Sunday, March 17, 2013

Blogger stuff

Adding Inside the Gulch to the blogroll but I'm not adding it to NEPA Blogs. because it's an aggregation of links to like minded thinking but has no original content from local people. Hopefully that will change in the near future as recent past Prez of the Luzerne County Young Republicans  Bob Zaruta is a founder of the site. Right now it looks like a Drudge wannabe with a touch of Glenn Beck gold hawking.

In more important news  

Today Is the 10th Anniversary of Friday Cat Blogging

which led to 

 Thursday Night Basset Blogging


Please RSVP for Blogfest on April 19th 



Michelle HD said...

They followed us on the @nepablogs Twitter account recently (Inside the Gulch), and I had the same thoughts as you. It's messy with ads.

:) Great minds think alike.

Stephen Albert said...

Wow, an angry conservative. How original. At least Drudge has the incredibly entertaining North Korean News Service.