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Tis the Season

A Yuletide Message by Mean Old Man
Once again we are upon that holiest of seasons, the observance of the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.  But what with all the damn commercials and sales pitches for everything from cell phones to Ford F150’s you wouldn’t know!!!  And to top it all off, all of the spoiled, bratty kids squawking about wanting this and that and-----Hell---everything!!!!   No one even talks about Jesus anymore or all of his good works.  Except for this week when some bleach blonde on Fox news stated that our savior was white.  Now, I wasn’t around then, but all I know is every single picture of Jesus Christ that I have seen has him white, so I have to accept it.  End of Story!!!!!!!  But there is another thing that the dumb bimbo brought up that I need to get off of my mind.
Santa Claus, the biggest detractor to Jesus that ever existed and more likely an early invention of the Communist party…..perhaps Karl Marx’s grandfather came up with the idea.  Anyways, once ol’ Santa got into the mix that’s what everybody seemed to start talking about.  Hell, even I believed in this silly fat Soviet invention at one time as a child, until ol’ Pops put an end to it.  I remember it so well…..
One Christmas around the time I as 7 years old, I was obsessed with getting a new baseball glove as a gift.  So, I went upstairs to the bedroom that I shared with my two loser brothers, Mike and Bye (who were older than me, by the way).  I sat down at the small desk that Pops made for Mike and began to write a letter to ol’ St. Nick.  I don’t think I got to my second sentence when the door slams open and there standing, big as life was Pops.
“Hey dimwit!” He screamed louder than a banshee.  “I get home from the breaker and I find that the furnace is almost empty.  What the hell are you up to?!?!?!”  I told him that I was writing to Santa to ask for a baseball glove.  Pops face turned redder than Gloria Steinman at a pro-life rally and he nearly went nuts.
“I’m gonna let you in a little secret moron, there’s no such thing as Santa Claus and even if there was he wouldn’t give a lazy dope like you a damned thing!!!!!!!!!!!”  Pops then proceeded to ball me out for not shoveling the coal into our furnace.  He then grabbed me by my shirt collar and lifted me up from the chair while slapping me around like a rag doll.  Then he proceeded to fling me down the stairwell into our parlor.  Once there he rushed down the steps and made a quick 180 to the ice box to fetch a bottle of Steg.  While slugging it down he grabbed me once again with his other arm and flung me down the cellar steps.
“I had better see enough coal in the furnace to keep the King of Siam warm, or your spending the night making an igloo out in the yard!!!”
While shoveling that night, I could feel the blood seeping from my forehead and the pain in my lower back each time I bent to pick up a load of coal.  It was painful, horrifying and degrading….and I loved it!!!  Because Pops taught me an important lesson that day, to face reality and not count on any handouts.  Good ol Pops, there’ll never be another like him.  I miss him a lot.
So, all you liberal, commie idiots out there screaming about some bimbo saying Santa is White, forget it.  There is no Santa and there never was.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a  Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By the way, that Christmas I didn’t get my baseball glove.  Instead I got a new shirt because Pops had ripped my old one when he hoisted me up like an ornament.  It was one of the best gifts I ever got!!!!!
So all you goofballs have a Merry Christmas….and make sure you got your cards out early to the Kremlin and Peking.  As for me, I’ll be sitting at home, enjoying a Lucky and hoisting a Steg while listening to Nat King Cole singing the Christmas Song.
Merry Christmas!!!!!  I hate you all!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Bob Guzzardi for Governor

PoliticsPA is reporting that Montgomery County attorney Bob Guzzardi is asking people to help him gather signatures to get on the Republican ballot for Governor next year. People who follow PA politics know that Guzzardi has donated to many republican candidates and a few Democrats over the last few years. On his recent Facebook posts he talks about the Forgotten Taxpayer and regularly rips GOP lawmakers that have voted to increase spending and debt.

The latest transportation funding bill seems to have pushed him into running saying “Why would you want to be complicit in the nomination of a Promise Breaker to represent you? This is a moment,” Guzzardi wrote.
The polls tell us that Tom Corbett is very likely to lose and not likely to get better with the Corbett Gas Tax.”

He knows this a long shot and may not even get the 2000 signatures to get on the ballot. 
“Winning is unrealistic,” he said. Instead, he wants to send a message.
“My goal is to mobilize a disaffect grassroots, the Forgotten Taxpayers, who are forced to fund Unions and Government Contractors and Vendors.”

Bob has an informational website and a Wiki page. 

Saturday, December 07, 2013

YouTube weekend

Carol of the Bells done on Cello

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Possible 120th HD candidates

First of all I want to say say thank you to Phyllis Mundy for being for being a friend and an outstanding State Representative.

Just as I was getting worried that we wouldn't have many competitive state legislature elections next year Phyllis drops a bomb shell. Right now Pashinski, Carroll, Mullery, Toohill, Yudichak and Baker don't have an announced opponent but that will change as some guy with a tri-corner hat gets the itch. So far only Karen Boback has a serious opponent in Laura Dickson.

Bill O'Boyle in the TL runs down the likely candidates.

On the GOP side 2012 nominee Aaron Kaufer gives kudos to Phyllis and sounds like he will run again. She cleaned his clock 56%-44% after the state GOP pored a ton of money into the race. And there is always  speculation that Kingston Mayor for Life Jim Haggerty will try to lose another election outside of the Municipality after getting shot down for State Senate and Judge. I'm sure some other names will pop up.

The Dems will have plenty of candidates. Edwardsville Councilor Gary Mack is interested as is West Pittston attorney Laura Dennis who is said to be able to self finance. This line from the TL article kind of bugs me. Dennis said she wants to run for elective office; she has to decide if the state legislature would be the best fit for her. In other words she wants to run for office to be somebody instead of doing something. She has time to clear that up.

The early frontrunner for the Democratic nod has to be West Wyoming Council Prez Eileen Cipriani. She has been at Phyllis' side and organized the West Side Council of Governments that has been able to pool the resources of the west side to get things done.

Other names being thrown around include:

Former W. Pittston Mayor Bill Goldsworthy who is working for the the Guv and ran against Phyllis in 2010. He may want to get off the Corbett sinking ship before it goes under.

Just for shits and giggles a commenter says:  I say Michael Szustak- did a bang up job with Gelb and Cartwright. Has what we need for the job!

 And we all know that Joe V has always wanted to be elected to something...anything

If Mundy does retire, who knows, maybe I’ll tap into that communion money and throw my hat into the ring as well.

Monday, December 02, 2013

Phyllis hangs it up

Mundy will not seek re-election to Pa. House
HARRISBURG, Dec. 2 State Rep. Phyllis Mundy, D-Kingston, today announced she will retire at the end of this legislative session.


Mundy, who represents portions of Luzerne County, is serving her 12th term in office, which runs through Nov. 30, 2014. She was first elected in 1990.


"It has been my privilege to serve the people of the 120th District," Mundy said. "My staff and I have worked hard and done our best to serve all who needed our help. I am humbled by the confidence and support shown to me for the past 23 years, and I am extremely grateful for the tremendous opportunity to serve."


Mundy led successful initiatives to expand prescription drug benefits and care for senior citizens, maximize early childhood care and education, increase home visitation services for at-risk expectant mothers, and promote quality care for foster children. She has also garnered a reputation for outstanding constituent service.


She has consistently advocated for middle-class families, working for consumer protections in utility cases and for tax fairness. In 2005, she led successful efforts to prevent hoarding of excessive surpluses at Blue Cross.


Before her tenure in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, Mundy was manager of a multi-million dollar manufacturing company. She also worked in many volunteer organizations, including the Junior League and League of Women Voters where she served two terms as president.


Mundy reminds her constituents that she will still be their representative in Harrisburg for the next year. Her local office at Park Office Building, Suite 113, 400 Third Ave., Kingston, will remain open through the remainder of her term, and her staff will continue to assist constituents with their needs.


The 120th Legislative Districts includes the townships of Exeter, Jackson and Kingston and the boroughs of Courtdale, Exeter, Forty Fort, Kingston, Luzerne, Pringle, Swoyersville, West Pittston, West Wyoming and Wyoming.


Sunday, December 01, 2013

Blogroll update

Many people over the years have said one of the best features of this blog is that I link to other scribes in the area. Happy to do it.

I deleted a few today because of dead links or the site has  not been updated in the last year. This blogging thing is harder than it looks.

I have been remiss by not adding Omeed Firouzi  His writings won an award. I predict that he will become either President of the United States or a talking head on TV news shows.

Scranton SB candidate Tom Borthwick took a break from his first internet adventure NEPartisan. Too bad. He is back with Tom Borthwick.