Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mailloux and McCabe out

Pete Mailloux is a casualty of the hash that the Harrisburg Republican's made of reapportionment. A W-B city employee challenged his petitions because he doesn't live in the 121st HD. Mailloux conceded the point and dropped out of the race. Barring a 3rd party or Independent candidate getting enough signatures by August 1st Democratic incumbent Eddie Day Pashinski will be the only name on the ballot in November.

On the west side Dem Asst. DA Frank McCabe only got 325 signatures on his petitions that were challenged by Charles Jackson of West Wyoming and Anthony Perzia of Luzerne. The rule of thumb is to get twice as many signatures than you need to ward off challenges because there will always be something wrong. In a state rep race you need 300 but it's harder than you think to gather them especially when you get a late start. McCabe decided not to fight his way on to the ballot. It's doubtful a 3rd party candidate will get into this race as Libertarian Tim Mullen who ran last time was at Republican Aaron Kaufer's kickoff event and the local Greens want to save the world but can't field candidates in local elections. Right now it looks like long time Democratic incumbent Phyllis Mundy will face Young Republican Aaron Kaufer in the fall.

Area House hopefuls pull petitions

Saturday, February 25, 2012

PA Attorney General endorsements

The torrent of Patrick Murphy endorsements was countered by Kathleen Kane in this email:

SCRANTON, PA -- Kathleen Kane, career prosecutor and Democratic candidate for Pennsylvania Attorney General, received the unanimous endorsement of the Beaver County Democratic Committee at a meeting held Thursday, February 23rd. The vote tally was 129-0, a resounding vote of confidence in Kathleen Kane’s prosecutorial experience and fitness for the Office of Attorney General, and a stunning rebuke of Democratic Primary challenger Patrick Murphy, who, as has been reported in recent news stories, never tried a case in Pennsylvania’s courts.

This was in response to the SEIU picking a candidate:

My father was a member of a union, the Philadelphia Fraternal Order of Police, for 22 years, so this endorsement is especially meaningful", Patrick Murphy said. "I have always fought to protect working families and the rights of workers, and as Attorney General I will always enforce the law fairly to protect working middle class families."

Kane sent out a full throttled defense of women's health issues that Mrs. G and the rest of the women in my life echoed:

Dear Gort ,
When I travel around the state, people are surprised to learn that not only has a woman never been elected Attorney General of Pennsylvania, but no woman has even run for the Attorney General nomination of a major party in our state. And Pennsylvania has been ranked 46th in terms of women holding elective office - only 17% of the office holders in this state are women.

To make matters worse, the Republican-led House Oversight Committee held a hearing on women’s health care and the chairman of the committee, tea party Republican Daryl Issa, decided that the most qualified people to testify in the hearing were all male. Not a single woman was invited to sit on the panel and testify.

More appalling than that was the recent comments by one of Senator Santorum’s top fundraisers, Foster Friees, suggesting that “gals” might want to hold an aspirin between their knees as a birth control device. This recent assault on women's health by exploitative, out-of-touch tea party Republicans is especially disturbing because, in tough economic times, women need to know that they can provide for their families' and their own health without undue burdens being placed on them.As a woman and a mother, I am shocked and offended by the extreme right wing's assault on women’s health care.As Attorney General, I can and will do something about this. One of the reasons I am running for the office of Attorney General is to do what I have always done - stand up for people who don’t have a voice.If tea party leaders refuse to let women testify about women’s health issues, it’s clear that women aren’t being heard.I believe that our party does best when it's inclusive and runs a balanced, diverse ticket. This year, we will see what happens when Democrats have a choice of nominating a candidate who, yes, is a woman, but more importantly is the most qualified candidate, a seasoned prosecutor who has prosecuted more than 3,000 cases and has more than 100 times the experience as the other Democrat in the campaign.If you agree, I urge you to get involved with my campaign for attorney general and help me put an end to the good ol' boy network that believes it knows and can dictate what is in the best interests of women.


State Rep candidates petitions challenged

It looks like that the election for the Pennsylvania state legislature will use the districts in place since 2001 but that could change. The Legislative Reapportionment Commission made a total hash of the process by waiting too long to approve new maps that were thrown out out by the PA Supreme Court. Drawing new maps and allowing for the public comment period then challenges would push the primary beyond April 24th. One option would to have the federal primary on that date and then have a separate primary for state offices later. That would be confusing and expensive and not even the Republican leaders in Harrisburg want to do that.

Senate GOP leader: Not practical to postpone election for redrawing of districts

Republican Pete Mailloux of Mountaintop circulated petitions based on the new map but if the 2001 district lines are used he doesn't live in the 121st HD now represented by Democrat Eddie Day Pashinski. According to the PA Dept of State his petitions are being challenged by Louis Lau.

The surprise in the 120th HD was Asst. Luzerne County DA Frank McCabe filed to take on Phyllis Mundy in the Democratic primary. His petitions are being challenged by Charles Jackson and Anthony Perzia. Both candidates are from Kingston so there is no residency issue. Aaron Kaufer is the only Republican on the ballot.

I asked Phyllis Mundy what she thought of a primary challenge. Her response:

I welcome all challengers. I am confident that my hard work and dedication to the best interests of the average, hard working citizen in my district and in Pennsylvanian will win me reelection.

Always classy, that's why she is my 2nd favorite state rep.

Monday, February 20, 2012


Blogger recently decided to use the captcha system to verify and annoy commenter's on this site and the rest of the world of scribes that uses Blogger. It is commonly used on many commercial sites such as Ticketmaster that has frustrated me when I'm trying to buy something. Please don't tell Dan Mueser that I buy things online. The regulars over at LuLac are bitching about it and I have received remarks on why this used to be such a great forum for discussion but has slacked off lately so that may part of it. The old word verification worked just fine in my opinion in keeping the spammers away. Occasionally one or two spam comments would slip through but was immediately deleted as soon as I spotted it.

In the past I have taken the word verification off but then got swamped by the spammers. So you have live with it my dears readers and would be commenter's like the new Facebook Timeline requirement that makes it harder to read your friends updates.

Change is not always good but it is the only constant.

The alternative the Yonk came up with

It appears my blogger set up is asking for multiple verifications. Sometimes this can be frustrating. I tried it the other day on Gort 42 and gave up. If you are having a posting problem, e mail me through the blog, or at my e mail address yonkstur@aol.com or my Facebook Page. Here’s the link:http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1612355787 Just put in the message line or Facebook message: “For LuLac posting”. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I also got shot down on LuLac so you can always email me at gort42@yahoo.com or Facebook http://www.facebook.com/gort.fortytwo#!/gort.fortytwo

Death to spammers.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Free Ride

Looking over the candidate roster for the upcoming State Senate and House elections I was struck by how many incumbents will not face a challenger in the primary or general. That might change as the independents and 3rd party candidates have until August 1st to circulate petitions so a handful of Greens and Libertarians may still make the race. I always want a choice in an election but I realize it is a big decision to run for office and put up with the aggravation of press scrutiny, unfair attacks and snarky bloggers.

Capitol Ideas did the math

It'll Be A Lonely Primary For A Lot Of Lawmakers This Year.

if we're counting correctly, it would appear that seven of 25 state senators up for re-election this year are running without primary or general election opposition...In the House,at least 69 of 203 members are running without primary or general election opposition.

Locally it looks like that Karen Boback (R-117) and Mike Carroll (D-118) will have a free ride but that could change in the 117th.

Jim explains how the Supreme Court decision threw a monkey wrench into the process.

As to uncontested races... I think the redistricting fiasco played a part in this. I have to wonder how many people simply decided not to run due to the uncertainty about what district they were going to be in. I'm still waiting to see where we folks in Plains end up: the 121st or the 118th. Redistricting added a whole layer of complication to this year's petition season.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Idiot Watch

Michelle sent this

PLAINS TWP. – Township police reported a groom punched his bride in the face Wednesday morning at the Woodlands Inn and Resort. The couple was married Tuesday.
Joseph Forgach, 42, of Wyomissing was arrested and charged with simple assault and harassment. He also was under the influence of alcohol. Forgach was arraigned by District Judge Diana Malast and committed to the Luzerne County Correctional Facility for lack of $5,000 bail. His wife Susan did not require medical treatment.

PA State Represenative candidates in Luzerne County

The candidate roster can found at the PA Department of State.

Mike Carroll (D-118) and Karen Boback (R-117) will not have an opponent in the upcoming primary and general elections. Like most political junkies I hate uncontested elections because the people should always have a choice plus you never know if the incumbent might have something blow up on them. It looks looks like Duke started too late to get the 300 signatures needed in the 117th.

The big news is assistant Luzerne County Assistant District Attorney Frank McCabe is running in the Democratic primary trying to unseat my 3rd favorite State Rep Phyllis Mundy in the 120th HD.
A resident of the district said "Nice, a stealth undercover petition signing. He must know people to get all of those signatures with no one spilling the beans. Now its getting fun." I don't think that Mundy hasn't has had a primary challenger since she won the election in 1990 taking the seat from Republican incumbent Scott Dietterick who was found guilty of insurance fraud just before the election. The Yonk will correct me if I'm wrong. What Democrat could have a beef with Phyllis? Young Republican Aaron Kaufer is the GOP candidate.

The other matchups include Ransom Young (D) taking on freshman Tarah Toohil (R) in the Hazleton area 116th HD. Rick Arnold (R) has a rematch with Gerald Mullery (D) in the 119th. Pete Mailloux (R) is taking on incumbent Eddie Day Pashinski (D) in the 121st HD for now but all this could change depending on the mapmakers response to the Supreme Court.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Santorum surge

After his 3 state sweep former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum (R-VA) is now leading in the national tracking polls and in Michigan and Ohio. I'm not sure this is a affirmation of Santorum as much as a rejection of Mitt Romney.

"Despite his superb organization, funding, and ground game, Mitt Romney is having trouble overcoming the perception among voters that he is a ginormous dick.... I would rather vote for a random doofus I’ve never heard of who goes around in sweater vests.”

If the Republican primary lasts another few months, he's going to be about as popular as your average dinnertime telemarketer.

I don't know if people know about this story about the time Romney strapped his dog on top of his car then drove 10 or 12 hours to a vacation house. The dog was litterly scared shitless.

My friend LuLac is predicting that Rick will be the VP choice of Romney then takes a shot at me

"bloggers might still want to put funny pictures up of Santorum eating a corn dog." To set the record straight I have never posted a picture of Rick eating a corn dog, it was a an ice cream cone.

GDAC 2nd Annual Concert Fundraiser

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Steve Urban is not running for Congress

Former Republican Luzerne County Commissioner now Democratic Luzerne County Council member was circulating petitions for a possible run in the newfangled 17th Congressional district but it looks like he either decided not to file or more probably didn't get at least 1000 Democrats to sign them. Urban has run for Congress before as a Republican and for Lt. Governor and State Senator. After his last race that he lost to John Yudichak he got miffed and switched party's because the local Republicans wouldn't sign on or help him financially in his long shot State Senate bid. The local Republicans put their efforts into winning the Congressional race and the Governor's contest that paid off. Urban has never been able to raise much money for his campaigns and probably won as the 3rd wheel of county government in past contests and rode his name recognition to a seat on the new county council.

That leaves sort of incumbent Tim Holden who is trying to introduce himself to most of the people of the new 17th Congressional District versus Democrat Matt Cartwright from Moosic.

The only Republican to make the ballot is Laureen Cummings who started off running for US Senate.

10th CD candidates

No surprise that Tom Marino is running for reelection. His Democratic opponent will be Phil Scollo in the fall. Moran didn't make the ballot.

Businessman Phil Scollo Files to Face Rep. Marino

Dingman Township, PA - Pike County businessman Phil Scollo filed his nominating petitions in Harrisburg today and is expected to face U.S. Representative Tom Marino in the November general election. No other Democratic candidates are expected to file.

"For too long, we’ve seen a system that is rigged against the little guy," said Scollo. "I'm in this race because we need someone in Washington fighting for the rest of us. Republicans, Independents, and Democrats alike are angry at Washington."

"I'm running for Congress to represent the seniors who live on limited incomes and the families who work hard to make ends meet. The system hasn't been working for most Americans—regardless of political party—for far too long."

A Pike County businessman, Phil Scollo lives in Dingman Township with his wife, Karen, and their three children. After a long career in the insurance industry, Scollo now owns and operates a business-consulting firm in Milford, PA. A summa cum laude graduate of St. John’s University, he holds a B.S. in Government and Politics.
Please sign-up for more information at http://www.scollocongress.com/


Williamsport, PA – Congressman Tom Marino announced today that he will seek a second term as United States Representative for the 10th Congressional District. Marino issued the following statement:

“When I ran for Congress in 2010, I make a commitment to do my part to cut government spending, repeal the President's so-called "Affordable Care Act," downsize Washington , DC , and keep taxes low. I have kept my promises, but the simple truth is that there is much more work to do.

I voted to cut more than 31 billion dollars in total discretionary spending, introduced legislation to freeze federal government employment, and cut my own office budget by 5 percent. I have consistently supported legislation to reduce bureaucratic red tape and fought to keep taxes low. I have also co-sponsored a bill to prohibit tax dollars from being used on abortion and supported legislation to eliminate taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood.

The people of Pennsylvania 's 10th Congressional District deserve a Representative who will continue to fight for hardworking taxpayers. Our nation faces great challenges at home and abroad. I will continue to fight for common sense solutions that will maintain a strong national defense, reduce the debt and deficit, eliminate job-destroying regulations, and keep the commitment we have made to senior citizens and our veterans.”

In Congress, Tom Marino serves on the Judiciary, Homeland Security, and Foreign Affairs Committees. Tom Marino and his wife, Edie, have two children, Chloe, 16 and Victor, 12. They live in Cogan Station, Lycoming County .

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Don't be my Valentine


A Valentines message from Mean Old Man

Well, here we go again with the stupid, made up holiday, Valentine’s Day. Damn!!!!!

Each year poor schmuck guys have to go out and pay ten times the normal price for a dozen roses, five times the price for a box of candy and to top it off (depending on the timeline of the relationship), spring for an expensive restaurant dinner. My own two loser sons, Harlan and Clay made the unusual gesture of coming over for Sunday dinner this past weekend. Not that they were foolin’ me; I knew what they were up to.

Right after a hearty meal of breaded possum (with a side of Owl Soup---topped off with Thelma Jean’s champion biscuits), my boys asked me if they could see me in my hunting den (it used to Harlan’s bedroom, but I converted it to a den after I threw him out on his 18th birthday). I thought this was unusual since these prissies were afraid to come within ten feet of a shotgun, let alone hold one in their puny arms. But then, it hit me.

“Hey Pops, I really am in a bind this week and Valentine’s day is coming” Clay started. “Do you think you could spot me a C note until next payday?” Before I even got to refuse him dumb Harlan interjected, “Boy Pops, it’s the same with me too. I could use a hundred also. How about it?” I became so red and angry that you would have swore that Nancy Pelosi was in my sacred den. I told the dimwits that it was never too late to grow up and that they better grow a pair and be men!!!!
Guys today are such wimps when it comes to their relationships with their wives. These two yokels of mine care as much about Valentine’s Day as I do; but there is one difference. They are scared to ignore the holiday because their wives will give ‘em each a shiner if they don’t buy them something. Boy, how men have become feminized.

In my day, we had Valentine’s Day, too. But we didn’t make a big deal out of it. You see, back then only UNMARRIED people celebrated it!!!!!

When Pops courted Mom, he would bring her fresh cut pine tree parts from the woods. HE would wrap a red bow around them and she was on top of the world. Once they were married it stopped, because there was no reason to put on an act when you already got the girl to wear the wedding band. God, things were so much easier then!!! I remember on Valentine’s Day when I was about 10 and our wacky neighbor Joe brought his wife some flowers. I remember the look on my wonderful Mom’s face when Mrs. Roberts showed her them. That night, when Pops came in from a rough day at the colliery, Mom seemed miffed that she didn’t get anything. Pop’s told her that a woman like her should be happy to have bagged a husband in the first place and that was gift enough for Valentine’s day. He also told her that we were out of beer and to head on down to the corner bar and get some! Good ol’ Pops. When they made him, they broke the mold. I miss him a lot.

And there’s no doubt that some Commie came up with this dumbbell holiday in order to raise funds for the Kremlin. Well, I’ll tell you—there ain’t no way that this patriotic American is going to donate to the party of Lenin and Stalin and Cho En lai!!!!!!!!!!! Sadly, even my good ol’ pals Creep and Gummo have been pulled in by this balderdash!!! God help them if they don’t take their wives out to eat on that day. Anyways, my other pal Birch and me have a good ol’ time razzing those two henpecked bozos at the VFW the next afternoon over a few cold Stegs. Despite their sometimes wimpiness, Creep and Gummo are good guys. I would rather be in a fox hole with those two than a hundred of today’s wimpy men.

Instead of trying to repeal the government health program called Obama care (which by the way is cutting deep into my Medicare and Social Security) why not just repeal Valentine’s Day??? Or, better yet, make it a law that the women have to buy the men something on that day. I could sure use a new Remington that’s for sure!! For once, I would be on the side of equal rights for women and government interference if this happened. Sign the law, MR. President!!!

So, all you wimpy guys have a nice Valentine’s Day. Make sure you spend a lot of your dough on flowers and candy and dinner. The Kremlin is waiting on your funds. As for me, I’ll be in my living room after feasting on some of my missus’s Woodchuck stew, lighting a lucky, and listening to the soothing sounds of Frank Sinatra singing “MY Funny Valentine”. Now there’s an Italian that could sing!!!!
Happy Valentine’s Day
Go to Hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Young Republicans to meet

The Luzerne County Young Republicans (“LCYRs”) will be holding its monthly meeting on Thursday, February 16, 2012 at 7pm at the Waterfront Bar and Grill on N. River Street in Wilkes-Barre.

The LCYRs are pleased to announce that Republican State Representative candidates, Rick Arnold (119th), Aaron Kaufer (120th) and Pete Mailloux (121st) will be in attendance and address the group.

Partisan politics play too big a role in reapportionment
By Aaron Kaufer

The recent Pennsylvania Supreme Court decision should teach us one thing about the reapportionment process: there is too much party control. Redistricting is supposed to be based on census data and population changes to help balance out uneven districts. Instead, it has become a political tool for the majority party to gain an upper-hand over its opposition.
This year the Republicans used it to their advantage. They sought to manipulate districts in order to strengthen Republican re-election bids and challenge vulnerable Democrats. To do this, many Democratic towns got reapportioned out of these districts and placed into one heavily Democratic territory where Republicans have already conceded victory. This political chess match results in partisan districts, partisan politicians, and partisan stalemate. We need to reform this system.
As a Republican candidate, I would like to praise the leadership of Sen. Lisa Boscola, D-Bethlehem, and parts of Senate Bill 650, co-sponsored by Sen. John Yudichak, D-Nanticoke, and Sen. Lisa Baker, R-Lehman Township.
The bill includes five considerations by which a district will be created: ideal population, municipal boundaries, contiguous territory, compactness, and communities of interest. It would also prohibit reapportionment based on the address of incumbent legislators, previous election results, and most importantly, party affiliation. Lastly, the bill calls for a full-time Legislative Reapportionment Bureau in hopes of fixing the partisan nature of this issue.
Although I agree with most of this bill, I do not believe a separate full-time Legislative Reapportionment Bureau is necessary for a job that is done only once a decade. Instead, we should look to other models that have had success. In Iowa, a separate non-legislative staff draws the map and the legislature votes on it. In California, a panel of state residents picked by the state auditor handles the map-drawing. Both models have been lauded by numerous independent agencies.
It is important to note that these changes in Iowa and California only happened due to mounting public pressure. Finally that same pressure exists in Pennsylvania and we must make the necessary changes for a better governmental model.
My father once told me that it's better to agree for the common good than to disagree for no good. Politicians should heed that advice. The reapportionment process is a perfect example, but only one of the many examples of partisan politics that permeates our system. We need a voice to stand up to the political culture of Harrisburg. I hope to be that voice.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Duke from Dallas for State Represenative

Yesterday I got an email from a reluctant Democratic Committeeman from Nanticoke about another subject that included this tidbit
"Duke from Dallas is running for something or other, I didn't quite catch what - against Karen Boback, maybe? He just got drafted for it shortly before the meeting."


That got my wheels turning so I asked Duke if he was running but he didn't give me a straight answer so I asked the 2nd District Chairman who gave me an Apparatchik type answer "I have no comment at this time. Please expect an official Democratic Party press release regarding the 117th State Representative seat following the submission of the nominating petitions."


Surfing around social media (Facebook) it was easy to confirm that he is circulating petitions.

From Duke's page

my PA Rep Karen Boback voted to put the value of my residence & quality of our neighborhoods a FISCAL RISK. Dallas Twp spent about $150,000 & 2 years' work on Zoning only to have Rep Boback turn her back on LOCAL DEMOCRACY. If she doesn't read or can't understand the bills she votes on that let Foreign & out of state CORPORATIONS trump local citizens' rights to clean air & water it might be time for a CHANGE

Home Rule Disaster: Pennsylvania Residents May Be Forced to Live Within 300 Feet of A Frack Well Pa

Below we see Karen Boback discussing the impact of fracking on the dairy industry with a constituent.

Another Dem running in the 10th CD

"I'm not Chris Carney. I won't run as a Republican."-John R. Moran

John Moran of Williamsport joins Phil Scollo in the race to be the Democratic nominee to oppose Republican Tom Marino in the 10th Congressional District.

The Daily Review and the Daily Item have profiles of him.

He is a retired union guy running as an unapologetic Democrat who is opposed to fracking.

Moran said Marino has lacked accomplishments in Congress and he criticized him for co-sponsoring a bill that would "end Medicare as we know it." ...In fact, Moran said he thinks Medicare should be expanded, so that anyone who had the money to pay the premiums could participate in it...Moran said he opposes giving private companies the power of eminent domain, which is occurring locally in the natural gas industry in the installation of gas transmission pipelines.

Looking at Marino's Congressional record made him laugh, Moran said. "What's he done? He has authored a bill, as yet unpassed, that would outlaw earmarks. One issue per bill. That's the best he can do, with our deficits and job losses in the region?"

It all comes down to fairness, he explained.

"I've been lucky in my life," Moran said. "I pay 30 percent of my income in taxes. The Republican front-runner is paying 14 percent and he's a multi-millionaire. The tax code has to be made more equitable and if I get to Congress, I'll fight for that."


State Young Democrats Stand Firm with the Former Prosecutor and Iraq War Veteran

On behalf of over half-a-million young Democrats in the Commonwealth, the Pennsylvania Young Democrats have overwhelmingly voted to endorse Patrick Murphy as their choice for Attorney General of Pennsylvania.

“Patrick Murphy has distinguished himself as a unique leader capable of executing the duties of Pennsylvania Attorney General” said PAYD president W. Anthony Youngblood, “due to his extraordinary record of honorable achievement in both law and public service we believe Patrick Murphy is the candidate best suited to deliver a win for Democrats this November.”

In response to the PAYD endorsement, Murphy said “It’s very simple. The youth vote will determine the outcome of the 2012 elections here in Pennsylvania.”

Murphy went on to say that “without a strong youth vote, we have no chance of stopping the Republican extremists from continuing their destructive agenda in Harrisburg.”

“That’s why I’m so honored to earn the support of the Pennsylvania Young Democrats. Their passion and dedication has helped galvanize young voters who increasingly understand what’s at stake in these elections, thanks to the hard work of PAYD.”

The Pennsylvania Young Democrats is the official youth-branch of the Pennsylvania Democratic Party.

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Note to candidates

Please send me your press releases as a Word Doc or in the body of the email. I just spent half an hour trying to convert a PDF and format it for Blogger without success. I have an early appointment in the morning, see you tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Santorum wins a three way


Santorum 55% Romney 25% Paul 12%


Santorum 45% Paul 27% Romney 17% Gingrich 11%


Santorum 40% Romney 35% Gingrich 13% Paul 12%

Rick Santorum was smart to bail out on the expensive race in Florida that turned into a Newt/Mitt slugfest that Romney was able to tear Gingrich to pieces with paid media. Instead he headed to states that would have lower voter turnout that was more receptive to his "true conservative" message and it paid off. He didn't win any delegates in these races but the optics are good. Missouri was a primary that the other candidates ignored because the delegates will be selected later but a win is a win and Ricky won every county. Minnesota was a caucus with lower turnout than 2008 that Rick and Ron Paul did well. The most interesting result of the night was Colorado, Mitt Romney pulled 60% last time but lost by 5 points and Gingrich got buried everywhere.

Maybe the Tea Party is not dead after all according to the Denver Post:

"This harkens back to 2010, when the Tea Party essentially upset the established Republican candidates for the Colorado governor and Senate races, and it clearly demonstrates that the grass roots of the party remains very conservative and is unwilling to unite behind the presumptive front-runner,"

I'm not sure that this is an affirmation of Rick Santorum as it is a rejection of Mitt Romney. The guy is such an obvious phony as many of my local Republican friends tell me. He will say anything to win an election.

Santorum now has some wind in his sails but we can now expect the whirlwind. Just like dealing with Newt the Romney camp and others will go after Rick on policy and personally.

I'm sure the oppo research staff of the Romney campaign will be able to go after Santorum but I will give them a few helpfull hints.

Santorum favors caps on malpractice awards but his wife got a big settlement

On serving our country in the Armed Forces

Not supporting our veterans

Ripping off the taxpayers of the Penn Hills School District


And God said 'Let there be pork' Plus he dissed New Jersey

Santorum's "charity"

Santorum's mortgage raises interest

And the just plain wierd

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Phyllis reacts to Gov. Cabot's budget

Corbett budget puts corporations before Pennsylvanians

HARRISBURG, Feb. 7 –State Rep. Phyllis Mundy, D-Luzerne, said Gov. Tom Corbett's proposed budget forces working families and vulnerable citizens to make more sacrifices and fails to require large corporations pay their fair share.

"How ironic that on the same day the governor wants to slash even more funding from critical health and safety programs for children, the elderly, individuals with disabilities and other vulnerable Pennsylvanians we are poised to vote on a ridiculously low Marcellus Shale impact fee?" Mundy asked.

Mundy said residents across the state are still reeling from local tax increases, tuition hikes, program cuts and layoffs caused by Republicans' 2011-12 state budget, and his proposal continues the commonwealth on that path.

Mundy said Corbett and the Republicans cut Medicaid and other critical health and safety programs by $1 billion in this year's budget, and they want to cut health and safety programs that help women, children, seniors, veterans and individuals with disabilities by at least another $700 million.

She added that Corbett is continuing his assault on public education by eliminating the $100 million Accountability Block Grant program less than a year after he and the Republicans cut $900 million from basic education funding. The Accountability Block Grant program helps schools provide pre-kindergarten and full-day kindergarten programs and reduce class size in early grades.

Corbett also proposed cutting funding for state-related universities, such as Bloomsburg and East Stroudsburg, by 20 percent, and state-related universities by 30 percent. That comes on the heels of budget cuts that that forced state owned universities to increase tuition by 7.5 percent for this school year.

"The governor himself said in the budget address that Pennsylvania needs a trained workforce, yet he continues to slash funding for basic and higher education," Mundy said. "His actions do not match his words."

Mundy said the governor is failing to lead by asking many Pennsylvanians to make sacrifices while refusing to require that natural gas drilling companies to pay a modest severance tax and closing the Delaware Loophole that allows big, multi-state companies to dodge paying the state's corporate net income tax.

PA to collect sales tax for online purchases

First they went after the smokers

Online cigarette buyers hit with taxes


As if your tax returns weren't complicated enough. Now the PA Dept of Revenue added a line on the PA40 so you can declare what you bought online last year and pay the 6% sales tax.

State to put hammer down on online sales taxes

There's a new line on that form for the 2011 tax year, for consumers to self-report -- and pay -- the state's sales tax on online purchases...It's called the use tax, and although it's been on the books since 1953, the state is making a new push to collect it, starting with purchases made in 2011. The reason? As the popularity of online and mail-order retail services grow, the state wants to protect its brick-and-mortar retailers. It also wants to make sure it gets its share of the pie..."It's a matter of fairness," state Department of Revenue Secretary Dan Meuser said in a statement.

Call me cynic but I think this has less to do with protecting local retailers than pulling in more tax revenue for the state. If I have to pay the sales tax on things I buy online that's life but don't expect me and you to retroactively produce receipts and figure out how much we owe.

In instances when they find consumers haven't paid the tax, revenue officials will pursue the tax owed, plus penalties and interest. And they'll identify those not reporting the tax through audits, complaints, investigations and checks of purchase lists made with out-of-state companies.

The onus should be on the companies that sold us the products to do the accounting. If I owe the the tax I'll pay it but not penalties and interest. Although the law has been on the books for a long time the enforcement smells of ex post facto.

Readers of this blog will remember Dan Mueser from his 2008 run for the Republican nomination in the PA 10th Congressional District that he lost to Chris Hackett who then was bested by Democrat Chris Carney in the General Election. Too bad they didn't hold their powder until the 2010 wave election so the people of the 10th CD would have a House member that really represents them instead of Louis DeNaples.

Friday, February 03, 2012

Kane is Able to back McCain

The news in the Pennsylvania Attorney General race is about the money the Democratic candidates have raised.

PoliticsPA: Kane’s husband helps to run his family’s business, Kane Trucking in Scranton. He loaned $1.75 million to his wife’s campaign, reports PhillyClout, and contributed $500,000. The former Lackawanna County assistant District Attorney currently has $2,009,911 on hand.
Murphy, meanwhile, did it the old fashioned way. He raised around $1.4 million in 2011 and begins 2012 with $1,043,016 on hand. He boasts over 2,500 individual donors.

Patrick Murphy and Kathleen Kane have both released internal polls that the campaigns are spinning but both show Murphy in the lead.

Murphy picked up support from Philadelphia politico's after Dan McCaffery dropped out.

In interesting twist the comment threads on PoliticsPA say that that Kane went the PUMA route after Hillary Clinton lost the Democratic nomination to Barack Obama in 2008 and supported John McCain for President.

Local Clinton backers, McCain adviser meet

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Laureen Cummings for Congress

I don't know if this is for real as I'm going on 1 sentence in a TL story about campaign fundraising. The one Republican to confirm she has entered the race is Tea Party activist Laureen Cummings of Old Forge, who recently dropped her bid to run for U.S. Senate.

The photo on the left is from the Fall 2010 Blogfest. Her Facebook page doesn't mention anything about a run for Congress. She was running for US Senate but dropped out and endorsed Tim Burns. The Pennsylvania Republican Party endorsed Steve Welch after some arm twisting by Governor Tom Corbett.

Speaking of Blogfest we will gathering at Rooney's Irish Pub on March 30th for what many people say is their favorite political event. You can RSVP at our Facebook Event page.

Mark Harris for Delegate

Anyone who is running for delegate to the Republican or Democratic Conventions is welcome to send along their announcement and I will publish it. I ask that you don't send PDF files (hard to work with) but a Word document or put it in the body of an email.

Mark J. Harris a CONSISTENT CONSERVATIVE, is seeking Delegate to the National
Republican Convention.

Mark J. Harris, A resident of Snyder County and in the 10th Congressional District, has announced his intention to seek the position of delegate to the Republican National Convention. 2012 promises to be a historic year in Republican politics. Mark said, “Some political pundits say the possibility exists that if no one candidate wins a majority of delegates, a vote to determine the nominee may come to the floor of the national convention. This is the year we Republicans need a consistent conservative to represent the voters of the 10th Congressional
district.” Mark has been a constant advocate for the protection of life, sanctity of marriage and the family, for second amendment freedoms and for smaller, less intrusive and transparent government

Mark is a small business owner residing in Snyder County, PA. Mark has held various positions within the Republican Party; serving as county chairman and as a coordinator on numerous campaigns. Most recently he has served as Agricultural Coalition Regional Advisor to Elect Tom Corbett Governor.

For more information visit his website at