Wednesday, November 09, 2016

We had an election and nobody got killed. We got through it

For every apocalyptic prediction in the aftermath of the election yesterday I want to remind my friends that we will get through it. Depending on your point of view either Dubya or O'Bummer was the worst thing that has ever happened to this country. Somehow we got through it.

That being said there is some real danger out there.

Trump doesn't seem to be interested in public policy unless it can be reduced to a sound bite so the Republican Congress will set the agenda and he will go along with most of it.

Just on Healthcare. 

They will repeal the Affordable Care Act ( Obamacare) leaving over 20 million people without health insurance.  They have to do this, the base will rebel if they don't.

Speaker Paul Ryan's budget outlined a plan to close the VA Medical Centers and make Medicare into something of a coupon system. They call it premium support. Frank Luntz is a master of language

Changing Medicaid to a block grant to give states "flexibility. "  Most of the money (over 60%)  pays for people in Nursing Homes  like my Mom.

Obamacare is opposed until you tell people that you kids can stay on your policy until they are 26 or preventive procedures are covered with no deductible. If you have an illness (preexisting condition)  you can't be denied coverage.

The headlines tell us that  premiums have increased dramatically this year but how much  would they go up without this law? No one knows.