Thursday, October 18, 2018

Luzerne County Democratic organization

There are 6 legislative districts in Luzerne County that are based on the PA House Districts and that is how the County Democratic and Republican  Parties have  been  organized for as long as I remember (there used to be 7) but it gets confusing.

The 116th HD is the Luzerne County Democratic Party 1st District. Presently represented by Tarah Toohil (R). No opponent in this election

The 117th is the 2nd District. Karen Boback (R). No opponent.

The 118th is the 3rd District. Mike Carroll. (D). No opponent.

The 119th is the 4th District. Jerry Mullery (D)  Justin Behrens is the Republican nominee 

 The 120th is the 5th District. Aaron Kaufer (R). No opponent. 

The 121st is the 6th District. Eddie Day Pashinki (D). Sue Henry is the Republican nominee.

Recently the county Republican Party renamed their subdivisions to the corresponding PA House Districts. So now it's not the 5th District Republicans but the 120th District Republicans, etc. That is very progressive of them. The Democratic Party should do the same thing.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Matt Cartwright's lame media

Matt Cartwright(D-PA8)  and John Chrin (NJ) have a lot of money to spend on teevee ads.

 Right out of the box Chrin was kicking Cartwright's teeth in. Sanctuary Cities, higher taxes, welfare and scary photos of the soft spoken grandmother from Sodom on the San Andreas.

That's normal for a challenger to tear down the incumbent because he really doesn't have anything to offer. Read his issue page. But he does have the endorsement of the part-time occupant of the White House and his butler.

In response the Cartwright campaign violated the first rule of political advertising. Never, ever let your candidate respond to an attack ad. Use a narrator, man in the street, etc. But they keep using the same approach.

I have a novel idea for the Cartwright campaign. Remind us why we voted for you in 2012.

Instead we get New Jersey and Social Security

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Eddie Day Pashinski for State Represenative

Eddie Day had his annual brunch that attracted about 300 people at Genetti's. He brought in some of the heavy hitters in state and local politics like Bob Casey, Matt Cartwright, John Yudichak, Mike Carrol and Guido Sarducci.

In the warm up Yuddy sang Eddie's praises since he rarely does it himself. He recounted the  many infrastructure and economic development projects he has done the hard work to make it happen. He had a nice quip about how he shows up with a piano and his own  Paparazzi. Matt Cartwright also praised him and noted that he is sharing campaign space in W-B. He said "I've had worst roommates but at least he cleans up after himself."  All those losing lottery tickets and empty cans end up in the trash.

Senator Bob Casey continues to impress me. He gave another fiery address about the ACA and his opposition to the Trumplican agenda.

When it came time for Eddie to speak  he told us about he is working with his Republican colleagues to get help for grandparents raising grand kids. He lamented that that the Republican Party has been hijacked by extremist who want to divide us on race, sex, etc. He said they want to divide us because there are "more of us than them."   He decried the money in politics and  defended public schools, labor unions, Social Security and Medicare. He doesn't want to go back to the days of the coal barons and celebrated the gains made on job safety, the 8 hr.workday/ 40 hr. week because of collective bargaining. And then he went on and on and on so I had to leave because I already missed kickoff.

He never mentioned his opponent.

Friday, September 14, 2018

Scott Wagner in Luzerne County

GOP Governor nominee Scott Wagner had a rally at the Woodlands Wenesday night and had a nice turnout. State Senator Lisa Baker was the MC and she kept the program rolling along limiting the under card to brief statements. Many people think she should run for Governor.

The state rep candidates warmed up the room. Sue Henry started off with her usual good humor saying :“It’s really good to be behind the microphone again.”.  I'm sure she is happy that the Red Sox are running away with the AL East. She then made her case for property tax reform.

I want to thank Sue for being so generous to me when she was on WILK, she always gave me a good time slot, :07 after the hour and entertaining us on WRKC 88.5 FM. My favorite conversation  was when we decided to nominate David Yonki for Jury Commissioner . I have always cast a write-in vote for the Yonk in every election since.

Justin Behrens and Frank Scavo also joined the bandwagon on taxes. John Chrin (R-NJ)  said something about socialism.

The red meat was thrown out by Pennsylvania  GOP Chair Valetino  DeGiorgio. He mentioned Maxine Waters and Nancy Peolsi which got of few boos in the audience.  He repeated the ALLEGATION that immigrants get welfare. And Socialism! He forgot George Soros.

Scott Wagner started his speech talking about his humble upbringing and some flashes of humor admitting he didn't have the best smile and can sometimes be abrasive. He talked about touring areas hit by the recent flooding recent and accused Tom Wolf of using it as a photo op. He backed teachers in his education plan but panned union bosses. Wagner wants to sell the liquor stores to fund education. He also made fun of Wolf's "honky jeep." He denied wanting to tax retirement income claiming his opponent is using 7 seconds of a long speech out of context.

 He talked about his plan to combat Pennsylvania's opioid epidemic. Emphasizing treatment, education  and surprisingly suing pharmaceutical companies. Then he attack Wolf for vetoing a bill he sponsored claiming he did it because he has taken money from the PAC Fairness PA saying Governor Wolf is just as bad as the drug dealers. He also said "If you want a guy who enables those who makes money killing our kids, taking contributions of $1.2 million please reelect Tom Wolf. Because I'm not your guy."

He then said he could get things done because he has relationships with lawmakers on both sides of the aisle and told us what a great guy John Yudichak is. 

Wagner unveils 'first real plan' to tackle opioid epidemic

Monday, September 03, 2018

Oppose the Funeral Tax

Sue Henry has a famous name and a bumper sticker issue in her challenge to Eddie Day Pashinski. Her issue is eliminate property taxes but HB 76 does no such thing.It just moves taxes from the wealthy property owners to working people.  The response should be to oppose the expansion of the sales and income tax such as a NEW TAX on Funeral Services of 7%.. It will also tax food and clothing for the first time.

 No one wants to see a senior lose their  home as we are told  but I've never seen any data to support the allegation that seniors lose there home more than other people that fall behind on their taxes. In fact people over 65 and the disabled get a rebate up to $650 to offset the tax. I would like to see it applied up front so they don't have to wait for the money after they paid the bill.

I'm getting to be a senior and know how much a funeral can cost since I have had  to plan a few. I read obituaries all the time that ask for a donation to a Go Fund Me page to pay for the funeral service, burial and marker. Sadly, many of the deceased left us way before they should have because of overdose, murder, car crashes, etc. Young people for the most part don't have Life Insurance and the family should not be burdened with an additional cost such as a sales tax.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Cartwight opens Wilkes-Barre office

A literately overflow crowd was on hand for the opening of Matt Cartwright's W-B office in W-B tonight. So many people showed up that there wasn't enough room in the building to hear him speak and those who couldn't get in spilled out onto the sidewalk.  I was a afraid the fire marshal would arrive but Mayor Tony George was there so that didn't happen.

Matt Cartwright (D-Moosic) started off by asking a moment of silence for John McCain. He then assured us that there are members on both sides of the aisle who want to do the right thing for our country and tries to work with them everyday. He's proud that many of the bills he has introduced have Republican co-sponsors.

He gave a full throttled defense of Social Security and Medicare and trashed the latest trickle down tax cut bill. He reminded the crowd that the full name of Obamacare is The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. The protection part is making sure that people with pre-existing conditions can get coverage. A big chunk of the population has some sort of medical condition that used to allow insurers to deny them coverage.  He decried the provisions of the last tax bill that gave away the store to corporations and the very rich with few benefits for the rest of us. Part of it was repealing the the individual mandate that cuts funding for the program and reduces the risk pool so premiums will soar. . 

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Yuddy's annual pick-a-nick

State Senator John Yudichak's end of summer picnic at the Plains PAV was another roaring success. It was a salute to labor and was attended by the working men and women in his district and beyond. The unions were out in force but so were people who don't have union representation in their workplace but wish they did. It was of course a political rally and many elected officials and candidates attended. The official program was mercifully short with Luzerne County Democratic Chair John Pekerovsky doing the introductions and Yuddy as the MC. Congressman Matt Cartwright , candidate Denny Wolff  and US Senator Bob Casey offered some brief remarks. Like the event with Gov. Wolf on Tuesday you could feel the energy of the local Dems.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Tom Wolf rallied the Luzerne County Democrats

Governor Tom Wolf was the headliner for the Luzerne County Democratic Party event tonight and he didn't disappoint. The place was so packed that I couldn't get a count. More than 300 people , maybe more packed the ballroom. He listed his accomplishments like getting more people health insurance, balancing the budget with enough money to make a deposit to the rainy day fund. Wolf pointed out that he was able to restore funding for education working with a Republican Legislature.  He didn't mention his opponent once.  The local Democratic candidates also attended. State Senator John Yudichak was the MC with some good jokes. Congressman Matt Cartwright fired up the crowd and I was lucky not to get between Eddie Day and the microphone, a dangerous place. Jerry Mullery also spoke.

A special treat was seeing Cassandra Coleman. She convinced   me to vote for Wolf last time.

Monday, August 20, 2018

Republicans are touting a questionable poll

Many of my Trumplican friends are all excited abut an "independent poll" from Commonwealth Leaders Fund that shows Wagner  and Barletta within the margin of error. 
The poll reports Gov. Tom Wolf leading Scott Wagner 46% to 43%. Sen. Bob Casey leads Rep. Lou Barletta 47% to 45%.  
The polling, conducted via IVR interviews from Aug. 13-15, included 2,012 likely voters. 

I have never heard of the Commonwealth Leaders Fund and a google search came up empty. A link to the poll Topline View.

I have been reading polls for years and this one is ridiculous. The cross tabs show that Trump has positive favorable rating.  53% of those polled identified as either very conservative or somewhat conservative. Only20% polled considered themselves very liberal or somewhat liberal. 

They used the  dubious method  of IVR. 
To give you an example I told the last IVR poll that I got that I'm a 30 something Female Asian American who is a life long Republican but will vote for all the Democrats this fall. 

The real polls:

RCP Average4/4 - 6/25----48.032.0Wolf +16.0
Suffolk6/21 - 6/25500 LV4.44936Wolf +13
Franklin & Marshall6/4 - 6/10472 RV6.54829Wolf +19
Morning Call4/4 - 4/12414 RV5.54731Wolf +16

RCP Average4/4 - 6/25----46.330.3Casey +16.0
Suffolk6/21 - 6/25500 LV4.44732Casey +15
Franklin & Marshall6/4 - 6/10472 RV6.54427Casey +17
Morning Call4/4 - 4/12414 RV5.54832Ca