Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Pa 10th CD debate tonight

Chris Hackett and Dan Meuser will hold a public debate at 7 tonight at Tunkhannock Area Middle School.

In other 10th CD news the Meuser camp is saying the INS documents about the fine Pride Mobility paid for hiring illegal immigrants have gone the way of some White House emails.

Pride Mobility’s lawyer says the records were deleted as part of a routine file-clearing

According to the FEC Dan Meuser dropped another $250,000 of his own money into the race bringing the total to $849600.

On this subject I just got an email from Chris Carney's campaign:

As of this week, both of our opponents have triggered the millionaire's amendment. This means they are each financing their campaigns with hundreds of thousands of dollars from their personal fortunes.

Congressman Chris Carney has been adamant that Pennsylvania's 10th District is not for sale, and he is committed to being an honest and independent leader for our district. But we are competing against corporate millionaires who are trying to out-spend each other for a vanity run at Congress...with your help we will send a clear message that our votes and our values are not for sale.

Vote magnet Rick Santorum was stumping for Meuser in Willamsport yesterday and he got another big "endorsement."

The Mean Old Man backs Meuser

I'm happier than Bill Clinton on a speaking tour without Hillary that our Sainted Sen. Santorum has endorsed the fine young Mr. Meuser for the congressional seat now held by the insurgent Carney!!! I just wish that I could live in the 10th district so that I could cast my vote for this patriot entepreneur but that's okay since I will be able to cast my ballot in the 11th for the great Mr. Barletta!! Just in case the heathens who read this commie rag are expecting me to say something bad about Mr. Meuser's opponent Mr. Hackett--don't hold your breath!!!
These are two fine young and wealthy men, who earned their money the old fashioned way--providing jobs to the community and gaining experience at the same time!!! And don't be telling me about the hiring of the illegal aliens either! Hey, I don't like it anymore than the next guy-but I'm sure that Mr. Meuser had a good reason. Maybe the lazy democrats in the area didn't want to work--probably too busy collecting a welfare check courtesy of LBJ!!! And it was only 3 workers anyway so if Carney wants to prove it was more put up or shut up!!!
I realize that Carney is afraid of running against Meuser in the fall, but why does he have to stoop so low as to blame all of his attacks on Dan on Mr. Hackett?!?!?!
We wouldn't even be in this mess if the subversives hadn't framed a wonderful and moral leader like Mr. Sherwood and managed to steal his congressional seat as well as his reputation. We all know that that blondie was straight out of Hollywood central casting c/o Oliver Stone anyway!!! Damn!!!!
And look at the way they set up our great Senator Santorum--a great career ruined by false innuendos from the likes of the conniving Gort and his blogging buddies. Double Damn!!!
So I call on all great Americans to support Mr. Meuser for the GOP nod so that we can go forward in the Fall and restore the 10th district seat to a man of morality, humility, integrity, and character (just like when Mr.Sherwood had held it). We blew it two years ago, but let's do our Sainted Senator a good turn and Vote Meuser!!!!


Anonymous said...

Old School R says;

Meuser's Attorney is Joe Burke.. He has a stellar reputation in Wyoming Valley .. He gave chapter and verse on what happened in a letter.. And it sure sounded like not a big deal .. I am sure they will share it with you ,, they did share it with the press. the press ignored it ..
Atty Burke also said that he purges his files at 10 years ...
Most business records go away at 7.

Hackett needs to stop making an ass out of himself and get to the issues .

Doctor Rick said...

Mean Ole Man rocks!

Is he still pres. of my fan club??

Whens the next convention??

Anonymous said...

Joe Burke is Pride's long time senior legal council and is well known for defending Pride and the Meusers to the end including in wrongful death cases involving Pride products. Also Pride keeps records forever in its huge file room. You be the judge if this is a cover up.

Anonymous said...

All business including the federal government destroy records after a certain period. INS destroyes them after 10 years or is that a conspiracy also. The good thing about hackett is that his illegal immigration problem was last week or I guess how long he had the illegal alien and how many were involved with his business. I geuss we should ask