Saturday, March 23, 2013

YouTube Weekend

via TMB:

I'm surprised Big Dan didn't pick up on this.

The Death Star was an inside job


Sunday, March 17, 2013

Blogger stuff

Adding Inside the Gulch to the blogroll but I'm not adding it to NEPA Blogs. because it's an aggregation of links to like minded thinking but has no original content from local people. Hopefully that will change in the near future as recent past Prez of the Luzerne County Young Republicans  Bob Zaruta is a founder of the site. Right now it looks like a Drudge wannabe with a touch of Glenn Beck gold hawking.

In more important news  

Today Is the 10th Anniversary of Friday Cat Blogging

which led to 

 Thursday Night Basset Blogging


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Saturday, March 16, 2013

YouTube Weekend

Papal edition

The election of the first Pope from the New World is a big deal and is getting good press because  the guy took the bus to work. But there are questions about his role in the torture of 2 priests.

Whenever I hear about any Pope I'm reminded of a couple of songs I first heard on the Dr. Dimento radio show.

Congrats to Pope Frank

The Vatican Rag by Tom Lehrer


 David Peel

Kathy Dobash for Luzerne County Council.

From the inbox:

Kathy Dobash, 53, of Hazleton is pleased to announce her candidacy for Luzerne County Council. She is the daughter of the late Edward J. and Marie E. (Potter) Dobash. Her father was a WWII veteran. Dobash is a graduate of the Pennsylvania State University.
She has worked as an Art Educator and Therapeutic Staff Support Worker.  
Currently Dobash is employed in the private sector as an inventory specialist and continues with her artistic endeavors. 
" I have attended the majority of Luzerne County Council meetings. I believe in full and open transparency. All decisions made by the new Luzerne County Council must be open and above board. The county council cannot tend to personal agendas backed by inflated egos with giant political objectives. Luzerne County must heal first to move forward in the restoration of trust.
While taking calls on the hot line during the  flood crisis I received callers who were evacuated.  They returned to devastation and expressed anger about the waste and greed in our government.  I believe the public realizes the Luzerne County Home Rule Charter does not contain consequences when it is not followed.  It must be more than a super-sized school board. It will take time to build trust.  Amendments can be made to improve Luzerne County government.  Steps must be taken to ensure elected officials follow the Charter.  Raising taxes is not an option.  I will work to not raise taxes and pay down the debt.  We must look for the waste in all departments and branches of government.  I invite the Judicial Branch to work with Luzerne County Council to achieve that goal."
Kathy Dobash

Sunday, March 10, 2013

GDAC get together

Scott Cannon put together a great event at the River Street Jazz Cafe in Plains that attracted about 100 people. There was an auction of artwork and a raffle of of baskets and one of them was won by Mrs. G. She is thrilled. We will be listening to the Beatles for the next week.

A few candidates for the upcoming election showed up. Michele Bednar is running for Controller and was circulating petitions. Steve Urban is also  is running but that is a big secret. Eileen Sorokas is running for Luzerne County Council and told me that she has already filed. Independent Rick Williams was a bit iffy but it sounds like he running again. 

It was great to meet and dance with Dallas Twp. sup Liz Martin and Harvey's Lake Miche'lle Boice.

Things I learned tonight;

W-B Area School Board will have plenty of candidates but Luzerne County Council will not.

Christine Katsock is running for reelection but Lynn Evans is not. Genaway  and a couple Thomas and Evans are in. Cafferfy from Plains is a candidate.

We will see Wednesday.

Sunday, March 03, 2013

Meet the candidate

 Jim O'Meara is running for school board and has a kickoff event.

I'm kicking my campaign off at Norm's on Monday, March 4 from 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM
I am inviting anyone interested in voting for change on the Wilkes-Barre Area School Board to join me and learn how you can help support my campaign. Everyone is welcome. It's a "big tent" event. There's nothing I'd like better than to see Republicans, Democrats, Independents and Third Party voters all on hand to talk about bringing change to a district that needs it badly.
  275 N Sherman St, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania 18702

Guns make us all safer or shoot a beer out


A Message of Tolerance by Mean Old Man

 Well, it seems to happen every couple of years and here we go again. Once again, the puny commie liberals are trying to take away my constitutional right to bear arms. Why should I be surprised?? Damn!!!!! After the school shooting a few months ago all of the hippie, flower power, Chairman Mao worshipping heathens came out of their closets (following their success on the gay marriage issue) and figured they could really soak their agenda on good God-Fearing, patriotic Americans like me. No doubt, the shooting up there in Connecticut was a tragedy, but does anyone think like me, that maybe if some of the teachers were packing (and maybe some of the older students, too) there would have been a different result??? That clown who did the evil deed would have been pushing up daisies before he got a single shot into anyone! But, of course, it’s all the fault of the proud gun owners of America. There’s nothing more fun than growing up toting a gun. 

My old man gave me my first gun when I was 6……a fine .22 caliber mini rifle. Gee, it was fun taking that out and picking off woodchucks and rabbits that were getting into Mom’s garden. And, I learned gun responsibility too. 

One time I shot a little off target when trying to down a squirrel and the bullet went straight into the living room window, barely missing Pops (who was having his traditional bottle [s] of Ballantine). The bullet directly blew apart Pops brew as the bottle shattered all over the wall as well as the beer. I can still recall the beating Pops gave me, not particularly, because I nearly killed him, but because I wasted a good bottle of beer on a count of my carelessness. Sometimes I can still feel the shiners he gave me on both eyes on that afternoon. But after that, I always aimed with good focus and never forgot the wonderful lesson Pops taught me. For the rest of my life, I could never hoist a bottle of Ballantine beer out of guilt. My preference is a cold Stegmaier. Good ol’ Pops…..he was one in a million. What a great guy…..I miss him a lot

. But now we are raising kids to be such wussies that we won’t even allow them to enjoy a toy gun. I mean, what is wrong with a two, or a three year old toting a plastic tommy gun???? Not only is it good masculine fun, but great preparation for when you get older (around 6 or 8) and can handle the real deal. 

Of course, my dumb grandson’s idea of a good toy is some dumb puppet or sissy doll. I don’t get it. And we wonder why this nation’s goin’ down the tubes!!!!! So, all you commies who want to ban firearms just remember there’s a thing called the fifth amendment to the constitution, or the first or third (I’m not sure which one but it’s there!!) that protects the rights of real Americans like me and my buddies Creep, Gummo and Skeets. 

After all, we fought the big war for you all to be free to act like pansies. Take that!!!! As for me, tonight I’ll spend some time at the Legion with those heroes, then I’ll come back to my home, sit back and pop open a Gold Medal Steg, puff on a few Lucky’s and watch the great Richard Boone, a real actor (to hell with Ben Affleck) in Have Gun Will Travel. Now there’s a show!!!! 

I hate you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Idiot Watch

 Usually a story about a volunteer firefighter involves one of them being an arsonist. This guy got his jollies by wasting the time of first responders. Good luck that a real emergency didn't happen at the same time.

CV: A former volunteer firefighter from Nanticoke was charged Wednesday with making prank phone calls that sent his one-time colleagues scrambling to find nonexistent people in distress, according to state police.
Lee Anthony Beatty, 50, is charged with reporting false alarms to a public safety agency and reckless endangerment, according to police.
Beatty is accused of calling three times to report false emergencies - in one case sending out boats and rescuers who searched the Susquehanna River for about 2½ hours before realizing no one was in danger.

Unindicted  co-conspirator Michelle has an eye for idiots. 

Mark Singer for Magistrate



Mark    A.  Singer  Announces    Candidacy  for  District  Judge  

Pittston   Attorney   Mark   A.   Singer,   Esquire   is       announcing   his      candidacy     for      District   Judge     of      the  Magisterial     District     Judge   for   District     11-­‐1-­‐04.     The   District   comprises   the   municipalities   of   Pittston   and  the  greater  Pittston    area,    Duryea,  Avoca,  DuPont,  and  Hughestown.  

Singer  graduated  from    Pittston  Area  High  School  in  1980  and  immediately  enrolled  in  the
University  of  Scranton  where  he  graduated  Magna  Cum    Laude  with  a  duel  Bachelor  of  Science  Degrees  in    1984.    He    earned    his    Juris    Doctorate    in  1987    from  Dickinson  School  of    Law  at  Penn    State   University.       Singer    was  admitted  into  the  Practice  of  Law  in  1987  and  in    all   courts    in   the    State    of   Pennsylvania,  the  United  States    District  Court  for  the  Middle  District,  The  United  States  Third  Circuit  Court  of  Appeals,  and  the  United  States  Supreme    Court.  

 He    began  his    career    after    Law   School   in   Lehigh   County    as    a   Public    Defender   and    Attorney  Singer has    since    served  as  an  Assistant  District  Attorney  for  Luzerne  County,  and  First  Assistant  Liaison  to  the  Lower    Lackawanna/Upper  Luzerne    County    Drug  Task  Force.  
In   addition,     Mark    Singer  has   served    the    Municipal  Police    Officers    Education    and    Training    Commission  (M.P.O.E.T.C.)  for  nearly10  years,  as  an    Instructor.  Mark    was  also  Adjunct  Instructor  in  Criminal  Law  and    Criminal  Procedure  at  Luzerne  County  Community  College.  He    has    also    been    an    advisor    to  the  Pittston  Area  Young    Lawyers.  

As  a  Defense  Attorney,    Singer  is    one   of   twelve    (12)   attorneys  certified    to   defend   capital  cases.    He has  prosecuted  murders,  rapists,  burglars,  drug  dealers,  child  abusers   and  those  that    prey   upon    the elderly.    Mark  is    the    only    candidate    to    prosecute    as    well  as    defend    a  Death    Penalty    case.  

Deeply  involved  within  the  community,  Mark  A.  Singer  has  been  active  in  the  Pittston  Area  School  District    having  been  involved    on  the    Board    of   Directors    and    a   Region   7    Director    to    The   Pennsylvania  School  Board    Association.  
As  a  member  of  Lions    International  Attorney  Singer  was  awarded  the  prestigious   Melvin   Jones  Fellow    Award.    He    has    also    served    as    President  of    the    Hughestown    Lions    Club.     
Mark    is  an    elder  in    the  Second  Presbyterian    Church    of  Pittston,    a  member  of  the  Keystone    Consistory  and  an  Irem    Temple  Shriner.  
Attorney  Singer  is  son  to  the  late  Francis  Anthony  Singer  from    Avoca  and  Amelia  Lena  (Foglia)  of    Hughestown.    He  is  married  to  the  former  Heidi  Baldygo  and  they  have  one  daughter  Anjelica  Nicola,  a  student  at  the    Pittston  Area  Middle  School.     
Additional  information  on  Attorney  Mark  A.  Singer  may  be  found  on  his  website