Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Free Micek

The last few years blog buddy John Micek who writes Capitol Ideas has been held hostage by the politicians in Harrisburg awaiting an agreement on the Pennsylvania state budget that is due by June 30th. It ruins his summer every year. It now looks like Rapid Edward and the Republicans just may have come to an agreement and I hope it is true so John can enjoy the nice weather with his family.

Lawmakers Deliver First On-Time Budget In Eight Years.

Free at last

Carney on gas drilling

Statement from Congressman Chris Carney:

“The Marcellus Shale has presented our region with a tremendous economic opportunity, but we must be vigilant in protecting the drinking water in our communities. The state must set common sense, enforceable rules that ensure the safety of our waterways and guide the industry’s growth in Pennsylvania. And the General Assembly must include a budget model next year that gives the state the tools it needs for proper oversight. It must allow for more inspectors to adequately monitor the well sites and respond to reports of contamination. It must also fund proper emergency measures to respond to spills.

I am very concerned about the reports of contaminated water in our community. I support the Environmental Protection Agency’s review of the hydraulic fracturing process so that we can determine the effects of the fracking process and what additional federal steps are needed to ensure the safety of our water.

Over the past several months, I have met with the natural gas industry and leaseholders alike about the responsibilities of all sides. The natural gas industry and U.S. Rep. Diana DeGette’s office are in discussions over language that will allow for greater disclosure of fracking fluid ingredients without disclosing the proprietary formulas used in the fracking process. I am optimistic those discussions will yield a positive outcome.”

I'm still waiting for a statement from his Republican opponent Tom Marino

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Carney to investigate BP oil spill

Congressman Chris Carney visited the gulf last week and said upon his return
“The scene is as frustrating as it is horrific and my thoughts continue to be with the families who feel the immediate impact of this disaster...I will be holding hearings to investigate the actions taken by the federal government and BP in the days following the explosion at the oil rig. Who knew what when and what did they do to ensure the severity of this disaster was understood? Why wasn’t faster action taken? All of that is unclear,” Carney said.

Yesterday he let us know he will be holding hearings in New Orleans.

WASHINGTON – Congressman Chris Carney (PA-10), Chairman of the Committee on Homeland Security Subcommittee on Management, Investigations and Oversight, has scheduled a field hearing in New Orleans on July 12 to examine the immediate response to the Deepwater Horizon explosion and subsequent oil spill. The hearing, entitled “The Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Chain of Command: An Examination of Information Sharing Practices During a Spill of National Significance,” will include testimony from the Coast Guard, the Department of Homeland Security, BP and state and local officials. The time and location of the hearing have yet to be determined.

Congressman Carney, Homeland Security Committee Chairman Bennie Thompson (D-MS) and six other committee members visited the spill site and surrounding area June 21.

The response to the spill has left many unanswered questions, including how information was shared in the days immediately after the April 20 explosion.

“We must find out what was done to ensure the severity of this disaster was understood and how that information was shared,” said Congressman Carney. “This hearing will hopefully shed some light on the current chain of command, the roles and responsibilities of the participants, what the government and BP could have done better in response to this crisis and lessons that should be put to use in the future.”

I'm sure his subcommittee has jurisdiction on this but I think there are about a dozen Congressional Committees already investigating the spill.

There is an environmental disaster in the making in Pennsylvania that Carney hasn't said much about that has already seen his neighbors in Dimock living with water buffaloes because there wells have been poisoned.

Human illness, animal deaths tied to shale gas drilling in PA

At least 15 Dimock, PA families have been unable to use their formerly pristine well water for 16 months since Houston-based Cabot Oil and Gas began drilling for natural gas there. The extraction process uses hydraulic fracturing in combination with horizontal drilling, in which each fracturing, or "frack," requires 2 to 9 million gallons of water mixed with toxic chemicals to release the gas. The primary ingredient in natural gas is methane.

The PA DEP fined Cabot $240,000 for that one. I'm sure that the company considers the fine as just the cost of doing business.

The BP well in the Gulf of Mexico blew up creating the oil spill but what about the gas well that blew up in Clearfield County that spewed poisoned water 75 feet into the air for 16 hours with methane rising into the atmosphere that prompted the FAA to close the air space above the sight to prevent an airliner from being taken down? Fortunately that well wasn't near a water supply unlike the proposed drilling next to the Huntsville Dam.

It is getting worse, even the cows won't drink the frack water. Cows are smarter than they look.

Spring Lake Water Woes: Chesapeake, Landowners Disagree - by Wes Skillings - 6/24/2010

Because of concerns about what appeared to be a sudden deterioration in the quality of the water, the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) was called in. They sent representatives to the Spring Lake property about a week later, with representatives of Chesapeake also responding to the scene.

“The DEP representative told us separately that we should not expect much from the gas company because to ‘do anything’ would imply culpability,” Mrs. Bohlander reported. There were reportedly methane readings of varying levels, and some quite high, in the water supply.

Kayak Dude
reports that Bowman's Creek is being sucked dry by the drillers.

Looking through Carney's website and press releases he has not been forthcoming on this issue putting out bland statements.



He has yet to take a position on the Frac Act that closes the Haliburton loophole.

Last week I asked Carney's office for a statement on his position on drilling and have yet to receive a reply. I also asked his Republican opponent Tom Marino about his position and I have not heard from him either.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

More on the Kanjo flap

I'm getting beat up by my local blog buddies for defending Congressman Paul Kanjorski's fumblemouth that the whole right wing blogosphere has jumped on. As The Mean Old Man would say " I Love it."

The Blogfather agrees with me .

"Non-issue, girls. It's simply a matter of the loose lips being faster than the aging brain. No biggie. "

Then he ripped me for being too partisan. This is from a guy who never has a good thing to say about the President and defends Bush's war's to this day. I hope he is eating well.

Look at my posts from the past 2 years and will you find that I have given more space to the Republican candidates in Luzerne County then the papers have. Such Bullspit.

Betty Rox (and she does) over at Pure Bunkum is worried about town meetings in addition to jumping on the bandwagon on this issue. I'm sure that Kanjo won't be doing any townhall type meetings after what happened last year and I can't blame him. They turned into ambushes by the Teabagger crowd.

Some right wing bloggers see it for what it is.

In Defense of….Democratic Rep. Paul Kanjorski?

From Right Wing News

Yes, Democrat Paul Kanjorski is irritating, liberal, and out of touch, but it seems like a huge stretch to interpret these remarks, as some conservatives have, as a slam at the poor,

He's not saying the poor are minorities or defective, he's saying that's what people INSINUATE the people having a hard time in this recession are like. The point he's trying to make is that these are just regular people who are having a hard time in a tough economy.

So honestly, I don't see anything wrong with his remarks at all.

The Hazleton Standard Speaker had one of those articles that the Yonk keeps talking about. I wish I wrote that.

Cut Kanjorski some slack

Last month, the Lou Barletta campaign attacked Rep. Paul Kanjorski for supporting student loan reform that led to layoffs for Sallie Mae, which has a customer service center in Hanover Township. When on the very same day the Barletta campaign implied that Kanjorski was "in bed with Wall Street bankers," it was clear the campaign was off to a mud-slinging start.

The mud got thicker this week. On Monday, the Barletta campaign accused Kanjorski of being a hypocrite for "refusing to meet with the public at traditional summer town hall meetings while agreeing to be the 'special guest' at an event held by his Wall Street buddies near Wilkes-Barre."

The news media largely ignored that salvo, which referred to the congressman's upcoming appearance at a meeting sponsored by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority.

But Republicans at both the district and national levels hit paydirt Thursday. Barletta's campaign issued a statement calling for Kanjorski to "apologize for comments he made during a U.S. House of Representatives hearing Wednesday in which he called some people 'defective' and said minorities are not 'good people.'"

A review of the tape shows that Kanjorski said no such thing. Speaking ardently in favor of extending Pennsylvania's mortgage assistance program nationally, he was clearly mocking critics who might view the programs as a welfare giveaway. Here's the actual quote: "We're giving relief to people that I deal with in my office every day now unfortunately. But because of the longevity of this recession, these are people, and they're not minorities and they're not defective and they're not all the things that you'd like to insinuate that these programs are about."

Kanjorski didn't say he sees two classes of citizens. He said to his critics, "you'd like to insinuate that."

The sarcasm and passion that underscored that point seems obvious in the video, but it gets lost when you simply read the comments.

At least five minority lawmakers on the Wall Street Reform Conference Committee didn't hear anything offensive. They signed a letter defending Kanjorski. The congressman's constituents should cut him some slack on this one, too.

Kanjorski's get's some help from his friends that he works with everyday.

Chaka Fattah

Click here to view a letter from Congress members Maxine Waters, Luis Gutierrez, Mel Watt, Gregory Meeks, and Elijah Cumming.

This damage control shows how worried the Kanjo camp is about these remarks and they should be. At the same time Lou Barletta trying to capitalize on racially tinged remarks is dangerous territory for him.

McGruff passionately defends Lou Barletta after I tweaked him

Why don't the liberals acknowledge the hiring of minorities by the Bareltta family? Do they know how many children rode for free at Angela Park, owned by the Barletta family, because they didn't have the money? Do they know how much money or the provision of inkind contributions the Barletta family donated over the years to needy charities and families?

Why don't they acknowledge Lou's personal donation of property he owned to a local charity that services disadvantaged children including the colors of all skin to place a handicapped oriented playground?

Is it because the liberals have been getting away with their bs for too long? Sorry my friend on this we will agree to disagree.

Mitchell and Kanjorski have been getting their way too long in the media pressroom from this area.

I like Mayor Lou, we can spend hours talking baseball and have a few times. He is no more a racist than Congressman Kanjorski is. Which is to say they are not!

Even Barletta has realized that this has gotten to be stupid and want's to move on saying
“Dwelling on it will not help create jobs or fix our economy. The important thing now is to focus on the problems facing the people of Northeast Pennsylvania, which is what I have been doing and will continue do as the next congressman from the 11th district. We need to restore public trust and fiscal responsibility in our government and that starts with holding our elected officials accountable this November.”

Saturday, June 26, 2010

You Tube weekend

This is so wrong on so many levels

Pizzella sentenced to a Time Out

Another house arrest for an admitted criminal. I hate to bash a judge because you never know when you might end up in front of one but this sentence is ridiculous.

CV: U.S. District Judge James M. Munley ordered Pizzella to serve two years of probation, including five months on house arrest, after a federal prosecutor detailed Pizzella's cooperation in at least seven different investigations. Pizzella must also pay a $10,000 fine.

Pizzella has been singing to the FBI ratting out fellow Wilkes-Barre Area School Board members Brian Dunn and James Height and has provided information about the carpet guy plus the overcharging by Intellecom. The TL story says he was feeding the FBI information about Luzerne County Judges when he was Ann Lokuta's tipstaff.

His attorney conceded Pizzella “can in some respects annoy people” by being brusque. That is an understatement. Judge Munley cited Pizzella's cooperation and "spotless reputation" in deciding not to send him to jail.

Spotless reputation? Are we talking about the same person?

Pizzella, a former Plains Township police officer and township commissioner, has been accused of spousal abuse, punching his father and threatening to kill his daughter. In 1980, police accused Pizzella and a friend of hiring a hitman to break the legs of a political rival.

Pizzella also claims he is in poor health. It seems to be a problem with all the people who have snared in probe here in Corruption Junction. Judge Toole also claims he has a bad back, it must be contageous.

Judge Munley said: “We condemn the conduct. What he was engaged in is outrageous. It’s a throwback” to days when public officials routinely behaved that way, “and it will not be tolerated any more.”

If you don't put people in jail what is the deterrent Judge Munley?

On background I have been told that Frankie Kneecaps will not be allowed to watch Nickelodeon or The Disney Channel while he spends the next 5 months sitting on his duff. As an additional punishment he won't get a graham cracker after recess or a chocolate milk.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sound bite politics

Yes, Congressman Kanjorski said something today that could have been diffused if he just said "not only."

Such nonsense. Kanjo has always been a champion of civil rights doing things that wasn't popular at the time.

A repost:

Photo From the Attic: Community Organizer

Now-Rep. Paul Kanjorski (D-Pa.) was a Temple University college student in 1958. Here, Kanjorski (left) receives from Temple President Robert Johnson one of the first donations for a fund to help rebuild Clinton (Tenn.) High School, which had been bombed and destroyed by a group opposing desegregation. John MacDonald (left) and David Dorsett stand behind Johnson.
I spotted this photo in Roll Call and asked Congressman Kanjorski's press secretary Abigail McDonough for some background on it besides what the caption says.
Clinton High School in Clinton, Tennessee was one of the first schools desegregated under court order. On October 5, 1958, the school was bombed by a group opposing integration and the entire building was decimated. During this event, Congressman Kanjorski was a student at Temple University in Pennsylvania. He took the event to heart and wanted to do something to help. He formed the organization Reestablish Education at Clinton High School (REACH) to help raise money at a national collegiate level to rebuild the school, and to show that force and violence are not the means to reach an end. Rather, REACH helped show what can happen when people work together.
As chairman of REACH, Congressman Kanjorski helped raise money at Temple and throughout other college communities by reaching out to students,professors, and administrators at colleges and universities throughout the country. He convinced then Temple University president and one of the founders of Time Inc., Dr. Robert L. Johnson to make one of the first donations to the organization. Johnson; another former Temple president, Harold E. Stassen; Eleanor Roosevelt; former Senator Joseph Clark; and then principal of Clinton High School, W.D. Human, all served as sponsors of REACH. Congressman Kanjorski and REACH helped raise some of the money to rebuild Clinton High School.

120th District challengers on gas drilling

120th District State Represenative Phyilis Mundy has propsed some common sense rules to slow the whole thing down.

Her opponents respond.

Libertarian candidate Tim Mullen

Thanks, Gort for giving me a chance to voice my opinion.

.I'll be taking this issue to the papers in the near future if they dare print what I have to say. They usually edit out my most damning remarks.
Let me first say I posted my position on the Marcellus drilling after attending a meeting in Kingston Twp. several months ago, and I pretty much am going to stick with what I posted. I am not too far off base with the moratorium that Mrs. Mundy has proposed.

.When you take the reality of a Harrisburg that is awash in "gas cash" (my description of political donations from the natural gas industry), I think the best we could hope for is some type of scaling back of the Marcellus drilling similar to what I propose.
Should we stop drilling? No. The economy, and the energy needs of the country take front seat. Should we be drilling near drinking water sources such as in the Back Mountain? Absolutely not at this point until this technology is proven safe. There are plenty of rural and / or mined out areas in the state to explore first. The pace of the drilling activity needs to be slowed down also. 10,000 wells proposed in a few years across the state is unfathomable when it comes to disruption of the environment and the potential for contamination of water supplies.
As I stated on my site, permitting a set amount of sites to come on line a year will buy time to assess the impact on the environment and make corrections. This also flattens out the boom/bust cycle that is liable to happen if we rush headlong into production. As previously stated I the natural gas industry should only be taxed enough to assure return of the environment to its original condition after they have come and gone.
.The industry should not become a cash cow for the state to further expand or maintain its dependency breeding social programs, or fund pork projects that assure reelection of incumbents. I agree with Mr. Goldsworthy's assessment that Mrs. Mundy is late to the table. I'll take it a step further similar to the old saying "A day late and a dollar short", except in this case, years late and hundreds of thousands of dollars short (or however much gas cash has been diverted to the politicos). In my opinion all this hype over drilling is posturing by Mrs. Mundy. She can be a champion of the people by leading the anti-drilling crusade, knowing full well that a full moratorium stands a snowball's chance in hell of making it through a Harrisburg awash in gas cash. If she were so concerned about the little guy maybe she would divorce herself from the teacher's organizations that keep her in office.
. . She is responsible in part for myself and thousands of other families in this state either losing or on the cusp of losing their homes due to school taxes. I am the true Robin Hood for the people. Tim

Republican Bill Goldsworthy sent out a release today, I think I may have inspired him.

WEST PITTSTON (June 24) – Twenty-year State House incumbent Phyllis Mundy is talking out of both sides of her mouth on issues surrounding Marcellus Shale gas exploration and drilling in an effort to help her re-election campaign.

In March of this year, Mundy voted “Yes” to the Governor’s proposed budget that increased state spending by another $1 billion and supported paying for this out-of-control spending with a new severance tax on Marcellus Shale gas drilling. Then, earlier this week, Mundy called for a moratorium on the same drilling she expects to pay for her wasteful government spending.

“First Ms. Mundy votes to increase spending and pay for it with a new tax on gas drilling, then turns around and calls for that drilling to stop. This is the type of political double-talk that has gotten our state where we are today and it proves how out-of-touch she has become after 20 years in Harrisburg,” said Bill Goldsworthy, her General Election campaign opponent.

Goldsworthy went on to explain that natural gas drilling in the Marcellus Shale deposits across Pennsylvania has been occurring for more than 14 years. In fact, there are currently more than 500 wells in the Commonwealth and over 3,100 drilling permits issued by the state Department of Environmental Protection. The fracking process has been used for the last five years.

“In her 20 years in office, Ms. Mundy hasn’t said a single word about this issue, other than to want to tax it to pay for more wasteful spending,” said Goldsworthy. “She has never worked to develop a proactive plan to deal with the oversight and environmental issues involved with this issue. Where has she been? She has done nothing.”

Goldsworthy sees exploration of the Marcellus Shale natural gas as vital to the economic future of Pennsylvania, but only as long as it is done in an environmentally responsible manner that protects the quality of our drinking water and overall environment.

“No one cares more about protecting our environment during the drilling process than I do. But we can do that, while still enjoying the benefit of new jobs and economic growth that the Marcellus Shale can

- more -
provide,” said Goldsworthy. “Too many people in our state are hurting and, after doing nothing but adding to the taxpayer burden for 20 years, Ms. Mundy now wants to make it worse again.”

“Ms. Mundy says that ‘We are allowing this industry to move ahead too fast’ (Citizens Voice, 6/22/2010). But whose fault is that? It is her fault. She had 20 years to do something and did nothing,” stated Goldsworthy. “I will be a pro-active and effective Representative, the same as I have been as a local official here at home.”

Goldsworthy is a small businessman with professional and proven experience at controlling costs and helping to create jobs. He is also a proven local elected official who held the line on property taxes in 23 of his 25 years in office. Goldsworthy has focused on fiscal discipline and job creation throughout his campaign for Representative.

“Ms. Mundy has had 20 years to fix things and hasn’t. It’s time for a different way,” said Goldsworthy. “ Ms. Mundy said “the people don’t get it” well I do get it and I will go to Harrisburg and use my real-world experience and proven ability to protect taxpayers to bring fiscal discipline to state government and help spark economic and job growth.”

Goldsworthy also pointed out some significant differences between himself and Mundy.

As a local elected official, Goldsworthy has forsaken his own pay during tough economic times whereas Mundy voted herself two pay raises, took the unconstitutional pay raise of 2005 and still refuses to give that money back.

Goldsworthy has pledged to reform Harrisburg and fix the broken pension system. He will lead by example by refusing per diems and a taxpayer-funded car, instead submitting only for legitimate expenses. Mundy even accepted the 50% pension increase for herself after just voting against it and took nearly $16,000 in taxpayer-paid per diems in 2009 alone – all without receipts.

“Ms. Mundy’s record is one of helping herself and sticking taxpayers with the bill. We need to do better for the people of Pennsylvania, and I will,” concluded Goldsworth

More about gas drilling

For those of you who pay attention you know that I have invited all local officials and candidates for office to give us a statement about gas drilling. I will publish the response unedited.

The first one is from Republican James O'Meara Sr. who wants to replace Democrat Eddie Day Pashinski in the 121st District

Gort... here you go! Thanks for the opportunity to write a bit on this...

I agree with Representative Pashinski: He and many others in Harrisburg left the barn door open. Now they are scrambling to round up the horses that bolted out of the barn. Bill Goldsworthy said it best when he noted that rules and regulations for gas companies should have been in place long ago.

As to my views on drilling…

In April, at the Issues and Eggs breakfast in Wilkes-Barre , I reminded folks of an old saying: “…there never seems to be time to do things right, but there’s always time to do it twice.”

I said that natural gas drilling must be done right the first time. We don’t get a “do over.”

Yes, there is a potential for Marcellus shale drilling to bring enormous benefits to our entire region. It offers a promise of jobs, economic growth, energy independence, and improved national security.

But drilling must be done in a way that puts public safety and preservation of our water supplies and other natural resources above profits. That’s as plain as I can say it.

Here’s what I’d like to see:

…No drilling on State Game Lands or Forests. We have the responsibility, under the Commonwealth’s Constitution, to protect our natural resources.
…Disclosure of the chemical makeup of “fracking” compound. Regulators in the state of Wyoming now require this. And the energy industry in Wyoming has decided they can live with disclosure. It’s time we wake up and demand the same thing in Pennsylvania , too.
…No drilling within one mile of community drinking water supplies. Without full disclosure of the chemical makeup of fracking compounds, more distance needs to be placed between drill sites and water supplies.
…Instead of a severance tax, I propose what I call the “Mother Earth Safety Deposit.” Gas companies would pay Pennsylvania a per-well deposit for each well drilled. Interest earned from the well deposits would go solely to the Commonwealth. When the well is shut down, the deposit would be returned after the site is inspected and deemed safe. The gas companies would have a significant financial stake in safe drilling.

James O’Meara, Sr.

Kanjo flap

Some of my friends on the right have jumped all over Congressman Paul Kanjorski's latest episode of fumblemouth.

"We're giving relief to people that I deal with in my office every day now unfortunately," Kanjorski said. "But because of the longevity of this recession, these are people -- and they're not minorities and they're not defective and they're not all the things you'd like to insinuate that these programs are about -- these are average, good American people."

But if you watch the whole clip it doesn't sound that bad. I can't emded it right now but if you want to see it just copy this into your browser:

Lou Barletta wasted no time demanding an apology

Hazleton, PA – Hazleton Mayor and 11th Congressional District candidate Lou Barletta demanded that Paul Kanjorski apologize for comments he made during a U.S. House of Representatives hearing Wednesday in which he called some people “defective” and said minorities are not “good American people.”

Kanjorski said: "We're giving relief to people that I deal with in my office every day now, unfortunately. But because of the longevity of this recession, these are people – and they're not minorities and they're not defective and they're not all the things you'd like to insinuate that these programs are about – these are average, good American people.” [Emphasis added;]

“Kanjorski must apologize for saying some people are ‘defective.’ He said Wednesday that ‘defective people’ are not ‘average, good American people,’ so who are ‘they?’” Mayor Barletta asked. “Also, Kanjorski, in his own words, said Wednesday that minorities are not ‘average, good American people.’ This is outrageous and shows how out of touch Kanjorski is with the real world.”

Congressman Kanjorski's office responded with this statement.

Congressman Kanjorski is tired of people, and too often Republicans,
criticizing solid and needed government programs that are meant to help
Americans who face tough economic times, often beyond their control, as
too many people are experiencing right now. In his impassioned plea for
conferees to adopt Pennsylvania's model program to help homeowners
facing foreclosure to stay in their homes, the Congressman was stating
that many people insinuate that those who benefit from government
programs are those not looking for jobs, but that those suggestions are
wildly inaccurate.

As Congressman Kanjorski stated, these programs are meant to help people
and families throughout the country who are unable to afford basic
necessities, including those in the Congressman's district in
Northeastern Pennsylvania who he hears from every day. Anyone trying to
politicize this issue clearly doesn't get it. Congressman Kanjorski is
fighting for all Americans who are struggling. Any statement saying
otherwise is grossly misinformed. The full video clip, rather than an
edited version, speaks for itself and doesn't take the Congressman's
remarks out of context.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I'm on vacation

Sort of.

Mrs. G has a long list to be accomplished and I'm doing my best to achieve her goals. The best part of this house cleaning is I'm finding old pictures of me with forgotten friends in different part's of the world. I will post them to my Facebook page when I have them together.

A preview

This is North Main Street of W-B in 1967. Tell me what is in the background?

The Gas Drilling posts will continue tomorrow. Thanks to everyone who has responded to my request.

Right now I'm out of Gas

Tom Corbett favors strong environmental stewardship

PA Attorney General and Republican nominee for Governor Tom Corbett released this statement today.

Dear Gort,

While the Marcellus Shale offers great economic and energy independence opportunities for Pennsylvania, I believe that it must be developed responsibly and with strong environmental stewardship. We must make every effort to protect Pennsylvania's waterways and lands.

That is why today I am calling on the Marcellus Shale industry and the Department of Environmental Protection to work together to develop and institute high industry standards pertaining to environmental and public safety issues and also to address critical workforce development needs around the natural gas industry. It is time for collaboration in Harrisburg, to build consensus and to move toward the development of legislation to enact into statute industry standards that allow for the responsible development of our natural gas resources while protecting our water, land and the citizens of Pennsylvania.

I believe that the industry and DEP should agree on the following:

•Determine the best practices and highest standards in drilling to ensure clean water and safety for all Pennsylvanians and agree to implement them while public debate continues. This voluntary agreement is an interim step and should be followed by legislative action to codify how Pennsylvania will permit the development of cleaner energy in a safe manner.

•Meet the demand for trained workers in the energy industry. I call on the industry, the state and our higher education institutions, career and technical schools, and workforce development programs, to immediately begin the development and implementation of training programs to fill these new jobs for Pennsylvanians. It is also critical for the Department of Community and Economic Development to identify Pennsylvania manufacturers and businesses that will be the ongoing suppliers to this growing industry.

•Ensure that the industry works with all levels of government to further support the training and education of Pennsylvania first responders to make certain they are prepared to deal with emergencies involving drilling in the Marcellus Shale region.

While there are a few who have called for a moratorium on drilling, I believe that we can achieve strong environmental stewardship of our waterways and lands without putting hardworking Pennsylvanians out of work and sending thousands of jobs to other states. We can bring the industry together with DEP and state regulators to develop high industry standards and ensure world class operations in Pennsylvania. We can work to ensure greater protection of our water wells. We can put into place safeguards for our state forests and streams. And, we can demand the highest standard of technology for use on drilling sites.

Earlier this year I released my plan to harness Pennsylvania's energy potential in an environmentally sound manner in an effort to reduce our dependence on foreign oil and make energy affordable for all Pennsylvanians. Pennsylvania is home to the second largest energy field in the world with our abundant coal, gas, oil and timber and our alternative energy sources such as wind, solar, nuclear, biomass, geothermal and hydroelectric facilities. We have an energy infrastructure that not only needs to be maintained, but also enhanced to ensure safe and reliable energy supplies for Pennsylvania residents and neighboring states. And, equally as important, Pennsylvania's energy resources are a critical component to revitalizing our economy, growing job opportunities and positioning the commonwealth in the global marketplace.

Among the many components of my plan, I have called for the creation of an Energy Executive in the Governor's Office who will be charged with coordinating the overall state energy policy, utilizing expertise within the relevant state agencies and ensuring interagency coordination of our energy resources. I specifically have called for the creation of a Marcellus shale work group to advise me on pertinent issues; a scientific advisory board within the Department of Environmental Protection to ensure water quality and environmental standards; instituting coordinated permitting across state agencies; and directing DEP to get "back to basics" so that the agency can focus on its core mission of protecting our land, air and water.

I hope that the Governor will recognize the importance of the Marcellus Shale industry and will act accordingly to grow Pennsylvania's global energy leadership with environmental stewardship - doing what is in the best interest of Pennsylvania.


Tom Corbett

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Karen Boback wants to protect water

Boback is in favor of water legislation

“Natural gas drilling has the potential to be the most promising economic boon for our Commonwealth, but we have to proceed with caution and make sure we are putting the health and safety of our citizens first,” said Boback. “I am introducing this legislation to put additional safeguards in place for the drinking water sources we all share and on which we rely. As we have seen from the catastrophe in the gulf, once an accident occurs, it is difficult to restore our natural resources. I believe the best approach is to proceed with caution.”

Her opponant Richard Shermanski responded:

Well for one she's not supporting any form of a Moratorium on drilling, Karen is simply tack on regulations to the drilling. We simply can not rush into this, we need to stop this drilling completely till we can be absolutely sure that it this extraction of shale is 100% safe.

Also, Karen is introducing more legislation. Why doesn't she just support one of the several pieces of legislation already introduced? Instead we are getting more clutter on th house floor instead of our Represenatives working together to create a real piece of legislation that can really fix this problem.

I agree we need regulations on the drilling but until we can be absolutley sure it's safe we can not and should not take the risk of even allowing any form of drilling.

Here's my plan if elected:

"As a candidate for the House of Representatives I fully support placing a Moratorium an all drilling in Pennsylvania until we can be assured that the excavation of the shale is 100% safe for those living around the sites including the fresh water wells and reservoirs of the area. I also will push to make sure no drilling companies will excavate the material unless they are absolutely capable of stopping any form of leakage of the chemicals into the ground and water, they must use top of the line equipment and up-to-date methods of extraction and safety. If they can not handle the risk then they can not take the chance of reaping the rewards. I also will enforce stricter regulations on the drilling companies, no longer will they simply be allowed to drill just because they leased the land and they will have State Department of Energy Supervisors at every site to ensure that everything is done correctly."

I don't want to just put a band aide on a open wound, we need to fully understand what effects this drilling will have on the land and the people around it. Simply putting small regulations on this process will not be what puts peoples minds at ease, we need to know that this is safe. Once we know it's safe to drill we can place regulations and taxes on the drilling companies. But, until that day we must put a stop to this extraction.

Phyllis says slow down

My 3rd favorite State Representative Phyllis Mundy wants to put the brakes on this whole
Marcellus Shale drilling but I don't think she goes far enough. Mundy wants to stop new permits from being issued but I think the whole thing should be stopped until the regulators are up to speed and and have the manpower to enforce the regulations that are already on the books, let alone wait for all of the new laws that have proposed.

Right now the law allows drilling within 100 feet of a water source such as the Huntsville Dam and one of her bill's would push that back to 2,500 feet. Is that far enough? I don't know but I want this activity as far away from my drinking water as it can be.

Her colleague State Rep Eddie Pashinski is on board and now recognizes the dangers of fracking

“No one knew of the dangers involved in the fracking process,” Pashinski said. He said that until very recently he was unaware of just how many permits had been issued and how close well sites are to drinking water supplies.

“What happened is the floodgates opened,” he said. “I don’t think any of us knew how many well sites were leased out. The oil companies had a head start. What we’re trying to do is pull back the reins … put a hold on this. Let’s evaluate wherever we’re lacking and let’s address it.”

I'm asking all our Representatives state, federal and local for a statement on this issue and will publish the response unedited.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day


A Fathers Day Message by Mean Old Man

I don’t see why we even bother to celebrate Fathers Day nowadays since there really ain’t any real fathers left.

In my day your Father was the judge, jury and lord high executioner of the household; his word was law, and boy, if you disobeyed. My old man was one helluva guy, I’ll tell you that! He didn’t take no bunk from anybody, including us kids. I remember once when he came home from the mines and ordered me to shine up his “going to the beer garden shoes”. Pops always enjoyed heading down to Statzi’s bar on Friday and Saturday nights. It gave him a chance to get away from Mom (who, by the way, was hardly ever allowed to leave the house, except for groceries and church).

Well, I had been out in the backyard playing catch with my pal Bobo and had forgotten to take the ol’ brush, spit and polish to Pop’s shoes. I can still see the look of fright on poor Bobo’s face when Pops came out the back door and screamed bloody murder because I forgot to do my duty. Poor Bobo started balling like a little girl (and he was no wimp, mind you) taking off through the backyard. Good ol’ Pops proceeded to grab me by the neck and swung me like a rag doll into the kitchen where I landed flat on the floor in front of his two muddy shoes. I then felt the whack on the side of my head from one of them and then another and then another. By the time that was over, I can remember holding the shoe brush and feeling as if my head had been put through Mom’s trusty wringer washer. All the while I was shining his shoes in pain and I could feel tears welling up in my eyes and had the taste of blood in my mouth. Afterwards, Pops dragged me along to the bar with him where I was ordered to shine the shoes of each and every one of his drinking buddies---for free!!!

It was brutal, humiliating and degrading---and I loved it!!! Because Pops taught me an important lesson---always do your job on time and then you will save yourself a lot of trouble. God , what a great guy!!! I miss him a lot.

Kids today have it too easy because their dads won’t discipline them. Hell, if you even so much as look at your little runt the wrong way you can be put in jail. That’s what’s wrong with our liberal, sissified society. We are turning out a bunch of panty wastes while the Chinese and the Ruskies are raising “real” men---real men who will one day invade our country and enslave us if we don’t get back on track!!!

But don’t tell that the liberal/commies; they’ll just accuse you of hurting the kids.

Like my Pop used to tell me, “kids are to be seen and not heard.” He was right, of course. I raised my two ungrateful twirpheads with an iron hand, not that they appreciated it. Whenever they do come over to visit, it is usually for money or a damned birthday gift. I got a great pair of sons. Damn!!!!

And don’t even talk about my stupid grandkids. I’ve never met such a moronic litter of goofballs in my life what with their Beatle music and cell phones. In my day, we didn’t even have a phone. If you wanted to talk to your buddy you opened the window and screamed your lungs out. Try that today and the nanny state supervised police officers will throw you in jail for disturbing the peace. And how about the way these young punks wuff down food? Back in the day, when I was a kid, you ate three times a day (if it was a good year); breakfast , lunch and dinner (dinner time was always up in the air, since Mom wasn’t allowed to serve the meal until Pops got home from work---and the time varied as to whether or not he and his pals stopped at the beer garden on their way home). Now, kids are eating all the time!! All these kids today look the same—fat and chunky!!! Of course, we had one or two kids like that in my day and me and my pals Creep, Skeets and Tiny used to have a ball taunting them, but now since they all look the same these kids today have no one to make fun of but themselves!!! The great childhood joy of bullying chubby kids is now lost forever---thanks Liberals!!!

Like I said earlier, Pops was the head of the house, but it’s not that way in today’s Obama world. Now, the Moms seem to have as much if not more power than the Dads. Hell, some Dad’s even carry “man purses”; what the Hell is a “man purse” anyway!?!?!!! What this country needs is the return of good ol’ family values. A nation where a working man could come in from work to a home cooked meal and a pair of shined drinking shoes. Damn!!!!

So, all you dimwit fathers, enjoy your Father’s Day. Maybe your wives will let you have a bottle of Zima after you cart your kids from this game to that game or wherever. As for me, I’ll be sitting in my private living room, hoisting a bottle of Steg (one of many that day), smoking some Lucky’s (the cigarette that went to war) and listening to the great sounds of Eddie Fisher (now there’s a guy that knew how to treat the ladies!) singing “OH MY PAPA”.

That’s my America; that’s my Father’s Day.

Happy Fathers Day and GO to Hell! I hate you all!!!!!

You Tube weekend

I can give you anything but time

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Town hall meetings

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports that many members of the Pennsylvania Congressional delegation will not be holding in person town hall style meetings this summer with most members opting to do it by telephone instead.

In past years it was a right of summer for a Congressman to invite people to some church basement to answer their questions with maybe 20 or 30 people showing up and the local paper might write a story about it or not. Last year that changed when the teabagger crowd turned many of these meeting into a circus. It made for great television and YouTube videos with people shouting down the hosts and those who disagreed with them. I had an email chat with Congressman Patrick Murphy about it while he was in Afghanistan and he joked that he felt safer there.

Locally Congressman Paul Kanjorski has been doing telephone town halls the last few years and will continue to do so.

TL: “I have held many town meetings over the years in many different formats. I have found that telephone town meetings can be especially effective because I can interact with as many as 8,000 Northeastern Pennsylvanians on a single phone call,” Kanjorski said Thursday. “Telephone town meetings provide a unique and convenient forum to hear the concerns of my constituents and answer their questions live over the phone. I have received very positive feedback from participants on these calls.”

Naturally his opponent Lou Barletta jumped all over this news sending out this press release.

Hazleton, PA – Paul Kanjorski is making the deliberate decision to not meet face to face with his constituents this summer, instead spending taxpayer dollars on telephone conference calls.
“Mr. Kanjorski is hiding from the people of the 11th Congressional District because he knows he has made many unpopular decisions, like taking millions in campaign cash from his Wall Street buddies then handing out billions of taxpayer dollars to them in the form of bailouts. He would have to answer for the rising unemployment rate, especially since he called this economy the best ‘in the history of mankind.’ He would have to explain why he ignored the will of his constituents and voted for the government takeover of our healthcare system,” said Lou Barletta, mayor of Hazleton and candidate for Congress.

“The people of this district deserve to know: how did much these conference calls cost them? Where does Kanjorski get his list of callers? And how do Kanjorski and his staff select the questions he chooses to answer on those choreographed calls?

“It’s bad enough that he’s ducking his constituents and not meeting with them in person, but he’s also making the people pay for his telemarketing campaign,” Mayor Barletta added. “I would hope Kanjorski would change his mind and give the people the chance to meet with their congressman face to face. In the meantime, I will continue to meet with the residents of all five counties of this district.”

I asked Kanjo spokesman Ed Mitchell for a comment and he responded with his usuall wit:

Typical Barletta gibberish. Must be a slow summer. Congressman Kanjorski meets face-to-face with constituents every day in the district and Washington . He talks with far more of them in a tele-townhall than the other type. Far more economical. Let's talk issues, not silliness. Where does Barletta stand on the jobs bill?

Congressman Chris Carney will continue to have in person town halls as he has been doing since he was first elected in 2006.

Josh Drobnyk, a spokesman for Carney, said the congressman holds meetings with residents in nearly all of the 14 counties within the 10th Congressional District every year. He’s already done so in Snyder and Lycoming counties this year.

“Congressman Carney holds town hall meetings throughout the district every year because he believes it is important to listen to the hard-working families of northeast and central Pennsylvania. This year is no different,” Drobnyk said. “He has already held a number of issue-oriented meetings with constituents and will continue to do so. He will balance those meetings with his military commitments. Additional town halls will be scheduled when the congressional voting calendar permits later this summer.”

Last year one of his staff members got abused at a cut the red tape session that every member sponsors. Ed is tickled that this YouTube has had over 16,000 hits, he is almost famous.

Anyway, Carney will be holding town hall meetings and will dress appropriately.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Feds visit Bob Mellow

Update: FBI, IRS investigating Sen. Mellow

The FBI and Internal Revenue Service are investigating state Senate Democratic Leader Robert J. Mellow for unspecified illegal activity, FBI spokesman Frank Burton Jr. said today.

The agencies were executing search warrants at Mellow's home in Archbald and at his legislative office in Peckville, said Burton, an FBI spokesman in Philadelphia

Republican candidate Frank Scavo just sent this press release:

State Senatorial Candidate Frank Scavo issued the following statement after the federal raid of the interests of State Senator Bob Mellow (D-22):

“The raid on both Senator Bob Mellow’s home and office is yet another black eye for Northeastern Pennsylvania . Once again, a negative light is cast upon our area. Obviously, this investigation has to run its course and I have the full faith and confidence in our law enforcement professionals to see that this is done properly and without bias.

John Blake was hand-picked by Senator Mellow himself to replace him in the Senate. I think the voters of the 22nd District demand and deserve to know the extent of Mr. Blake’s relationship with Senator Mellow and whether or not Mr. Blake still proudly accepts Mr. Mellow’s endorsement.”

Home Rule video

The Government Study Commission is in the home stretch to put the proposed Luzerne County charter on the ballot in November. Some procedures and policies were adjusted in the last meeting but the 2 big issues are still up in the air. Should the county council have 11 members elected at-large or should there be fewer members to be elected by district ? Is an appointed county manager better than an elected one? Like the 2003 charter this plan also eliminates elections for most of the row officers, which is a good thing.

Kingston Mayor Jim Haggerty states the case for the new plan in this video.

Study panel revisits hot-topic issues

Commission tweaks charter

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Wall Street Reform

Congressman Paul Kanjorski is one of the key players negotiating a major overhaul of the rules that govern the financial industry. The House and Senate have passed bills and now the conference committee has to bang out a bill that can can be passed by both houses of Congress. In an interview with PoliticsPA he said “This legislation is without a doubt the most significant thing I’ve worked on in Congress.... This is an issue and a time that tests why you’re in Congress,” he said. “If this costs me my seat, so be it. I came to do the best I could.”

Kanjo is still fighting for his too big to fail’ amendment that would grant the government new powers to break up large financial firms if a financial company is deemed systemically risky.

Don't Forget the Kanjorski Amendment

Some of my friends on the right blame Kanjorski for letting this becoming a crisis in the first place and I think that is a valid criticism but he has been working on preventing the meltdown that happened in 2008 from happening again.

I favor the the too big too fail amendment but ask why do you have to wait? I agree with Senator Bernie Sanders (VT) "If it’s too big to fail, it’s too big to exist."

The Sherman Antitrust Act broke up the Standard Oil Company and it's successor companies thrived. AT&T was broken up and the baby bells are all in business and competing with each other. Break up the financial firms and chances are we will get the same results.

A Beer Summit

The Blogfather has sent out the call to the local Blogosphere to meet this Saturday at a local corner bar in Wilkes-Barre to solve all the worlds problems.

... at or before 6 pm on Saturday, I will be taking up residence at the Leisure Tavern right here in the Nord End.

It has a large enough bar, plenty of ESPN, a side room, a pool table and a jukebox. And have no fear, a few members of the WBPD usually take up a bar stool at the conclusion of the 2-10 shift. Well, have no fear unless you have outstanding warrants.

Leisure Tavern
553 N Pennsylvania Ave
Wilkes Barre, PA

I haven't been in the place in years so it will be good to prowl around the old neighborhood. We can also plan our next mega-meetup involving bloggers and politicians before the fall election. The last one was a runaway success.

We are awaiting a ruling from Pope George Ringo to sanction this event as an official gathering of the Saturday OT Committee and Operatic Society.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Immigration again

Hazleton Mayor Lou Barletta continues his one trick pony campaign as he tries to unseat Congressman Paul Kanjorski. This web ad takes issue with the standing ovation that members of Congress gave the President of Mexico when he addressed a joint session. I can't actually spot Kanjo in this clip but you get the idea.

I hope that Barletta is not advocating a repeat of that disgusting display that happened outside the Kirby Center in Wilkes-Barre when the former President of Mexico Vincente Fox came to town in 2008 when the crowd was chanting "Deport Vincente Fox " and other ugly things.

I'm sure that if Barletta somehow gets to be a member of Congress he will be polite to a foreign Head of State. The woman yelling into the megaphone reminded me of this for some reason.

El alcalde Lou Barletta quiere ver sus papeles and he agrees with the Obama Administration that the US military should be used in law enforcement but wants more troops. For more than a hundred years it has been illegal to use the US military to do law enforcement and that's the way it should be.

Locally the Forty Fort council has decided that they don't want any of "those people" to move into their town voting 5-1 to support the Arizona Immigration law. Last I checked Forty Fort doesn't have an illegal immigration problem. The only sane person on the council on this issue is Joe Chacke who voted against the resolution.

"It's always been my belief, my philosophical, political belief, that immigration is a federal issue," he said. "Local governments and state governments don't belong in illegal immigration. The country is divided and it's going to come to a head at some point, but I just don't think it's Arizona's or Forty Fort's position to address it.

Update: From Ed Mitchell
"Congressman Kanjorski didn't even attend the joint session. Don't let facts get in the way of your propaganda, Lou"

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cordora backs Mullen

Most endorsements are good for a press release then forgotten the next day. This one isn't even worth a release but I got one from Tim Mullen anyway. I know the Libertarian candidate in the 120th State House district has a big hill to climb to even get on the November ballot and welcomes support from anyone but this one should have been quietly accepted then ignored.

I got this email: After several talks with him, it is pretty much official. John Cordora, Republican from Kingston, who was Phyllis Mundy's last opponent in 2006 has endorsed me. I will continue to personally contact as many elected officials in this district as possible to win their support.

Yes, Cordora ran against Phyllis Mundy in 2006 but he got blown out of the water losing the election by a 3 to 1 margin. His top issues in that race was his opposition to gay marriage and abortion and "all the other liberal garbage." From what I have been reading the Libertarians favor gay marriage and think the Government should be kept out of the matter of abortion.

Last year he ran for Mayor of Kingston with a secret plan to prevent crime and despite his claim that he had visited thousands of homes whose residents agreed that Jim Haggerty should be replaced he only pulled 254 votes in the Republican primary. He then backed the Democrat in the race promising to deliver 500 votes. That didn't happen and Haggerty was easily reelected.

I actually like Cordora because he is good copy but I would never want him to get anywhere near an elective office. Mullen is an outsider and should quit wasting his time trying to get endorsements from failed candidates and elected officials who will just blow him off.

Bill Goldsworthy is the Republican candidate.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Pennsylvania Health Access Network

The Pennsylvania Health Access Network (PHAN) is a state-wide coalition that fights for state-level and national health care reforms to improve access to quality, affordable health care for all Pennsylvanians. Since the passage of the national reform package, they have been leading efforts across the state to increase education around the benefits of reform.
Their weekly policy call series is open to everyone and is a great way to access information about specific aspects of reform and how it will impact you. Calls hosted by PHAN take place every Wednesday evening at 6:00 PM. This Wednesday the call is on Rural Health and Health Care Reform with Jon Bailey, Director of Research and Analysis at the Center for Rural Affairs.
This line-up for upcoming calls is as follows:

6/23- High Risk Pools and adultBasic - Hear about PA’s proposal for High Risk Pools, including who will be eligible and what the coverage will entail. Also, get updates on the fight to save adultBasic and 43,000 Pennsylvanians from losing their health care coverage.

6/30 - Maternal Health and Health Care Reform – with Letty Thall, Public Policy Director of Maternal Care Coalition.

7/7 – Messaging and Health Care Reform – Bring your questions on specific aspects of reform to this call. Learn from PHAN staff about how to talk about health care reform to others including specific messaging techniques.

For dial-in instructions/to RSVP/with questions email Athena at

Sunday, June 13, 2010

"You can't drink gas"

That's what Dr. Tom Junta told about 150 people who attended a meeting at Misericordia University about Marcellus Shale gas drilling on Saturday. I think that should be the rallying cry for the people opposed to the drilling. Moratorium Now! addresses the policy concerns but it just doesn't click. Dr. Junta is a member of the Gas Drilling Awareness Coalition.

Michelle Boice of Harveys Lake warned that "the war my grandchildren will be fighting will be over water."

Most of the people who attended the forum with Congressman and US Senate candidate Joe Sestak wanted to stop the drilling now until the safety concerns could be addressed. Some wanted to stop the drilling, period.

Sestak favors a moratorium on drilling and is a co-sponsor of the FRAC ACT to close the Halibrton Loophole which exempts hydraulic fracturing from to the Safe Drinking Water Act. That exemption was included as part of the 1995 Energy Bill. I know my Republican friends don't want to look to the recent past as a source of our troubles today but the deregulation and the ignoring the regulations already on the books has caused the mess on Wall Street, the Gulf oil spill and just may poison our drinking water in NEPA.

The government of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has the primary responsibility for really blowing this one. This is from the front page of the PA Dept of Environmental Protection website:

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is not involved in regulating lease agreements between mineral property owners and producers, except that minimum royalty payment is prescribed by law. Lease agreements are contractual matters between private parties. DEP does not audit payments, read or calibrate meters or tanks, or otherwise get involved in lease matters.

It's incredible that the first thing you read is a disclaimer.

The state is looking for more revenue but doesn't tax this activity but wants to raise taxes on just about everything else. The drillers came in with promises of riches without mentioning the downside and people signed up for a monthly check. Some are now suing for a bigger monthly check.

Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center has a ticker tracking the lost revenue by not enacting a severance tax, $58 million to date .

Rapid Edward has made sure that we can blow our money in a casino with a fraction of the taxes collected going to property tax relief, less than half and pretty soon a casino will be the only place that you can legally light up a cigarette. His Department of Enviormental Protection has just layed down and let the gas companies do whatever they want. How is DEP allowing drilling near water supplies? I know the EPA lacks authority in this area but the state should be able to to say no to drilling near water drinking water. Governor Edward Rendell needs to take charge of this situation.

In the CV yesterday Elizabeth Skrapits wrote a story about how the rich get richer off this drilling and their ancestors got rich off of coal mining.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Meet the candidate

Normally there is a lull of political activity after the the May primary until Labor Day but not this year.

Today 117th Democratic State Rep candidate Richard Shermanski will be at King's Pizza, 49 S Mountain Blvd in Mountaintop at 7PM. Join us for free pizza and soda, and meeting the Democratic Party's nominee for State Representative! Representatives for other local and statewide campaigns will also be there, so please pop by and say hello!

Tomorrow Congressman Joe Sestak will bring his US Senate campaign to Misericordia University's Bevevino Library, 301 Lake St, Dallas starting at 2PM. It's good to see that his camp actually did some advance work this time.

On Tuesday James O'Meara will be at the Naked Grape in Plains at 6PM and he also promises free pizza. All this pizza is not going to help my ulcer. Jim has an uphill fight as a Republican in the overwhelming Democratic 121st State Representative District and also has a tea and crumpets event scheduled for June 24th at the GOP HQ in Wilkes-Barre or is it coffee and cake. My suggestion is to forget the deserts and go for a cheesesteaks and beer event.

State Senate 14th District Republican candidate Luzerne County Commissioner Steve Urban has a meet and greet scheduled for June 17th starting at 5PM at one of my favorite restaurants Dan's Keystone Grill , 162 Union St., Plains. If you go and decide to have dinner get the prime rib and order it rare. The next day Urban will be at the Chicken Coop in the East End section of Wilkes-Barre. The wings are way overrated.

El alcalde de Hazleton Lou Barletta está tomando su tercer disparo en la sede del Congreso de 11 y una barbacoa para programar 18:00, 22 de junio en la parrilla de Damon Estado Carr. 120. 93 de Hazleton, PA y estará a Dooley's Pub, 120 Oak Street, Old Forge a partir de las 18:00. No he comprobado el menú para ver si puedo conseguir un burrito o algunos de nacho

Sorry Shawn, I just can't help it.

This Sunday you can join my Libertarian Party friends including Tim Mullen at Grotto Pizza in Edwardsville at 2PM.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

You can't trust bloggers

The Blogfather is defending a left leaning bloggers reporting about the explosion in western PA of a gas well because a local talk radio gasbag has decided that the controversy about the Marcellus Shale gas drilling is his issue. Someone had the audacity to mention on his show that a blogger had tried to get to the details and was cut off because "we don't know who they are."

The blogger in question is Mike Morrill of Keystone Progress who tried to get access the site but reports "they not only wouldn’t let me on the site, they told me I might be shot for being on their property and then sent thugs to chase me and threaten me."

More from Markie:

He went on to say that the accurate information comes from the print media and...wait for it radio.

Mark has been all over this issue since 2008 and Kayak Dude warns that water pollution is a real worry. Read the profile of Don in the CV, he knows what he is talking about.

Bloggers are doing great work on this issue and have been far ahead of the traditional media.

Another Monkey

GDAC - Gas Drilling Awareness Coalition

Frack Mountain

Breathing is Political

Gas Wells Are Not Our Friends


There are many more so if I missed you let me know.

Poor Skrep

I think the life story of Greg Skrepenak would make a great TV movie. Local boy with athletic talent goes off to a Big 10 school and excels at football then has success in the NFL making big bucks. After his 5 year professional football career he returns home wanting to do good establishing a foundation to spread around his wealth to worthy causes. Then he got involved in local politics and the All-American Boy becomes an admitted criminal who is now apparently broke. This is a tragedy that Shakespeare could have written.