Thursday, October 31, 2013

All Hallows Eve


A Halloween Message by Mean Old Man

Once again, we are upon that stupid holiday (?) called Halloween.  Damn!!!!!!  Each year all the handout seekers come to my door asking for free candy or money.  And the twerp heads can’t even have the common decency to say ‘thank you” when they get it!!!!  Against the wishes of my missus, I will not be taking any of these future welfare recipients into my living room this time.  I remember one year some punk who looked about 25 years old coming inside.  He looked as if he’d had twelve Stegs and some of that funny tobacco for dessert.  The thing that really got to me was his looking around my place----particularly at the picture of Ronald Reagan with the gold-trimmed frame over my fireplace.  I made a point to let this vagrant know that if I ever saw him within a mile of my homestead again he would have the opportunity to meet my two cousins, Smith and Wesson.  Needless to say the loser never showed again.
In my day we celebrated Halloween too.  But there was an age limit.   Once I turned 9 my old man put an end to it.  “Dimwit, it’s time for you to go out and find a part time job!  Not dress up like a little panty waste!!!”  I remember him saying, right after he belted me after finding me dressed in my homemade Superman outfit.  And when Pops found out that I used Mom’s red dress to make a cape, he flung me down the stairs and kicked my sorry butt into the coal chute for the night.  I remember laying on top of the coal with the cold October air seeping through the corners of the basement window.  My legs and back were in dire pain and my head too.  It was brutal, inhumane and degrading punishment for a 9 year old----and I loved it!!!  Because it taught me a lesson that childhood has its expiration date and adulthood starts!!!  Good ol’ Pops, when they made him they broke the mold.  I miss him a lot.
It ain’t that way today. Kids of all ages go out begging.  No doubt, a product of the welfare state.  And what about the real joy of Halloween-----horror?????  In my time we had real monsters played by real men.  Boris Karloff, Lon Chaney and Bela Lugosi.  Bela was the best vampire ever.  Not like these prissy vampires today in those Twilight films.  My dumbbell granddaughter, Molly is in love with some nerd who portrays a vampire in that movie.  She has a poster on her bedroom wall of him, hoping he will stop by in the middle of the night to take her away and marry her.  What a load of balderdash!!!!  I’ve seen this nitwit in the silly movie and I have news for little Molly.  This jerk may stop by someone’s bedroom to take them away in the middle of the night, but most likely it won’t be a girl named Molly but a guy named Roy!!!!!!!!!!!!
So, all you commies enjoy your Halloween.  Maybe if you trek down to DC and stop at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. you’ll pick up a free, pie in the sky health insurance policy to put in your trick or treat bag.  As for me, I’ll be in my living room, drinking a few Stegs, smoking a Lucky while listening to the soothing sounds of Sammy Davis, Jr. singing “Me and My Shadow” on the ol’ victorola.  Happy Halloween and remember, I ain’t takin’ any!!!!!!!!!
I hate you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Red Sox win the World Series

It's a great thing that Boston has won the World Series for the 3rd time in the last 10 years. They went from last to first and we can hope the Phillies may figure that out.  The Red beards won it.

Signs change over time

Before the primary.

From a reader: Card being passed by Frank Pizzella & christine Katsock

After the primary



Pittston District Judge candidates on the air

I didn't pay much attention to this race previously because  Magistrates don't decide public policy but I have met both candidates and like them and as PAPolitics said because it’s just plain fun local NEPA politics.

Alex Kokura won the Democratic nomination by a whisker over Red O'Brien with Jerry Mecadon coming in a close third.  Democrat Mecadon bested Kokura by just 26 votes to grab the Republican nod. Results at this link. I think they should do away with cross filing. So now 2 Dems are in the finals. The overwhelming  registration advantage favors Kokura as  5594 votes where cast in the Democratic primary versus only 982 for the GOP. On the other hand Mecadon pulled 1284 votes on the Dem side. So the aggregate primary result was Kokura 1626 to Mecadon's 1570. This a barn burner but Kokura has to be be the favorite because of the registration edge in the district.

 The TL:

Northeastern Pennsylvania politics for sure, the race is ripe with rumor and accusations, according to PA Politics:

• Mecadon’s camp was spotted videotaping Kokura at an event.

• Kokura is using the office as a stepping to stone to Luzerne County judgeship.

• Mecadon wants to move the district judge’s office out of Pittston City Hall.

• Kokura’s cousin, Pittston Area School Board President Charles Sciandra, helped get James “Red” O’Brien, who lost to Kokura by eight votes, a job at the Pittston Area School District warehouse in exchange for support.

In separate interviews on Tuesday, both candidates distanced themselves from the innuendo that has surfaced in local news reports, blogs, talk shows and message boards.

You can get the real skinny on this race at

Alex has a positive spot up:

Ed Mitchell has been polling the district and cut one of his contrast ads:

Jerry has an event tonight: Free Home Stretch Rally at the Duryea VFW at 492 Stephenson Street, Duryea this Wednesday October 30th from 7-9 p.m. Food and Beverages will be provided. This will be our last event before the election.

Alex has a get together on Sunday: 
Attention Ladies: Please join us and Michelle Bednar for an "Autumn, Wine & Women" event on Sunday, Nov. 3, 2013 from 2 pm to 4 pm at Tony & Deno's located at 295 Parsonage St., Hughestown, PA.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Rick Williams on the air

Independent County Councilor Rick Williams is running a reelection TV spot that is very similar to one that worked so well for him last time. I think the TV ad put him over the top in 2011. He is the first Independent candidate to win a county wide election in my memory. It has  testimonials followed by his pitch.

And he sent along this note:

Two years ago, when  Luzerne County voters decided to govern ourselves differently through Home Rule, many predicted that change would not come quickly.

Taking one step at a time, I believe we are now on a path toward more accountable, effective and ethical county government.  It’s important to vote in the election next Tuesday, November 5th.  It does matter.

Help Luzerne County Council keep moving forward to a more promising future.

Rick Williams
Independent Candidate for re-election Luzerne County Council

And one last event:

 Independent candidate Rick Williams is holding a Get out the Vote Party. On Wednesday, October 30th, from 5 to 7pm there will be a gathering at the Riverside CafĂ©, 187 Old River Road, Wilkes-Barre.

Paul Dezinski for county council

In addition to the 11 people on the ballot Paul Dezinski of Wyoming is running a write-in campaign. He owns a lawn care business and  has 14 years experience  in the Fire-EMS service. He's a lifelong Colts fan and likes the Yankees in baseball and picked the Cardinals to win the Series.

I talked with him the other day and asked why he is mounting a very long shot write-in campaign but  didn't try to get on the ballot. He said the time limit had expired before he decided to run. His motivation for running is the spike in crime. I'm not sure  that the county council can do much about that.  He said that  John Boland and John Marianacci have been supportive.

More info on his Facebook page.

Some of his messages to me:

 I could tell u some why I've decided to try as a write in campaign . Well the violence is a big part of it 10 Homicides in Wilkes-Barre and no other council person campaigning has mentioned to make our streets safer and to curb the violence . I have 14 years in the Fire-EMS service both currently as a volunteer and career . I see and deal with the bad violence on a daily basis over the last 14 years it has risen and risen even higher ....And now to see that at the casino a girl was held gunpoint and robbed . It's only gonna get worse if someone like me doesn't take the step forward . I'd like to see a county wide gang task force and work with the local authorities to make our streets safer for people of all ages and it's a beautiful place here in Luzerne County and we can even go forward and still make it safer for tourism and if not soon we will see houses being sold off as people being in fear of their lives ....And our county 911 system I'd like to implement the Lackawanna county style GPS dispatched for Paramedic units only . I am sure you have read the paper a few months back about the elderly gentleman heart attack on the ground in the back mountain area . And a closer paramedic unit was closer but they waited for one of out Luzerne Borough to respond and pass the closer one ....Also taxes are a concern on not to higher taxes as it effects the senior citizens who live on fixed incomes and can barely pay for medications due to the Medicare changes they go with out meds as the out of pocket expense is draining them to nothing and it not like they get raise when taxes go up . So I would have to analyze any tax hike very carefully before I said yes to raising them.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Michelle Bednar on the air

Luzerne County Controller candidate Michelle Bednar (D) gets some help from the auditor guy.

Poll workers

What a waste of time. For the most part people going to vote have their minds made up so somebody handing a card in front of the voting place is not going to persuade them. A better use of volunteers is to identify your voters and make sure they get to the polls. Call them , give them a ride or whatever it takes.

The only poll worker that matter's is the candidate in a local election but that could cut both ways . A few years ago I was impressed by a School Board candidate that I met on the way in and voted for the guy. The flip side is I talked to a candidate for a local office and he was clueless so I didn't vote for him.

You Tube Weekend

RIP Lou Reed

Lou Reed - See that my grave is kept clean




Saturday, October 26, 2013

Quincy turns 5 today

I'm not really big on  birthdays as I was born on my sister's 5th birthday and she has not forgiven me til this day. But John Quincy Adams wants to celebrate by chewing up stuff and digging holes. Chris Matthews (Tweety) of Hardball ended our argument on what to name him when he mentioned JQA. His predecessors were Hubert Horatio "Humphrey" and Michael Gorbachev "Gorby."

When we brought him home the cat wasn't thrilled at first but Ptolomey has since made his peace.

He figured out how to dig holes and still does. I can't believe I actually have to buy dirt to fill them in.

The Q likes to dig when it rains.

We nursed him when he wasn't well.

And put up with the destructive streaks.

He helps with yard work.

He is our big affectionate,clumsy Golden Retriever.

Life in Plains Twp is good

I awoke to the wonderful sound of beeping trucks and heavy equipment ripping up West Stanton Street this morning. Another street in Plains will be paved thanks to the money from the Mohegan Sun casino. I've never been in the place but thanks to the revenue from it our streets look better, trash bags are cheap and the police and fire departments have new equipment.

Thank you suckers.

Mrs. G says I avoid the casino because I'm afraid I would like it. She is probably right.

Brominski on the Luzerne County Council election

Luzerne County Councilor Edd Brominski is backing the accountability ticket +1 of
Mike Giamber, Eileen Sorokas , Renee Taffera and Rich “Kick” Heffron  in the upcoming election.

He sent along a somewhat cryptic LTE:


The following are examples of how TRANSPARENT three of the four incumbents running for County Council really are.

One incumbent said at a meeting of elected officials and some of the public “WE are not going to let the Charter get in our way”!! He has proved it by serving on a board which allows pay increases to employees of the county without Council approval as required by the Charter.  He proclaims business knowledge yet has not made one suggestion as to how we are to solve the $430,000,000 crisis we are in.

A second incumbent read the Bible at a public meeting, yet he fabricates numbers to be saved by eliminating the tax collectors, at a political rally, without substantial information.  The only purpose was to secure votes for re-election.  Further he committed to vote for a person applying to a County Authority solely to gain votes for his re-election from a segment of his party.
The third incumbent solicited an applicant for a county appointed board (who he nominated and voted for) and also solicited the same person to apply for the Deputy Director’s Position in the Elections Bureau.  All this was done to curry minority votes.

These are issues that the public does not know of, but are examples of the LACK of TRANSPARENCY by these incumbents seeking re-election in November.
These same candidates voted for the 2012 2% tax increase, voted for pay raises and now we are further in the hole with our budget.  They have all indicated they support the 8% tax increase proposed by the manager. None have ever offered a way to solve our budgetary problems nor objected to the reckless spending by the manager. 

These three also voted down a division head in order to hire another, less qualified person, at a higher salary. Make them accountable to you now, do not re-elect them.

I ask you to, research, vote and be very selective in your choices, and when you choose, select Mike Giamber, Eileen Sorokas , Renee Taffera and Rich “Kick” Heffron  for Luzerne County Council.

Yours in Honest Government, I am…

Edward A. Brominski
Luzerne County Council Member

Then he posted this on his Facebook page:

 Do you care?

Luzerne County has a tax value of $19,000,000,000 ( that is BILLION)
Each mil of taxes is worth $19,000,000 (that is million)
We are taxed at 5.32 mils (0.00532)
From Sept. of 2012 to Sept. of 2013 we picked up $401,000,000 in new assessments.
That should be $2,000 000 + in new tax dollars, correct? 


$389,000,000 was abated, given back.

$12,000,000 was used for tax purposes, that equates to $64,000 in new money to run the county.

With these figures, why would Jim Bobeck support Haas, Kellerher and Williams for re election? To keep the status quo!!!!

We pay a manager $100,000 plus benefits to stop this loss of money, and I and the council get $8,000 a year to watch the books. Something is wrong. 

Renee Taffera , Mike Giamber, Eileen Sorokas and Kick Heffron deserve your vote to help keep an eye , or TEN including me, on your money. Remember Nov. 5th VOTE..

Friday, October 25, 2013

Chris Carney endorses Mark Critz for Lt Governor

Chalk this one up to my theory that most endorsements are only good for a press release.

Former Congressman Chris Carney Backs Critz for Lt. Gov.

Former U.S. Representative Chris Carney today announced that he is endorsing Mark Critz for Lieutenant Governor. Carney praised Critz for his dedication to creating jobs, supporting policies that strengthen the middle class and being a rational voice in Congress.

They both did well running as Blue Dog Democrats  and winning in Republican leaning  Congressional Districts in the past but a state wide race now is different. After all the damage Governor Tom Corbett has done Critz comes across as the worst kind of politician. He wants to be somebody instead of doing something. I talked to him at the Luzerne County Democratic picnic and he creeped me out. He handed me his official business card from when he was a Congresscritter with a sticker on the back with his new info obscuring the old stuff. He was very proud of it and said it would be a collectors item. 

I can't seem to find a Critz website but he does have a Facebook page.



Rob McCord gets local support

PA Treasurer Rob McCord  is one of the hundred or so people running for Governor next year. He has been rolling out endorsements just like many of the others and he has the backings of some of our local legislators. State Senator John Yudichak and Rep. Mike Carroll from Luzerene County are on board according to PoliticsPA. 

McCord  was the only Guv hopeful that showed up for Yuddy's picnic in August and Eddie Day Pashinski and Mike Carroll were the only local State Reps to make it.

Rob and Yuddy having a laugh

A few neighbors from our north are also on board. Sen. John Blake and Reps. Kevin Haggerty and Sid Michaels-Kavulich.

McCord also rolled out the endorsements of 20 PA state party chairs but our own Luzerne County guy Bob Boyer was not one of them.It was interesting that 5 prospective Democratic Guv candidates made it to the Luzerne County Democratic picnic but McCord wasn't one of them. Yuddy also skipped it. A scheduling conflict I'm sure.

Most endorsements are only good for a press release unless they bring in money or boots on the ground. That is why union endorsements are so important in a Democratic primary We will see if Yuddy can deliver either or both and become a latter day Marty Murray as the Yonk speculates.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Cyndi Lauper at the Kirby

I'm not usually a big fan of opening bands but Hunter Valentine really kicked ass tonight getting the audience ready for Cyndi Lauper. I recognized them from the Sue Henry Show on WRKC and other places. Cyndi came on and sang the songs from She's so Unusual (30th anniversary thing) with a few others mixed in. She opened with Money Changes Everything which is a great song.

Before the concert there was an announcement that Cyndi only allows non flash pictures during  the first 2 songs and no video. I thought 'good luck with that.' During the second song tonight Cyndi stopped Girls Want to Have Fun and yelled at the people in the front who paid big bucks to be in the first few rows. It was a rehearsed move. I'm paraphrasing but she said to them Motherfuckers, . How would you like a camera stuck in your face. (She did say MF). That worked as the video and cell phone police moved up and down the aisles and silenced all devices for the rest of the night.

Cyndi charmed the crowd with her stories as always then some nonsense broke in the balcony and she told them to cut the shit.  I can't wait to read the police blotter in the morning.

My favorite Cyndi song was not played.

After the concert I was milling around while the girls went to the bathroom. Some security type told me to go along and I tried to explain that I was waiting for my wife and my girlfriend.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Gloom and doom from Lawton

TL: Luzerne County Manager Robert Lawton’s proposed 2014 budget calls for an 8 percent tax increase and contains a $2.77 million gap that will be closed with roughly 55 layoffs if employees don’t offer up concessions.

 There has been something of a collective freakout online and from local politicos over this proposal. My advice is that everybody take a chill pill as this his opening negotiating position and will certainly be modified before a final budget is adopted. How many times have we seen this before from local school districts. The first draft of the budget proposes a big hike in taxes and the final one limits it to only 2 or 3 percent. Then they all slap each other on the back for "working hard" to find efficiencies that limited the tax hike.

The biggest driver of the budget woes is the debt service. The Bond Brothers, Skrep and Vondy , borrowed almost every year to just cover operating expenses and it's going to take about 15 years to dig out of the hole they dug. In the meantime costs increase every year for everything from health care to office supplies. In the end some people will be let go and taxes will go up.

Some Luzerne County Council candidates sound ridiculous about never voting for a tax increase. It's like Grover Norquist got to them.

County council candidate pledges no tax raise

 Paul DeFabo is incoherent. He doesn't want  a tax increase or layoffs. Kathy Dobash and Eileen Sorokas have said no to a tax increase ever. I expected that from Kathy but not Eileen. The rest of them said all the usual things  about cutting expenses but did not rule out raising taxes.


Sunday, October 20, 2013

No CFR's on the Luzerne County website

The fiance reports of county candidates should be available online. They not been updated in about 2 years since Lenny Piazza got the axe. People tell me he was the best IT and paper manager they dealt with. All I know is that I would email a question to Lenny on a Friday night at 10PM and he would get back to me at 10:15.

Michelle Bednar for Controller

Democratic nominee for Luzerne County Controller Michelle Bednar had a nice turnout for an event at the The Red Mill in Pittston today. State Rep Mike Carroll was the MC  who complimented every person who is willing to offer themselves for office  regardless of party. It takes a combination of guts and ego to run in an election. Mike is one the most accessible people that I know in office. He will talk to anybody at anytime. After the latest redistricting he will become my State Rep replacing Eddie Day. He has moved up in the rankings of my favorite state legislators even outpacing Phyllis Mundy. She didn't show up for Blogfest so I have to vote for Mike in the next election.

Both Pittston DJ candidates worked the room. Alex and Jerry are both good people and  it's shame one of them will not be elected.  Council candidates Michael Giamber and Renee Zita Ciaruffoli Taffera make it to everything. 

Independent Council incumbent  Rick Williams  told me he is going to go up on TV. That was the difference last time. He is the first Independent candidate to win a county wide election in my memory. 

It was good to chat with Bear Creek Sup Gary Zingaretti.

The highlight for me me was I made a joke about Michelle would be the prettiest county official since Ethel Price. 3rd District  Chair Phil Struzzeri caught that one and we had a great time reminiscing about Ethel, Marty Murray, Wideman, Crossin and the rest. We just needed the Yonk to keep us straight.
It was a fun time
More pics at this link

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Walter is still a pain in the ass

Former Luzerne County Controller Walter Griffirh will not go away He had to resign in a plea deal with the AG over the recording thing. He made a big mistake in that one.

So now that he is back to being an ordinary citizen he is asking questions. Some people don't like that. The story by Jennifer in the the TL today has Walter  blasting the Retirement  Board with a worry about his !st amendment right to free speech.

Things have gotten weird

At least at the local level of politics.There are Republicans showing up at Democrats events and Democrats are showing up at Republican events .This is a good thing as there is not a R or D way to deal with most of the problems of local government.

 Maybe the people in Washington could learn a lesson.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Kidnapped by K-Mart

After all the drama of the last 2 weeks the Congress agreed to raise the debt ceiling and fund the government until early next year. The sad thing about it it is is almost the same deal that was agreed to before  the September 30th deadline. So in a way the Republicans actually got a policy victory in continuing to fund the government at levels that included the sequestration.

 But that wasn't good enough at the time so they overreached by demanding that the Obamacare be defunded to keep the government open and not default on the debts that the Congress had already run up. That wasn't a negotiating position, it was a ransom note and the President was right to reject it and refuse to negotiate. He stated he was protecting the office for future President's both Democrats and Republicans. A minority of one house house of Congress cannot demand a repeal of settled law and threaten to crash the world economy if they don't get their way. If my Republican friends want to repeal the Affordable Care Act you need to win the next election.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz took them down this rat hole and it may help his ambition to win the 2016 Prez nomination. He raised a ton of money in the last few weeks and millions signed his "petition." His petition is just a mail/email list so he can go back and hit people up for more money.

As the deadline approached the ransom demands were reduced. First it was repeal Obamacare then delay it for a year. When that was met with a steady no from the White House and the Democrats  the ransom was to reduce to medical device tax which wasn't taken seriously. You're really not going to blow up the economy over a tax on stethoscopes and tongue depressors.

At this point it started to remind me of the film Ruthless People when Bette Midler screamed " Do I understand this correctly? I'm being marked down?  I've been kidnapped by K-Mart!"

The debt ceiling has has been pushed off until February and CR lasts until January. Keep an eye on the new improved super committee that is supposed to report in December and come up with a new way to screw people on Social Security. .

Statements from our local Congresscriters.

 The first from my 3rd fav GOP guy:

WASHINGTON – Congressman Lou Barletta, PA-11, tonight voted for legislation to fund the federal government through January 15, 2014 and extend the debt limit until February 7, 2014.  Barletta issued the following statement:


“I never wanted the government to shut down, nor did I want to default on America’s financial obligations.  After weeks of attempts at negotiations and many House votes to reopen the government, I believe we are finally on a path to move forward and get back to the work of governing the country.  While the final legislation we passed tonight does not even approach what I would have preferred, my love for this county and my concern for the well being of her people trump everything. 


“We cannot risk a default on our financial obligations, which would damage our standing in the world and threaten the retirement accounts of countless millions of Americans.  With this action, we reopen the government, restore needed services, get people back to work, and ease global financial concerns.


“As a former mayor, I always want to find solutions to problems.  During this prolonged debate, the landscape was continually changing, as were the possible paths to common ground.  I worked hard and kept looking for answers.  In the end, I chose to side with the American people and avoid near certain financial and fiscal disaster.


“It’s important to note that this is only a temporary arrangement, and I am sincerely hopeful that many of my concerns about Obamacare and government spending can be addressed as we move past this crisis.” 

Matt will part of the leadership one day unless he goes for a higher office:

Washington, D.C. – Congressman Matt Cartwright released the following statement regarding the bipartisan agreement to reopen the government and pay our bills: 
“Today, the American people have seen Congress reach a bipartisan agreement to reopen the government and avert a default on the nation’s bills.  While the compromise that has been reached will provide our economy with the stability it needs, we must move forward together and do more.
“After more than two weeks spent facing off across a partisan divide differences were set aside to prevent disaster.
“Part of this agreement instructs leaders to name conferees to a budget conference committee.  The hope is that this action will assure Congress continues the work of setting this country on a path to job growth and fiscal sustainability.  The conference committee, which is charged with producing its negotiated budget package in December, is the appropriate place to discuss our differing views on the best way to chart a course for economic growth.
“Now we must return to our most important job – expanding the economy and protecting middle-class families.
“Let’s get together and actually pass a budget.”

Monday, October 14, 2013

This weeks events

A whole lot of meetin n'grettin going on in the runup to the election. The sad thing is maybe 20% of registered voters will actually cast a ballot.


A meet-and-greet for Luzerne County Council candidate Paul DeFabo will be held from 7 to 9 p.m. Tuesday at the North End Tavern, 553 N. Main St., Wilkes-Barre.

Larksville meet-and-greet

Jim Fender, Joe Mazur and Thomas Pieczyncki will host a meet-and-greet for Luzerne County council candidate Renee Ciaruffoli-Taffera and other political candidates from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. Wednesday at Fiddlers Green Irish Pub, State Street, Larksville.


Bob and Joan Pipech will host a meet-and-greet for Luzerne County council candidate Eileen M. Sorokas and the political candidates of Mountain Top from 4 to 7 p.m. on Sunday at Januzzi's Pizza, Route 309, Mountain Top.

Kokura rally

Attorney Alexandra Kokura, Democratic nominee for magisterial district judge in the greater Pittston area, will hold a free community rally from 6 to 8 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 24 at the Dupont VFW.

Coffee and desert with Harry Haas 

Thursday 6PM

 Join Harry Haas for an informal meet-and-greet as he seeks re-election to Luzerne County Council.
Stop by on your way home from work and talk to Harry about his goals for making Luzerne County government more efficient, transparent and accountable.
Harry would like to catch up with old friends and supporters as well as new ones.
This is your chance to meet Harry in an informal setting.

Culled from the the CV, Facebook and emails.

Luzerne County candidate forum

Via Political scene

The Downtown Residents Association is sponsoring a Luzerne County candidates forum from 7 to 9 p.m. Oct. 21 at Wilkes University's Henry Center Ballroom, 84 W. South St., Wilkes-Barre.
Candidates running for Luzerne County Council and controller will speak.

Admission is free and parking is available.

Council candidates Renee Ciaruffoli Taffera, Paul DeFabo, Kathy Dobash, Michael Giamber, Harry Haas, Richard "Kick" Heffron, Eugene Kelleher, Linda McCloskey Houck, Sue Rossi, Eileen Sorokas and Rick Williams; and controller candidates Carolee Medico Olengiski and Michelle Bednar plan to attend. For information, call 570-826-0410.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Walter endorses Carolee


I am supporting Carolee for Controller. We need someone that understands our government and Michelle Bednar is a nice person but doesnt know how the COunty Government is used against the Taxpayers. Carolee will stand firm for the people and wont be intimidated by the Players of COunty COuncil or County Manager. The function of Independent Watchdog is first and foremost before audits and Carolee knows this because she has lived the corruption in our county,

Walter Griffith Jr

Luzerne County Controller

Nice profiles in the TL.

Bednar says she empathizes with taxpayers


 Medico Olenginski says she’ll stand up to powerful


Walter Griffith would probably would have won  reelection easily as I think he was most popular politician in the county. But in his quest to expose corruption he put his heart ahead of his head and had to resign because he recorded some conversations without asking for permission from the people being recorded. Don't mess with Judd Shoval. I was disappointed with Walter when I asked him at the Spring Blogfest  if he had recorded the conversations and he told me NO. Then he plead guilty to the charge. Walter Mitchell was a good choice as the interim Controller.

Now the choice in upcoming election is between Michelle Bednar and Carollee Medico

 Michelle Bednar is the tax collector for Cunningham Twp and Carollee is/was the Probationary of Luzerne County. 

 To put it mildly Carolee doesn't play well with others. See my archive.

  Carolee told me she is not planning any events before the election but Michelle is campaigning hard.  

She has a Meet and Greet at

The Red Mill
340 S. Main St., Pittston, PA
Sunday, October 20th, 2013
2 p.m to 5 p.m.
with Master of Ceremonies,
State Representative
Mike Carroll