Sunday, August 31, 2008

Workers of the World Unite

A guest post.


A Labor Day Message by Mean Old Man

I'm angrier than a hippy in a bathtub that every September I have to be bothered with a bunch of lazy know nothing layabouts who gather to celebrate the commie created holiday of Labor Day!!! And to add insult to injury I have to be subjected to watching that old leftist comedian (?) Jerry Lewis on the ol'TV'er pleading for money for his 'kids' when I'd rather be watching Judge Judy (now there's one tough little lady!). But I guess the brains at channel 16 would prefer a spy for the French government on TV instead of a patriotic no nonsense judge. Well, at least it happens only on Bolshevik Labor Day (too much of a coincidence if you ask me). But of course, I have to come across those stupid Jerry Lewis movies all year long. Whatever happened to the good old time comedians like Georgie Jessell and Jack Benny, not to mention Amos and Andy--those boys used to crack me up!!! Watching Jerry Lewis only strengthens my belief that the commies have completely taken over our good ol' American culture.

But getting back to my main point; kids today don't know nothing about work. In my day we knew the value of a good job and we didn't complain about it either. If you worked fifteen or sixteen hours a day you wouldn't go home and whine about it--you were happy to have the strength to make it up to bed!!! And so what if your boss got on your back? He was nice enough to give you a job so you kept your mouth shut!!! And back then it was just the man who did the hard work. The little woman stayed at home and relaxed--not like the women today who cart their offspring off to daycare so they can go out and find themselves. Thanks Oprah!! Give my best to Barack and Stedman.

That's why kids today are so messed up; they get home and Mom is still at work and so is Dad, so what do they do??? They take drugs and listen to that Beatles music, that's what they do!! And then when it comes time for them to go out and stake a claim in the real world they don't know their butts from a hole in the ground. So they just decide to live at home and stay a kid forever!!! A special thanks to my two runts Harlan and Clay who graced my walls with their carcasses until they were well past 30. Damn!!!!!

And all the stupid holiday is about is promoting the subversive unions that destroyed our country. Think about how great things would be if you could take home your paycheck and not have union dues deducted along with all the other taxes that grease the palms of the liberals. We'd all be living high off the hog. But, of course we can't have that. We have to make sure that the special programs for all the spineless people are funded, don't we? Horse feathers!!!!
In old Herbert Hoover's day we didn't need unions. And we didn't have to worry about the handicapped being serenaded by a washed up teary eyed comedian; they were kept in the attic or the basement where they belonged!! We could ignore them and there weren't any problems.
And we didn't take a day off every September to celebrate anarchy!!!

So, all you liberals enjoy your Labor Day and don't forget to get out your credit cards (Jerry is waiting on your call, no doubt pre paid by the men in the Kremlin and Peking). As for me, I'll be out putting a new roof on the old barn and afterwards I'll pop open a Steg, relax in my easy chair, and put a little Dean Martin on the ol' victrola---take that Jerry!!! I hate you all!!!!!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

One debate in the PA 11th CD

There will be one debate between incumbent Democratic Congressman Paul Kanjorski and Republican challenger Hazleton Mayor Lou Barletta October 29, on WVIA-TV.

The Barletta camp wanted at least 5 meetings but Kanjo won't agree to that and they are fuming.

"Mr. Kanjorski is either afraid to debate Lou Barletta face-to-face or he knows his record is simply indefensible and he would rather hide than face voters in northeastern Pennsylvania," said. Barletta campaign manager Vince Galko. "In either case, it clearly shows that Paul Kanjorski does not deserve another term representing the great people of the 11th Congressional District."

Kanjorski spokesman Ed Mitchell said the busy congressional schedule at the end of the session will not allow time for any other debates. But with this one, the editorial board interviews, and individual meetings where constituents can meet with the Congressman and ask any questions they have, the voters will know by Election Day where each candidate stands.

“The Congressman has a job to do in September in the capital and he’s going to continue to fully represent the people of the 11th, despite the time demands of the campaign. We simply have too many commitments in October after Congress adjourns to fit in any other debates,” Mitchell said.

YouTube weekend

In honor of Sarah Palin from the frozen tundra of Alaska.

Frank Zappa - Don't Eat the Yellow Snow

Are you ready for some football?

I'm not. Penn State will open with Coastal Carolina at Noon today and it should be a blowout. I love football but always have mixed emotions when the season starts because it means the end of summer. With all the political news I haven't paid much attention to this year's Nittany Lion team but will catch up with the help of the PennLive PSU blog.
The good news is that Comcast and the Big Ten Network have made a deal so I don't have to wander out to find the game on TV. I'm still thinking about getting a dish but Mrs. G has threatened to strangle me with the all the new wires that would be involved.
A few months ago Comcast told us that to view Turner Classic Movies and Toon Disney we would have to get a box because of a technical problem that forced them to move them to a digital format. When we were on vacation in Delaware both channels were on the basic cable without the need for a box. Somehow I think that that we have been lied to.

Friday, August 29, 2008


All the talking heads on TV are shocked that John McCain has picked Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as his VP. Anybody that reads blogs has known for months that she was in the running. My friends at the have been pushing for her since the winter and are thrilled by the choice. She has some baggage that will come out once the glow wears off but for now I think it helps McCain answer the change and historic meme.
The first local reaction is from Chris Hackett:
“Sarah Palin’s strong record of reform and opposition to wasteful spending is a profile in political courage. We need real reformers in Washington like John McCain and Sarah Palin. I could not be more excited to be running on a ticket with them. John McCain has never asked for any earmark pork projects, and Sarah Palin rejected Alaska’s Bridge to Nowhere. I proudly join them in the fight to stop the corrupt and wasteful spending system in Washington.”

The Next President of the United States

And he came out swinging


Every Presidential nomination is a piece of history but this one stands out. For the first time someone who doesn't have the same skin pigmentation as me has been nominated for President. I think that is healthy and will exorcise some demons from our national psyche but it's not why I will vote for Barrack Obama.

Some of my friends make the case better than me.

Another Monkey:

I will not vote for Barack Obama on the basis of the color of his skin. I will not vote for him out of some sense of entitlement, or out of some belief that having him in the White House will somehow balance the scales of our national history of racial inequality...I will vote for Barack Obama because I believe he is the better candidate for the job. I will vote for Barack Obama because I believe he will be the better President, the President we need to help us begin our recovery from what will be an eight year long national nightmare.

Lu Lac:

Finally, someone said out loud that if you disagree with the opposition or find the war in Iraq wrong, that doesn’t mean you are unpatriotic...The Illinois Senator brought up the crucial point that the next President will appoint at least 3 new Justices on the Supreme Court. Keep in mind that the Supreme Court handed over the Presidency to George Bush in 2000, allowing him to steal the office.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Another poll in the 10th CD

From a press release:

Clarks Summit, PA—A recent Momentum Analysis poll shows Congressman Carney to be safe from a challenge from businessman Chris Hackett. Carney is more popular than Hackett, and enjoys a 2-to-1 lead over Hackett in the horserace (54-27%).

"These polls confirm what we already know,” said Vincent Rongione, Campaign Manager for Carney for Congress. “Congressman Carney has very strong support across party lines and across the district. We will continue to fight for every vote and focus on the issues that really matter, but it is very encouraging to see that our positive message is connecting with voters in every corner of Northeast and Central Pennsylvania."

A majority of voters (53%) view Congressman Carney favorably (either “very” or “somewhat” favorable), with only 18% viewing him unfavorably (either “very” or “somewhat”). Three times as many (21%) view him “very favorably” as “very unfavorably” (7%). And Carney is popular not just with Democrats (63% favorable, 8% unfavorable) but with Republicans as well (46% favorable, 27% unfavorable).

These results are consistent with polling released in January 2008 by the American Hospital Association, conducted just as Hackett began his advertising for the primary (55% Carney, 21% Hackett). Indeed, these results are also consistent with our October 2006 polling showing Carney with 52% of the vote. Given the incredibly negative Republican primary, statewide and district-wide trends in party registration becoming more Democratic, and Hackett only just resuming his advertising in the last week, it is not surprising to see the horserace largely unchanged.

Momentum Analysis conducted a survey of 400 likely 2008 voters in Pennsylvania’s 10th Congressional District. Interviews were conducted by telephone, August 19-21, 2008.

Dan Meuser backs Chris Hackett

And he offers up this ringing endorsement of Hackett. From the TL:
“I will always support good Republicans for office,” Meuser said. “In a choice between Chris Carney and a conservative Republican, I will always choose the conservative Republican.”
A few days ago Meuser announced that he departing Pride Mobility to pursue a full-time career in public service. He has been on an extended leave of absence from the firm after losing his bid for the Republican nomination in Pennsylvania's 10th Congressional District in the April primary.
"I have always had a strong interest in government affairs on the federal, state and local level. My recent venture into politics, combined with my leadership of Pride Mobility’s government affairs initiatives, solidified my desire to pursue community- and government-related endeavors full time,” Meuser said in a press release. “I am grateful to be in a position to pursue my ambitions, and look forward to continuing my active involvement with initiatives that ideally, will benefit the residents in our local communities and beyond.”
We will hear from Dan again.

The next Vice President of the United States

Joe Biden Speaks At The DNC

A few observations about the Democratric Convention

They skipped through the Roll Call of the states with Hillary asking to suspend the rules and make the nomination by acclimation. Nice touch for the party unity thing but I've been watching political conventions all my life and it's my favorite part. I love the corny speeches as the Governor of the state sings the praises of wheat or brags that the hometown team won the championship.

Where the hell was this guy in 2004? If he made a speech like this the last time he would be President. This is the best speech of the convention so far.

John Kerry Speaks at the DNC

Candidate McCain vs. Senator McCain.

"John McCain should finish the debate with himself."

My second favorite moment. Congressman Patrick Murphy is a Kings College grad and a vet of the 82nd Airborne who served in Iraq.

Patrick Murphy Speaking at DNC

If only this could happen in Luzerne County

We might be better off

Board Members Quit, Suspend Government In NY Town

ALBANY (AP) ― Only eight months on the job as supervisor of the small town of Ancram, Thomas Dias finds himself faced not with a crisis in government but no government at all.That's because three of the town's five board members abruptly resigned last week, leaving the town with a government unable to hold its scheduled monthly meeting Thursday or take any action.

The Big Dog Barks

"Barrack Obama is on the right side of history."

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

10th CD poll

SurveyUSA for Roll Call (8/23-25, 623 likely voters):

Chris Carney (D-inc): 49

Chris Hackett (R): 45

(MoE: ±4.0%)

Carney was viewed favorably by 40 percent of those surveyed and unfavorably by 23 percent. 30 percent were neutral and 6 percent said they had no opinion.

Hackett had a 36 percent to 23 percent favorable/unfavorable rating; 31 percent of voters were neutral, while 11 percent said they had no opinion.

10th CD voters prefer a candidate who touts alternative sources of energy over one who advocates increased offshore drilling by a 54-36 margin and 40% of voters in the 10th blame the oil companies for the high cost of gasoline.

Bush has a 32% approval rating, while 61% of voters disapproved.

John McCain leads Barack Obama by 50-41 in the 10th District. Bush won the district 60-40 in 2004.

Update: Reaction from the Hackett camp

"We're very pleased. After more than a month of TV ads trying to promote his paper-thin record in Congress, Chris Carney is still being rejected by voters. We fully expect Carney and his liberal Washington allies to ramp up their negative message now."-Mark Harris

Update 2: Vince Rongione speaking for the Carney campaign

“These polls confirm what we already know. Congressman Carney has very strong support across party lines and across the district. We will continue to fight for every vote and focus on the issues that really matter. It is very encouraging to see that our positive message -- lowering taxes, fighting for veterans, lowering gas prices, and helping to create jobs right here in America is connecting with voters in every corner of Northeast and Central Pennsylvania. Clearly folks are already tired of our challenger’s constant mudslinging and personal attacks.”

Does Biden help in Pennsylvania?

He can't hurt.

Chris Carney has forgotten more about national security than Don Sherwood will ever know,” - Sen. Joe Biden.

Biden said that during a campaign stop in 2006.
,Rapid Edward was pulling for Biden and Sen Bob Casey was an early supporter. For 30+ years the Philadelphia media market has seen his ads every 6 years.

The guy is from Scranton and we can be tribal in our corner of the world. Hillary won big in the April primary because the local media kept reminding us that her grandfather was a Scranton native and she spent some time at Lake Winola when she was a kid. Carney is still on active duty so I haven't got a statement from him on the pick but Congressman Kanjorski is excited:

"I applaud Sen. Barack Obama’s selection of U.S. Sen. Joseph Biden as his choice to be the nominee of the Democratic Party for Vice President..I have campaigned with Joe Biden in Northeastern Pennsylvania numerous times and look forward to joining him on the campaign trail again this year to elect a Democratic president, House and Senate to get America back on the right track again.”...

A click of the shutter to the The Pennsylvania Progressive for the pic.

My view is that people don't vote for Vice President. The latest Q Poll has Barry up by 7 in the Keystone state.

No way, No how, No McCain

Hillary said what she had to. It was a good endorsement but I was expecting something a little more. I think she should have spoken more directly to the PUMA crowd telling them to get over it.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Reassessment in Luzerne County gets ugly

Nobody wants to pay more property taxes but you have to keep your emotions in check and not make threats. But the opposition keeps being stoked by the downtrodden people at Harveys Lake and some radio talk show hosts.

From the inbox.

Your House As Seen By:


Your Buyer...

Your Lender...

Your Appraiser...

Your LUZERNE County Tax Assessor...

Democratic Convention video

via CNN

For all his health problems Senator Ted Kennedy will not be denied a spot in this historic event.

All I can say about Michelle Obama's speech is WOW !

Monday, August 25, 2008

10th Pennsyvania CD update

Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty was at the Chris Hackett HQ in Dallas on Saturdayto stump for him and John McCain. When I arrived the place was a beehive of activity with close to a 100 people manning the phones and milling about.
Pawlenty praised McCain saying "history calls out leaders." He recapped McCain's bio , energy plan and keeping taxes low. He then ripped into Barrack Obama asking “What have you done, Sen. Obama? What have you run? The answers are not much and nothing.” When asked about Joe Biden as the VP he said he thought that he picked a "mentor." “There’s only one commander-in-chief, a mentor can’t be your vice president.”
He also praised Chris Hackett calling him "an outstanding candidate for Congress.”
I put up more photos of the event on Facebook.
In other campaign news Hackett said he and his wife will be doing a 5 day bicycle tour of the district starting in Milford going up Rte 6 to Hawley and Honesdale. Tonight he will be at the opening of the Luzerne County GOP HQ in the Bicentennial Building on Public Square in Wilkes-Barre at 6PM.
And the CV has a rundown of Hackett's and Congressman Chris Carney's differences on energy policy.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Convention Blogging

Our very own Luzerne County Obama delegate Rita Boyle will sharing her insight from Denver at unConventionalNEPA. She already has a couple of posts detailing the road to Denver.
Borys has a profile of the NEPA members of the PA delegation.
Greg and Rob of Keystone Politics snagged the PA local blogger spot and promise some YouTube reports in addition to their always excellent reporting.
And the state Democratic Party will keep us updated at the PA Dems Blog.
Next week Alex of the will be covering the GOP convention in Minneapolis.
He will be joined by local photographer Michael Taluto who set up NEPAGOPCONVENTION.BLOGSPOT.COM.
On a related note one of our local scribes has been selected to be part of The Times Leader’s Community Voter Panel. Congrats to Tony. You can read his thoughts at That's How I See It .

Saturday, August 23, 2008


All the cable news channels are saying that Scranton native Delaware Senator Joe Biden will be the next Vice President of the United States. There is no confirmation from the campaign yet and I'm still waiting for a text message. I think it's a solid pick.
Update 2: Local reaction
Statement by Congressman Paul Kanjorski, D, PA 11
“I applaud Sen. Barack Obama’s selection of U.S. Sen. Joseph Biden as his choice to be the nominee of the Democratic Party for Vice President.

“All residents of the 11th District, but particularly those in Lackawanna County and Scranton, can be proud that Sen. Obama has chosen a native son of Northeastern PA to be part of our winning team in this year’s presidential election. Sen. Biden is often referred to as Pennsylvania’s third Senator. He’s a true Democrat.

“As a Super Delegate supporter of Hillary Clinton, I think we can be pleased that two Democrats with roots in our area are playing such a prominent role in this year’s election.

“Sen. Biden’s experience in the Congress, his expertise as chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee and his progressive record for hardworking middle-class families on domestic matters are perfect complements for Sen. Obama’s leadership skills as our presidential nominee.

“I have campaigned with Joe Biden in Northeastern Pennsylvania numerous times and look forward to joining him on the campaign trail again this year to elect a Democratic president, House and Senate to get America back on the right track again.”
Barack Obama selects "Pennsylvania's Third Senator"
Sen. Casey, Scranton and supporters will gather to watch his historic speech today...
Sen. Bob Casey, and other friends and supporters of Sen. Joe Biden
Will gather to watch his speech from Springfield,IL with Sen. Obama
Cosgrove's 325 Green Ridge St. Scranton
Update 3: GOP Senators offer support for Biden today
Sen. Arlen Specter:
Pennsylvania's Arlen Specter, a Republican who serves on the Judiciary Committee with Biden and often rides Amtrak with him to Washington, also offered praise. "No one on the Democratic side knows more about foreign policy than Sen. Biden," Specter said. "He's been an articulate spokesman on the subject. He also knows about domestic policy. He's been a leader on crime control." LINK<
Sen. Chuck Hagel:
U.S. Senator Chuck Hagel issued the following statement today following Senator Barack Obama's selection of Senator Joe Biden as the presumptive Democratic Vice Presidential nominee: "Joe Biden is the right partner for Barack Obama. His many years of distinguished service to America, his seasoned judgment and his vast experience in foreign policy and national security will match up well with the unique challenges of the 21st Century. An Obama-Biden ticket is a very impressive and strong team. Biden's selection is good news for Obama and America," Hagel said. LINK<>
Sen. Richard Lugar:
Tbilisi, Georgia - U.S. Sen. Dick Lugar made the following statement today en route to Tbilisi. "I congratulate Senator Barack Obama on his selection of my friend, Senator Joe Biden, to be his vice-presidential running mate. I have enjoyed for many years the opportunity to work with Joe Biden to bring strong bipartisan support to United States foreign policy..." LINK<>
Update 4: From Hillary
I want to congratulate Joe Biden on becoming the vice presidential nominee. Joe is a friend and colleague, a strong experienced leader and a devoted public servant. I look forward to not only seeing him in Denver next week but on the trail as I work to help Barack Obama and Joe Biden along with many other Democratic candidates campaign this fall.

Meet Tim Pawlenty

Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, often mentioned as a possible running mate for Republican presidential candidate John McCain, will be joining 10th CD GOP candidate Chris Hackett today for an an event at his HQ 23 Dallas Shopping Center on Rte 309 Dallas, PA 18612 at 12:30PM.

This is your chance to meet a possible VP nominee on the losing ticket who, if he's picked by McCain, will be a front runner for the Republican nomination the next time.

I like this quote from Pawlenty:

"Say what you will about Barack Obama," the Minnesota Republican told a conservative group, "people gravitate when you have something positive to say." He added that McCain has been positive as well.
"People want to follow hopeful, optimistic, civil, decent leaders," Pawlenty said in a speech to GOPAC, which helps recruit Republican candidates. "They don't want to follow some negative, scornful person."

YouTube weekend

Moon Unit Zappa - Valley Girl

Friday, August 22, 2008

Joe Biden for Vice President

That is the result of the Gort42 poll. Biden got 39% far outpacing Hillary Clinton's 17% and everybody else was in single digits.

I still think the VP will come out of left field (Tom Dachele ) or further.


Senator Barack Obama has chosen Klaatu as his running mate. You may know Klaatu from the documentary cleverly disguised as a fictional movie titled "The Day the Earth Stood Still".
Klaatu will be accompanied by his robot friend Gort who is programmed to destroy the earth if we cannot control our violence. Klaatu and Gort have been travelling to our planet for many years.

Thanks Danny

One debate in the 10th CD

I think there should be more.

Carney agrees to one debate

It will be on October 30 for one-hour to be aired on WVIA-TV and simulcast on Pennsylvania Cable News Network .

The Hackett camp is up in arms because they want more which brought this intemperate statement from Chris Hackett spokesman Mark Harris:

“Chris Carney obviously thinks he’s a Washington big shot now. First he abandoned his promise to represent Pennsylvania values by voting with (Speaker of the House) Nancy Pelosi and the liberals 90 percent of the time,” Harris said. “Now he refuses to even show enough respect for voters to defend his record in open and honest debates.

Carney is a sorry excuse for a congressman, trying to win an election behind negative attacks instead of debates.”

Carney Campaign manager Vince Rongione smacked back:

Rongione called Harris’ comments “typical gutter politics” and pointed out they come at a time Carney is at Langley Air Force Base in Virginia for a two-week training commitment with the U.S. Navy Reserves.

“It is reprehensible and completely beyond the pale that our opponent continues to personally attack Congressman Carney while he is serving our country in uniform.

Greg at Keystone Politics picks apart Harris' statement:

This is ridiculous – first of all, Carney is hardly a “Nancy Pelosi liberal.” He’s a moderate congressman from a moderate district; good match, no? Second, it’s extraordinarily distasteful to make these accusations while Carney, a Commander in the Naval Reserve, is on active duty. Sorry Hackett, he doesn’t have time to campaign against your constant negative attacks because he’s doing actual work for the people; something you’d know nothing about.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Reassessment in Luzerne County going forward

Commissioner Greg Skrepenak has been playing to the crowd proposing the reassessment of properties in the county be stopped. Commissioners Chairwoman Maryanne Petrilla and Commissioner Stephen A. Urban want the process to play out and Skrep's motion to stop it was ignored.
NANTICOKE -"Motion dies. Move on please," Petrilla said.
I checked out the protest Monday at the courthouse led by Michelle Boice from Harveys Lake and I always enjoy being in the company of my fellows citizens that petition their government for the redress of grievances. There was a lot of sloganeering including chants of "One term Petrilla" and "Pack your bags Urban."
My view is that you can't throw out a 2 year process that cost over $8 million. Fix the mistakes and move on.
Some other locals have a similar view:
Wilkes-Barre Online-Harveys Lake 1965
I have more protest pics at my Facebook account.

Law and Order: Special Victims Unit part trois

Another draconian sentence for someone caught stealing from the taxpayers.

WILKES-BARRE -A former Pittston Township secretary who pleaded guilty to stealing more than $31,000 from the township’s garbage fund was sentenced Wednesday to eight to 16 months of house arrest.

This stiff sentence was handed down by our newest Judge David Lupas. Recently President Judge Mark Ciavarella also handed down similar sentences to 2 employees of the Recorder of Deeds Office for stealing hundreds of thousands from us.

Some of our Luzerne County jurists may have an interest in establishing a precedent by sentencing people convicted of public corruption to laying on the couch watching cartoons for a few months.

NEPA Blue Cross gives away $45 million

Blue Cross donates $45 million to Commonwealth Medical College

A worthy project but is this what we pay premiums for?

As Represenative Phyllis Mundy previously said:

As you know, I’ve been an outspoken critic of the way in which Blue Cross of Northeastern Pennsylvania, a nonprofit insurer, has stockpiled surpluses while at the same time raising rates.This situation is somewhat different, however. In fact, I find the intent of these initiatives -- such as the creation of a regional medical school -- very admirable.

But, once again, as an overall policy and plan, hard questions must be asked: Is this an appropriate use of the surplus? What are the anticipated measurable results? Are any of the ideas proposed in the initiative better than simply using the surplus to hold or reduce premiums? These are fair questions that I believe deserve straightforward answers.

Blue Cross of NEPA is an interesting "nonprofit" company. The CEO and the other executives at the top of the food chain have salaries in the six figures plus bonuses and Bob Mellow and his fellow board members are paid $25,000 a year plus bonuses. The board members also get $1100 a meeting for some other duties. Nice work if you can get it.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Another deficit in Luzerne County

$10M county deficit projected

The Commissioners haven't been able to balance the budget for as long as I can remember. They always invent revenues and understate expenses. No wonder people who have seen their property values inflated by reassessment are pissed off.

Pennsylvania 10th CD air war/update

Chris Hackett has released his first 2 general election ads.

New Direction hits pork barrel spending, corporate welfare and oil prices.

Plan is semi bio and decries the raid on Social Security and ends with the tag line "we can do so much better if we have the courage to change." If I remember right "courage to change" was Bill Clinton's mantra in 1992.

From the CV Politics Blog:

Carney's campaign manager Vincent Rongione issued this statement:

"There he goes again ... typical Hackett hypocrisy. Our opponent always inability to tell the truth. He runs against Washington insiders and then has them fund his TV advertising. His ad talks about social security but he is on record favoring privatization and his campaign is bankrolled by a group that called our senior citizens "the most selfish group in America". He talks about taxes and doesn't pay his own. He complains about gas prices while he takes thousands from big oil and personally profits from their price gouging. He talks tough about immigration while hiring illegals at his home and business. Why can't Chris Hackett just keep his word? Whose side is he on? This is political hypocrisy at its worst."

Hackett's spokesman Mark Harris

I think Chris' big this is that Washington is broken, both Republicans and Democrats have failed the people. That is why Chris Hackett believes so strongly on things like earmarks reform. Incumbents are going to be against that.... People talked about gas prices in 2006 and other issues and nothing has been done. On the campaign trail he has heard repeatedly from people that they're sick of Washington."

The big news today is that Chris Hackett landed a speaking spot at the Republican Convention on the first day. He gets 2 minutes on Labor Day at 4PM which you be able to see on C-SPAN. We will see if it's on the cable networks but many people who are watching TV at that time will probably tuned into Oprah or the Jerry Lewis telethon.

This Saturday Minnesota Governor Pawlenty will be at the Dallas HQ. He just might be the VP pick.

Congressman Chris Carney also has 2 new ads up on the air.

Made In America covers gas prices, college costs and wants to keep jobs in America.

Chris Carney Energy that proclaims that he has never taken a dime from the oil companies.

Carney will miss both conventions because he will be on active duty with the Navy.

Congressman Carney has completed training to be a Predator Mission Commander, and will be involved with the Predator and Reaper Missions while on active duty. Carney has served in the Navy Reserves since 1995, and was recently promoted to the rank of Commander this summer.

I've resisted embedding the video of the ads because I'm not sure that anyone actually clicks on them. Tell me if you do. If you want to see the spots Local Values has them all.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Who will be Vice President?

All the talking heads on TV and in print seem to be saying it will be Joe Biden for the Dems and Tom Ridge for the GOP. I think we may get a surprise. How about Tom Daschle and Sarah Palin?
My friends over at the have been big boosters of Sarah Palin because they think she he a great set of, um, policies.

More Kanjo TV ads

I've seen 2 new spots from Congressman Paul Kanjorski this week. He's been reminding us of his solid Democratic voting record touting his backing of veterans , affordable medicine for seniors and raising the minimum wage.

In the latest ad he takes credit for the $200 million of federal funds spent to raise the levees in the Wyoming Valley that have adverted a repeat of the 1972 Agnes flood. For all the carping about the inflatable dam, which I agree was a bad idea, he has also secured tens of millions to fix the local sewer systems that contribute to the pollution of the Susquehanna River.

Kanjorski Delivers

All the out of town prognosticators are calling this a close race but I'm not convinced. Lou Barletta is riding a wave of good publicity but what can he do for the area as a Freshman backbencher of the minority party? I know the scapegoating of immigrants hits a nerve with many people but most will realize that sending a guy to Congress who has almost no chance to accomplish anything on that issue or bring home the bacon is not a good idea.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Protest over Reassessment

The Pink Pig will be at the Luzerne County courthouse tomorrow along with the hoards that Michelle Boice will be bringing.

The festivities start at Noon.

YouTube weekend

As suggested by David

Elvis - Suspicious Minds

limerick contest,

Common Sense Political Thought is beating up John Edwards and asking for a few limricks.

I've resisted until now pointing out the failings of Don Sherwood, Newt Gingrich, Ronald Reagan and toe tapping Larry Craig. Let alone Bush and John McCain.

Go join the fun.

A guest post


A Guest Lecture by Professor Milburn Cleaver, OPA

I would first of all like to begin by thanking the webmaster for allowing me this time to express some opinions of our country's culture today. Of course, as the saying goes, opinions are like commodes, everyone has one. Regardless, I shall give it the "old college try".

Whilst strolling Wilkes-Barre's public square one recent Saturday afternoon I could not help but recoil; how things have so changed in this venue over the years. Back in the late fifties for instance, one could come to the square, sit with his sweetheart on a bench in mid park, have a Coca-Cola and a hot dog and experience a quite enjoyable time. If you glanced around the perimeter back then you would see similar singles or couples quietly enjoying themselves too; whether they were simply gazing around at the majestic buildings or feeding the pigeons. There was a serene simplicity to it all, though I am sure that the young people of today if transported to this time and place would find it repugnantly boring.

Bringing you back to the present time; today's public square is not the square of my young adulthood. As I approached the area where my sweetheart and I once sat, there were two, three or four drug dealers wearing their common "uniform" which consisted of pants three times too large for their bodies, chains that when they make contact with the sunlight, can blind you; baseball caps worn in reverse and shirts spouting various athletic franchises (mostly basketball teams). These hooligans were in the company with some young girls whom, for obvious reasons, they did not belong with. I had wondered what the parent of one of these girls would think if he knew just where his little angel was and with whom she was spending time. Indeed, a very forlorn situation.

Yes, our world has most certainly changed. Our small town, like many throughout our country, has lost its manufacturing industries in favor of such perverse offerings as the drug trade and the pornography trade. Of course, both of these professions feed off of one another to survive. However, this is not our sole problem today. To put it in a nutshell, parents have failed our children for generations and with each succeeding generation the failure is becoming more and more evident.

When I first began teaching many decades ago, I can recall walking into the classroom to witness my students simultaneously stand to greet me with "Good Morning Professor." This was a sign of respect and was not taken by me as anything but a normal gesture. We had a quality called "respect" back in those days. Today, if a Professor encountered that same greeting upon entering his classroom he would probably die from sheer shock. How tragic.

The young children of today were raised by their parents to feel that they were special and no one was above them. When undertaking most sporting events, most children never walk away a "loser" but walk away "second best". This in effect cheats the child out of the experience of disappointment and the drive to achieve better results whilst it also cheats the winner of the euphoria of victory's glory; for how can one ever strive to excel if one has not tasted the agony of defeat? I understand parents wanting everything wonderful for their children but they must understand the life itself is NOT everything wonderful. It is in fact, a series of challenges where continued success is fleeting at best. Indeed many parents will go so far as to defend their children against any wrong act they commit. Most importantly, we have thrown a cocoon around our young by implying that all is right with their world via political correctness.

As you know, I am no huge fan of public television; I consider it to be a state operated entity of liberal idealism. That aside, there is (or should I say, "was") merit to some of PBS's children's programming. But alas, now the PC crowd has even put its dirty gloves on that. Most of you are, at the very least, familiar with Sesame Street and one of the shows characters, the Cookie Monster; he has become the latest (of many) victim of the PC crowd, for, you see, cookies are harmful to children, and of course, we cannot have a puppet promoting the consumption of the awful edibles. So, lo and behold, the PC crowd re-crowns the Cookie Monster as the Veggie Monster (how pathetic is that?).

We tell our children not to smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol or do drugs and yet every evening our television screens are laden with commercials for prescription drugs that address every ailment under the sun (at times it seems that some of them have been created in order to sell the drug--seriously, have you ever heard of restless leg syndrome before that gaudy commercial?) and then we shake our head in wonderment as to why our kids are so messed up, regardless of the whether or not they have had a good home foundation. We view commercials and sporting events sponsored by Anheuser Busch, or Miller Brewing and we wonder why little Johnny crashed the car into the tree whilst soaked in booze.

In short, we live in an age where our values system is scrambled more than this mornings eggs. We have the internet (which gave us predators); we have cell phones (which give us many more car wrecks), we have miracle drugs (which gives us more addiction problems); we have, in effect, been able to achieve the majority of our dreams without the ability to manage them. This is where we are. But how do we get out???

There exist no easy answers. First off, parents need to become stern disciplinarians to their children rather than to a best friend. Law enforcement must rationalize that a crack on the butt is not child abuse yet, a punch in the mouth is (parents should not be afraid to show good old fashioned discipline). Mom and Dad must both decide as to whether it is productive for both of them to work and to leave the kids home unsupervised. I understand that both parents complain about "having" to go out to work for the family's sake but I truly believe that it is not for sake of family but for the sake of lifestyle and our "keeping up with the Jones's mentality. Is a plasma TV worth more than your son or daughter's well being and moral upbringing??? Mom, you need to stay at home. Young girls of 13 years of age must realize that they will not be young ladies until they become 18, and their mothers should not be taking them to stores to buy lipstick or to doctors to acquire birth control pills. Parents must censor that on television which is not appropriate and throw out the rock and roll and rap cd's; seize the I pods, which only will serve to create a future of hearing impaired adults. We as a nation are at a crossroads as to whether we will learn by our mistakes or continue on a downward spiral to moral decline.

The coming election in November shall dictate whether or not we go forward together or remain with the status quo liberal policies that have wrought near ruin upon us. I shall end my lecture on a promising note; Theodore Roosevelt once said, "Every human being at one time or another has a devil that masters him; it is not having been in the dark house, but leaving it that counts."

Class dismissed.

Professor Milburn Cleaver, OPA

Saturday, August 16, 2008

YouTube weekend

Mrs G insisted

Elvis Presley Live - My Way

Happy Babe-Elvis Day

As we pass through another summer without enough holidays I want to remind everyone of my proposal to make August 16th a day of celebration. This is the day both Babe Ruth and Elvis Presley died.

We need a day that celebrates our penchant for excess and what cultural icons embody it better? The Babe had a robust lifestyle that is well documented and the King himself expired on the throne. For some reason my letters to members of Congress proposing this holiday have never been answered but maybe I'm aiming too high and we should start with a local event. Babe Ruth once visited Artillery Park and a commemorative plaque is planned. It should be unveiled next August 16th with a festival in Kirby Park where people would play baseball while being serenaded by Elvis impersonators. I'm sure it would catch on nationally.

Why don't we have more summer holidays? Memorial Day starts the summer and Labor Day ends it. The only mid summer holiday is Independence Day. We have 6 holidays between November and February. Why couldn't Washington, Lincoln and MLK Jr been born in the summer? And they certainly could have called off World War I a few months earlier.

YouTube weekend

Isaac Hays-RIP

Chef - Chocolate Salty Balls

Bob Mellow and Blue Cross

A guest post from my old friend Carl Romanelli.

Conflict of interest is about the most mild term that comes to mind when one thinks of Pennsylvania State Senator, Bob Mellow's post on the Blue Cross Board of Directors. Now to say this is a conflict, well no, it is the ultimate conflict of our interest. In an age when so many Pennsylvanians have no healthcare at all, while BC and other private insurance companies reap record profits, and reform is loaded in the campaign rhetoric of the political candidates; we have Bob Mellow as the Blues inside man. How on earth can we expect Senator Mellow to take seriously the legislation that is before him, like SB 300 (single payer healthcare of PA) when he receives blood money from Blue Cross?

What about mergers, reimbursement, and regulation? Worse, when caught all Mellow can say is that he sees no problem. Well certainly not problems for Bob's bank account.

In Pennsylvania Blue Cross is about the third most powerful lobby, right behind PNC bank and Blank Rome, LLC. Imagine, your state senator serving on the board of a lobby, a PAC, all while taking salary and benefits from the taxpayer in excess of $100,000.00 per year, plus pension. Yet, so many love these frauds like Mellow, Casey, Kanjorski, Shimkus, and the rest of their ilk. True to my radical callings, I protest these phonies and long for the day voters truly vote their interest instead of reinstalling those whose only link to NEPA mining is their mining of our tax dollars for their own selfish agenda.

Carl Romanelli/Luzerne County Green Party

Friday, August 15, 2008

Who will be Vice President?

The national press and others are obsessing about who will be the VP choices. I don't think it matters that much because people don't vote for Vice President.

But let's have some fun by speculating on Barack Obama's pick. Next week we will have a poll about the Republicans.

Who is in the running?

From PGR:






Dark Horses:



Vote in the poll on the sidebar.

Christopher Concert for Congress-It's official

People in Pennsylvania's 11th Congressional District have another choice this November.

Concert enters 11th Congressional race to face off with Kanjorski, Barletta

Christopher Concert made it official Thursday – he’s running as a write-in candidate in the 11th Congressional District...“I guarantee this will be a well-fought race,” he said. “This race is not about Lou Barletta and Paul Kanjorski or myself. It needs to be about the over 250,000 residents who make up the 11th District.”
Concert, a perennial candidate in the Back Mountain area over the years, said he has formed a “great team” to help him. “So don’t underestimate me,” Concert said. “We need to start talking about issues that concern our residents.”
Ed Mitchell, Kanjorski’s campaign spokesman, declined comment on Concert’s announcement. Barletta said, “I welcome Mr. Concert into the race and wish him luck.”

He has this thread boosting his effort on his website Crazy Chris's Woodshed and a MySpace account, concert4congress, that declares "concert4congress is asking for your vote in the 11Th district for Congress...helping people who keep getting screwed by Uncle Sam!"

Obama hits back

As my good friend Pope George Ringo has been urging Barack Obama hits John McCain hard over the economy in 2 new ads airing in Indiana and Ohio.

The Ohio ad hammers Mac over the imminent closure of a cargo airport like the one recently proposed to be built near Hazleton.

TPM: The likely closure of a shipping hub that was bought by DHL in 2003 with the help of lobbyist and current McCain campaign manager Rick Davis -- as well as McCain himself.

Obama Hits McCain On DHL in Tough New Ad for Ohio

The Indiana spot quotes McCain saying the economy is rosy then has a bunch of "man in the street" testimonials saying it is not.

It's the economy Stupid.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Barletta on the air

America's Mayor has his first TV spot up. It sounds like a Barrack Obama ad.

Change is on the way

Lou Barletta for Congress: Change is on the Way!

I met Mayor Lou over the weekend at the Thompson Street Block Party in Wilkes-Barre.

My fellow bloggers have recaps of the event:

Wilkes-Barre Online

Another Monkey

The Lu Lac Political Letter

Harveys Lake wants to secede


Harveys Lake has always been a swanky address with many very nice homes. Even Dan Meuser bought a voting address there. Like many of us who have been paying less property taxes than we should have for years the residents of the borough are dealing with sticker shock resulting from the first reassessment since 1965 and they don't like it. With some exceptions I feel if that if you can afford a house at the "lake" you should be able to pay the taxes.
From the CV: The Pennsylvania Constitution says, “The electors of any municipality shall have the right, by initiative and referendum, to consolidate, merge and change boundaries by a majority vote of those voting thereon in each municipality, without the approval of any governing body.”
I've never heard of a town switching counties.
TL: State Rep. Karen Boback, who serves Harveys Lake and portions of Luzerne and Wyoming counties, said Kelly asked her to look into the legalities. She said she couldn’t find anything on topic.
“That’s something the law doesn’t directly address,” she said.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Bush at the Olympics

Making us proud

I can't wait until the tell all books come out in the next few years. There has to be a reason why this guy keeps falling off his bicycle or fails to commit suicide by pretzel.
The National Enquirer had the goods on John Edwards so maybe they are right on this story.
Here is a roundup of recent tabloid stories just for Zen.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

10th Pennsyvania CD update

Chris Hackett and Chris Carney continue the debate over debates. It's the usual dance with the challenger wanting as many as possible and the incumbent resisting the demand for one every other day. So far they have agreed to one on Oct. 30 on WVIA-TV. There may be more. “If he’d behave himself, perhaps we’d discuss more debates” according to Rebecca Gale a spokeswoman for Carney.
Carney was busy blasting clay pigeons , missing a few, over the weekend. Before that he got some big bucks for the Honesdale Readiness Center.
Hackett had an event with NRCC honcho Tom Cole to discuss energy and Carney talked with oilman T. Boone Pickens on how to get out of the mess that we are in.
Carney still has a problem with the left wing over the FISA vote. Howie and Firedoglake have teamed up with some Ron Paul types to run ads against him calling the effort Strangebedfellows.
The DCCC has started running a radio ad in the 10th to counter the pro-Hackett spots that Freedom's Watch ran last month. You can listen to it here.
They were both on WILK this past week. If you need to listen to something while you floss your teeth this is your chance.
A new feature of Chris Hackett's website is a campaign blog.
I'm all for more blogs.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Heightened Terror Alert

Here we go again. Excuse me while I shit my pants and hide under the bed.

U.S. Headed for 'Heightened Alert' Stage

It worked like a charm in 2004.

I see that Tom Ridge will be touring PA with John McCain on Monday. Someone told me that the real reason that Ridge resigned as DHS Secretary is that he is color blind and the terror alert system turned his life into a living hell.

Via Attytood


YouTube weekend

More techno

Kraftwerk - Autobahn

YouTube weekend

Chemical Brothers - Hey Boy Hey Girl

Friday, August 08, 2008

Straight Talk Express Crashed


Into a blue van no less.

Maybe John McCain will now get around on a Jazzy supplied by Dan Meuser.

I've been told that he showed up for the big Harley rally in Sturgis riding one.

Sturgis: Sex, Alcohol, Drugs, Bikers And John McCain

Thursday, August 07, 2008

PA 11th poll

It comes from the Lou Barletta campaign so take it with a grain (boulder) of salt.

The poll, conducted by Susquehanna Polling and Research in Harrisburg, found Barletta leading the longtime incumbent, 45 percent to 41 percent. An earlier poll commissioned by the campaign, released in in June, found similar results. In both polls, a margin of error of almost 5 percent means the two candidates continue to be in a dead heat in a race that has grown increasingly contentious.

Without the methodology and cross tabs it's hard to decide if this is a valid picture of the race. It's not uncommon for a campaign to put out favorable poll numbers in a race whatever the source

The TL also covers it:

“We don’t comment on our opponents’ polls and we don’t release the data in ours,” Kanjorski campaign spokesman Ed Mitchell said.
Barletta spokesman Shawn Kelly said the campaign is pleased with the results, especially since Kanjorski has begun airing television ads.