed paperwork to register to vote or change parties for April 22 primary.

And this just in Luzerne County.

Monday’s batch included roughly 3,000 applications that stemmed from Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama’s registration drive, he said....“I have not seen a voter registration drive that netted 3,000 applications,” said Luzerne County Election Bureau bureau director Leonard Piazza...“We’re just bombarded.”

Statewide, the rush to be a Democrat or just sign up for the first time is on.

Inky: According to the Pennsylvania Department of State, 19,639 new voters signed up in the period between March 10 and 17, the latest statewide data available. Of those, 14,256 registered as Democrats.
Also, 29,060 people changed their party affiliation to Democrat in just those seven days.
That increased the total number of eligible Democrats to 4,044,952, an increase of 4 percent from last November.

Some thoughts on this.

I think it is great that more people may be voting in a primary than ever before. The Obama campaign has done more to get people into the process than anything I've ever seen so don't trust the poll numbers. This is the most important Democratic Primary since 1976 and if Hillary wins she goes on, if Barry wins it's over.

Rush was encouraging Republicans to switch their registration to the Democrats to vote for Hillary in our closed primary. He calls it Operation Chaos. I know of one person who switched but the result may be differnet than what Rush wanted. We will see how many people switch back after the Prez primary.

How will this impact the Republican primaries?

Locally, the 117th State Rep race is hot and the 10th CD contest that has been the focus of this blog. Will the party shopping affect these races?



I think this may have more to do with Rush than Obama; after all, this area isn't exactly kind to him is it? The same thing is happening in Ohio, however voters must sign a pledge that their intent is sincere and there is talk of prosecution of switchers for voter fraud.

Anonymous said...

I can't speak for the new registrations but you can bet Rush Limbaugh is definitely having an effect on the party switchers. I just hope this backfires on him.

Forrest Gump said...

This just in: A's achieve split with Sox 5-1 in the "land of the rising sun". Go Yanks!!!!

The anonymous post at 10:00a.m. was mine also, but I forgot to put my name in the box.

rain man said...

Although Rush may be having some impact, I think it would really be minor. Rush, Ann, and all the other right wing talking heads were unable to convince Republican's not to nominate McCain.

Forrest Gump said...

Hey Rain Man they blame the fact that McCain is their candidate on the Dems. That is why Rush is going through with this "Operation Chaos". I still believe it will backfire on them.

Anonymous said...


I don't get a chance to listen to Rush being that I work nights. But McCain did win closed primarys in big states where only republicans could vote. So we do know democrats did not pick the nominee. I do beleive that Rush is influential among the conservative base of the republican party, but I don't think he has outright control of it. So while he might get a few of his die hard listeners to follow what he says, I really don't believe that he can get a monolithic group to follow his every whim. P.S. Hope to see you and the rest of the committee for at least one of the triple crown races this year. I'll try my best.

pj the wb lefty said...

Here's the problem with Operation Chaos my right leaning friends....
Hilary is ahead in PA, so whoever switches from R to D to vote for Hil isn't going to make that much of a difference.
Those of us on the left knew that some on the right have no respect for the politicla process, this tactic just furthers that point.
Here's the danger for you guys...
Let's say a Dem wins the White House....likely to happen, not a lock, but likely.
In 4 years we have no primary, because the President simply runs again. What's to stop a truckload of Dems (othe than respect for the process) from switching to the GOP to try and help nominate someone that is just so abhorrent to the general population that they have zero chance o' winning in the fall?
Hope y'all entertain that possibility before playing in Rush's little game...