Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Judy Herschel for Congress

Judy Herschell had a rally  tonight that attracted an overflow crowd and did not mince her words.

 She said that healthcare is a basic human right and blasted the profit driven health care system and endorsed Medicare for All.She said she would not sell out to Pharmaceutical companies. Unions are essential and teaching is a noble profession.

She also addressed the mechanics  of the race. She needs a bunch of money and many volunteers. It will be hard to beat Tom Marino.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Municipal Races 2017- Part Deux

Walter Mitchell
The Voice of God was reaffirmed as the President for Life of The People's Republic of Bear Creek Village winning 98.82% of the vote. He was so sure that his apparatchiks would deliver an unanimous vote that he was on a cruise on election day visiting his offshore accounts. The lone dissenter will be sent to a reeducation camp in Nescopeck Pass.

Walter Mitchell (R)  84
Write-In                      1

Hazelton City Council

The incumbents were not reelected. Jack Mundie and Professor Obvious finished last in a six person race for 3 seats. My guy just missed. John Keegan and I are joined together as fellow bloggers who will argue about about everything then go for a drink. He is really good at research and would be an asset to any organization. Allison Barletta won a seat, where I have heard that name?


Saturday, November 11, 2017

Election results 2017- Municipal races

Some selected results from some down ballot races that I had an interest in because friends of mine were in the running. Spoiler alert, most of them lost. Sometimes I feel like the black cat of politics.

John Cordora at Blogfest

Longtime Kingston resident John Cordora ran for for Mayor of Luzerne as a Democrat. John has been a Republican candidate for State Rep and Mayor of Kingston. I always found him to one of the more entertaining people on the local political scene. He was always a good sport taking my snark in stride even when I said he resembles Vincent Price.

James Keller (R)  280
                                                          John Cordora (D)  235

Luzerne County Young Republican Prez John Lombardo  made his first run for elective office as a candidate for the Pittston Area School Board. It was just a matter of time before we saw his name on the ballot and it won't be the last. He's been a guest blogger on Gort42.   John is a lot like the young Gort becoming a political junkie at a young age.  He ran a great race and came close.


Joseph Salvo (DEM)         2,714 

John Lombardo (REP)

 Keep an eye on what goes on in Kingston Township in the near future. I predict they are heading for  all sorts of legal challenges involving sunshine law violations and of conflicts of interest. The winning candidate is the son of of one of the present Supervisors who works for the township  road

Liz Martin has been a hard working public servant who deserved reelection.

Robert Wagner (R)  841
Liz Martin (D)         774


Thursday, November 09, 2017

2017 Election Results- Luzerne County Council

Matt Vough and Chris Perry

My candidate came up a bit short but I am very proud of the race Wendy Cominsky ran. She is someone without money or powerful friends who just wanted to make a difference. She offered solutions to the problems the county faces and worked as hard as any candidate I've ever met. I'm grateful for her friendship and trust. She came darn close and somehow I feel I let her down.

The top 3 vote getters was not a surprise. Incumbents Linda Houck(D) and Harry Haas(R) ran their record and the people rewarded them with another term. Sheila Saidman was top of the poll in the primary and it carried over.

The surprises of the night were Matt Vough (D) and Chris Perry (R). They also worked their tails off and I saw them just about everywhere.

The great thing about this election was the lack of acrimony.  For the most part the candidates seemed to genuinely like each other and want to work together regardless of party

I want to congratulate all the candidates for offering themselves for public office. It takes guts to run and put up with the nonsense like the anonymous cowards who comment on the local newspaper websites.

x Sheila Saidman (DEM)                                      

x Linda McClosky Houck (DEM)
  Wendy Cominsky (DEM)

x Matthew Vough (DEM)
   John Gadomski (DEM)
x Harry Haas (REP)
x Chris R. Perry (REP)
   Marc Dixon (REP)
   Stephen J. Urban (REP)
   Gregory S. Wolovich Jr. (REP)


Wednesday, November 08, 2017

2017 Election results-Luzerne County Controller

The top  race in Luzerne County was for the Controller position between incumbent  Michelle Bednar (D) and former Controller Walter Griffith (R). I was surprised that no other Republican ran in the primary considering Walter's baggage about the wiretap thing and his aggressive style.

In an interview with the Citizens Voice he promised to be a kinder, gentler Walter. Yeah right, the Walter I know is at his at his best when he is being a pain in the ass. I mean that in a good way. The message from his campaign was that he would be a watchdog, not a lapdog. So much for the kinder thing.

Michelle ran the campaign on her accomplishments without running to the press every time she found a problem but worked for a solution.  She refused to criticize her opponent when given the chance. From the CVBednar declined to offer an opinion on Griffith, who resigned as controller in 2013 as part of a plea agreement in a wiretapping case.
“I would leave that to the voters,” she said. “That’s their choice.”

The Result:

Bednar       24,458  54%
Griffith       20,609  46% 

Saturday, November 04, 2017

Wendy Cominsky for County Council

In my many years of politics I have been able to sort out the people who want to be someone verses the people who want to do something.

Wendy Cominsky is someone who want's to do something. She has all sorts of ideas to improve Luzerne County. I may not agree with all of  them all but let's put them out for discussion.

Her platform is on the website:

A snippet:

Alternative Energy

We also should be considering alternative energy as well as protecting what is left of our natural resources. Apparently some people did not learn their lesson from the coal companies. Tunkhannock is seeing a dramatic drop in local business since the gas drilling craze is fading. When we run out of gas, like the coal mines, those companies will be gone and many people will be without jobs and many businesses without customers. This can cause economic collapse and we need to prevent it. Everybody was sold on gas because it would bring jobs to the area and lower energy costs. Here’s the exciting news: so will the development of renewable energy sources! By shifting our focus to renewable energy, we will lower costs and still have fossil fuel energy to rely on in times of crisis. Environmentally speaking, I believe that clean water will become more valuable than gold in the not so distant future. We absolutely need to protect our natural springs as if they were our children, because frankly, our children will pay the price if we don’t.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Meuser at the Grotto

Tens of people came out to hear former PA Revenue Secretary and unsuccessful 2008 PA 10th CD Republican candidate give his pitch for electing him to the 11th CD seat being vacated by Lou Barletta.

Luzerne County GOP Chair Ron Ferrance did the intro saying we need someone in Congress that will support the President. Other notables in attendance were State Rep. Karen Boback, Bear Creek Village Mayor Walter Mitchell, the next DJ in the back mountain Brian Tupper, Old Forge School Director Frank Scavo and Luzerne County candidate Marc Dixon.

Meuser tied himself firmly to Trump and Barletta.

Meuser said he was a conservative problem solver who wants to get behind the President's Make America Great Again (MAGA)  agenda. Tax reform, repeal Obamacare, strong military, border security, term limits and drain the swamp (DTS) , etc. He said he was urged by Barletta to run for Congress if Lou ran for Senate. The way he explained it was almost like a Quid pro quo. 

I was surprised by how much he discussed the nuts and bolts of the campaign. Everything from yard signs to money. Meuser said he was outworking the other candidates and claimed the support of 8 GOP county chairs. He said he will need $750,000 to win the primary.

He took some shots at Democrats saying the Republicans are the party of the red, white and blue who's favorite holiday is the 4th of July while the Dems celebrate April 15th. Senator Casey has gone extreme left and brought up Nancy Pelosi. 

At the end someone asked him about combating the lies that politicians tell. Meuser said he would give them a pass the first time but would lose his support if they did it again. Then he went on about draining the swamp and MAGA.

Maybe he should read this fake news article:

Trump's Lies

 Updated July 21: The president is still lying, so we've added to this list, and provided links to the facts in each case.


Saturday, October 21, 2017

Denny Wolff for Congress

Another Democrat has joined the race to succeed Lou Barletta (R) in the PA 11th CD. He joins USAF vet Alan Howe on the Democratic side.

Wolff was PA Agriculture Secretary under Governor Ed Rendell. He was appointed by  President Clinton and held over by Dubya on the WTO Agriculture Technical Committee.

From his website :In addition to his farm work and public service, Denny is the proud founder of Camp Victory, a camp for children with special needs that’s adjacent to his farm. The camp today hosts over 1,500 children and their families from across the country each summer. Denny was inspired to start Camp Victory after his youngest son, Nicholas, was born with a life-threatening liver disease and spent most of the first two years of his life in hospitals until he received a lifesaving liver transplant when he was eighteen months old.

Website: Denny Wolff for Congress
Facebook page: Denny Wolff for Congress

The crowded field that is the race for the 11th congressional district

Six people so far have announced they are candidates for the 11th Congressional District seat, now held by Lou Barletta. They are,  Dan Meuser, Stephen Bloom, Robert Alan Howe, and Denny Wolff, Andrew Shecktor and Andrew Lewis.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Marino the Drug Czar

Lou Barletta and Tom Marino

This report in the WaPo is shocking but not surprising. PA 10th CD Congressman Tom Marino (R) took $150,000+ from pharmaceutical companies then wrote a law to get the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) off their backs.

For years, some drug distributors were fined for repeatedly ignoring warnings from the DEA to shut down suspicious sales of hundreds of millions of pills, while they racked up billions of dollars in sales.
The new law makes it virtually impossible for the DEA to freeze suspicious narcotic shipments from the companies

 This tells you every thing you need to know about Marino. He called the cops when reporters wanted to interview him. Marino declined repeated requests for comment. Marino’s staff called the U.S. Capitol Police when The Post and “60 Minutes” tried to interview the congressman at his office on Sept. 12. 

This is nothing new. He has helped drug dealers in the past.

 By Michael R. Sisak / Staff Writer

A prominent central Pennsylvania car dealer once described as a “friend” by former U.S. Attorney Tom Marino has racked up an extensive rap sheet since leaning on Marino to have a cocaine dealing conviction cleared from his record more than a decade ago, court documents obtained by The Citizens’ Voice show.

Jay W. Kilheeney, an admitted drug addict and alcoholic, has been busted three times since Marino clumsily and unsuccessfully interceded in the drug case, in June 1998, and has been accused in protection from abuse petitions of leading a violent, vagabond home life.

His lies about his relationship with Louis DeNaples and permission letter from the DOJ.

Marino changes story

 Tom Marino, Republican candidate for Congress, has changed his story six months after he told a Wilkes-Barre talk radio reporter that he had gotten permission from his superiors in the U.S. Department of Justice before lending his name as a reference for a convicted felon who was seeking a casino license...He also denied that he had ever claimed that he received, or could provide, written authorization from the Justice Department allowing him to give a personal reference to former casino operator Louis DeNaples.

 Even the Bush Administration thought he was incompetent 


Marino almost got fired before he quit

 Marino's effectiveness questioned

A senior Justice Department official recommended firing Marino in September 2006, saying he "perceived that Marino was not leading his office," according to the report, which has taken on fresh relevance as the Republican challenges Democratic incumbent Chris Carney in the 10th Congressional District.

D. Kyle Sampson, the chief of staff to then-Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, subsequently placed Marino's name on a list of U.S. Attorneys he said the department, "should consider pushing out," based on "problems" he learned about in summer 2006, according to the report.

You can read the report at this link.

The only thing that saved his tail was the Justice Department didn't want to piss off Senator Arlen Specter. 

And he is such a charmer with the voters