Saturday, March 16, 2013

Kathy Dobash for Luzerne County Council.

From the inbox:

Kathy Dobash, 53, of Hazleton is pleased to announce her candidacy for Luzerne County Council. She is the daughter of the late Edward J. and Marie E. (Potter) Dobash. Her father was a WWII veteran. Dobash is a graduate of the Pennsylvania State University.
She has worked as an Art Educator and Therapeutic Staff Support Worker.  
Currently Dobash is employed in the private sector as an inventory specialist and continues with her artistic endeavors. 
" I have attended the majority of Luzerne County Council meetings. I believe in full and open transparency. All decisions made by the new Luzerne County Council must be open and above board. The county council cannot tend to personal agendas backed by inflated egos with giant political objectives. Luzerne County must heal first to move forward in the restoration of trust.
While taking calls on the hot line during the  flood crisis I received callers who were evacuated.  They returned to devastation and expressed anger about the waste and greed in our government.  I believe the public realizes the Luzerne County Home Rule Charter does not contain consequences when it is not followed.  It must be more than a super-sized school board. It will take time to build trust.  Amendments can be made to improve Luzerne County government.  Steps must be taken to ensure elected officials follow the Charter.  Raising taxes is not an option.  I will work to not raise taxes and pay down the debt.  We must look for the waste in all departments and branches of government.  I invite the Judicial Branch to work with Luzerne County Council to achieve that goal."
Kathy Dobash

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