Saturday, February 16, 2008

Who has the most signatures?

According to a press release Dan Meuser does:

Meuser’s Grass Roots Organization Dominates Petitions Race

Large crowds, major endorsements, fundraising and petitions boost Meuser

Today, the Department of State made available the petition filings for the 10th Congressional District. The number of signatures that a candidate gathers shows the strength and depth of the grassroots organization they have supporting them. Continuing the momentum from major endorsements, his district wide 2008 Campaign kick-off Tour, and a 2-1 fundraising margin over the sitting Congressman in the 4th Quarter, Dan submitted over 4,100 petition signatures for ballot access.

Dan’s supporters gathered 2.5 signatures for every 1 that Chris Carney’s supporters turned in to the Department of State, over 2,300 more signatures than the nearest GOP competitor and submitted over 800 more than both of his GOP competitors combined. The campaign garnered significant signatures from every region of the district. Dan’s hard work to build the largest grassroots organization among the candidates continues to pay dividends, as evidenced by the number of signatures and the significant support throughout the district.


kar said...

Let's see, the most money raised, the most meaningful endorsements, the most petition signatures garnered, sounds like Dan Meuser is doing something right.

Knock yourselves out naysayers, but you cannot ignore the stark reality of the situation, all of your trashing hasn't worked, the people of the 10th are smarter than that, they recognize a quality candidate when they see one.


Anonymous said...

Dan Meuser is a greasy pol wannabe who is just looking for more kickbacks for his corporation.

One more signature for ya Dan.

Exiled in DC said...

what do you need 1000, Whats the point of collecting more than say 2000, as an insurence policy

I think Rick Sanotorum got much more than Bob Casey and that was a real indicater

kar said...


Anonymous said...

I agree that the 10th has quality people who can see through sleazy attacks .. Dan Meuser has run hard and been working his buns off to meet people in every part of the turf.. I was impressed when I met him.. Only a dummy ( or maybe a dummycrat) would not see that the signatures are really important because they show that support...

glad to see that the nasty blog attacks and staged radio call in questions from the hackett / maderia camp have only contuniued to make them look low rent.... maderia's scorched earth tactics have made him a loser every time.. now hackett the panderer goes with him.. Too bad they can't see that it is time to give it up for the good of the party..
the real battle is against carney

Anonymous said...

i met dan and hackett nice guys but i can't seem to wash the slim off my hand

Anonymous said...

I dont understand all the animosity. Mr. Hackett and Mr. Meuser seem like good republicans so I was honored to sign both of their petitions

Anonymous said...

Here's some info on the staged picture that's attached to Gort's article.

1. Dan never stood up and drew pictures of innovations. He's not a product guy. He's a salesman.

2. All the people in the picture are Pride employees who have nothing to do with the type of drawing that's shown. They are basic support staff and Dan wouldn't ever have that kind of meeting with those individuals ever.

3. The gentleman with the gray hair posts here.

4. Gotta love phony wannabe politicians!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I agree. Everyone who has ever done anything with their life sucks. I especially despise the people like that who want to do more. I love this website. It's my favorite place to be a loser.

kar said...

Anon 7:16,

It's a picture...duh, it's meant to illustrate Dan's business acumen.

Take a deep breath, you'll feel better.

I gotta tell you though, the guy with the gray hair, I can't really see his face, but he appears to be pretty handsome, I say this as a secure heterosexual male.

Seriuosly Clark, do you or any of your brethren have anything to say on the issues? You know issues, the reasons that people support and vote for candidates, you ought to look into it sometime.

Of course then you would probably have to read up on them, issues that is, and think, and formulate an opinion, attacking is much easier.

Ciao for now.

Anonymous said...

u signed both of their petitions?

Anonymous said...

You can sign as many petitoins as there are seats available.

In this case, PA-10 has one congress-person and therefore you can sign only 1 petition. BOTH of your signatures are invalid.

More to the point, running a buisness is good, having strong grassroots support is good and being a multi-millionaire is probably also good (though I wouldn't know personally).

However, serving your country in the armed forces is better, teaching young people at a public college is better and truly living and understanding the values of the people of PA-10 is better.

In short, CONGRESSMAN CHRIS CARNEY is better. If Dan expects to unseat Congressmen Carney he is going to need a lot more than signatures to do it.

Chris is a hard-working, dedicated public servant who has already delivered for Pennsylvania in his first term.

Right Winger said...

All the nastiness is in full swing again. I have some thoughts on my blog about it but I'll echo them here. I was undecided up until last week. After seeing the obvious planned attacks from the Hackett camp and after seeing the Dems have already made Meuser their target, I'm supporting Meuser. The main differences between Meuser and Hackett is Meuser hasn't starting attacking like Hackett has and the Dems could care less about Hackett. I'm putting my support behind the guy who's going to win in April. I honestly think Madeira's involvment in the Hackett campaign was the biggest problem. Hey, there's always 2010.

West Side Republican said...

Listen guys, Meuser is going to win the Primary election. It will probably not be that close. He might get about 40-45% of the vote. The majority of votes will be split between Hackett and anti-pay to play candidate Haire. When the general roles around Meuser's money will buy lots of tv spots, but not many votes. I've stated this here many times, he doesn't generate spirit in the every day electorate. Sorry Dan. You look like you tan a lot and have a good hair dresser, but you don't inspire us to vote Carney out.