Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Pennsylvania 10th CD Republican debate

I missed the latest version of Lincoln/Douglas tonight but I was able to listen to it courtesy of WKOK. The beginning and end suggested it was well attended. If you were there give me some feedback. How many people were there? Your take on the candidates? Were there any fights?

I listened to the replay and thought both gentlemen did well. Dan Meuser started out sounding a bit nervous and tripped over his words by talking too fast just like any New Yorker. Chris Hackett said some things that require another listen to be sure that is what he meant.

The Susquhanna U College Republicans did a great job of putting this event together. I've asked them and the Daily Item, WKOK and the campaigns for a transcript before I critique it. I always want to be fair and balanced. Dittos. Plus I don't want to have to listen to it 5 more times to get it right.

The early review from our friend kar said Mueser carried the day. Imagine that.

The CV write-up.

The Daily Item.


kar said...

Seeing that my friend Gort deleted my initial response, imagine that, I'll recap.

It was a cordial event, the questions were fair, the tone was civil.

Dan, in my admitedly biased opinion, was more dynamic, more animated, & displayed more passion when responding to the questions.

Hackett, in my opinion, was glib and a bit "wooden",the next 2 debates should provide a few more sparks.

An interesting and informative night.


Gort said...


I've never deleted any of your input. Yout last comment was on a previous post. I realize you must be tired and confused after spending a night listening to bullshit. My condolences.

kar said...


Please accept my apology. Tired I was, not because of listening to BS though, it was a long drive.


Coal Region Voice said...

For the most part neither will say too much. Be very afraid that Meuser received an endorsement from Ricky Santorum.

Both speak in code about free market insurance. Both Hackett and Meuser want to get employers out of the healthcare business.

Anonymous said...

If I were Meuser the last thing I would be proud of is a Rick Santorum nod, if anything I'd run for cover just like McCain should with his nod from Bush.
I disagree with Kar, I think Meuser fumbled and needs a class in public speaking. He's stammering annoyed me to no end. And the cough, geez couldn't someone offer him a cough drop or something!? Total nerves, at least that's what my college Speech professor would say. Hackett, while spewing a lot of numbers that one should check sounded smooth and simple like he had done his homework. Now, if only someone could get him out of the barn jackets!
Play nice folks.

NEPAExpat said...

Both sides need a looooot of practice. I find it quite ironic that both sounded unprepared at the home of the Pennsylvania High School speech and debate championships.

Remember, whomever wins is going to have to face an individual who made his living in public speaking. Time to spend less on vanity commercials and spend more preparing for someone who is licking his chops for a series of debates.

Anonymous said...

uhm ahh uhm

meuser is

ahm um ahem umm

a lousy

ahh umhnn ahem hmmm


hmm ahh umm hmmm errr like err ummm amm


Chris Carney will mop the floor up with him in a debate. Actually a fifth grader would wipe the floor up with his lon gisland carpetbagging stammering acent inchoherent mumblings

Anonymous said...

i was there- no knockout punches but in most of these debates there never are. Meuser was more animated, the cold did not help though. Hackett sounded pretty good but it sure seemed like he was lecturing instead of speaking to the crowd. I think both did OK but nothing to write home about.

Two things:
1. If you are afraid of an endorsement from Santorum then you must be horrified to have Toomey weighing in. Toomey would do away with health care coverage and let people just pay out of pocket. Think about the final cost to taxpayers that way. Not a Toomey fan.
2. Gald to see the Carney folks are getting into this. Just wondering why they are attacking only one candidate?