Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Bob Guzzardi for Governor

PoliticsPA is reporting that Montgomery County attorney Bob Guzzardi is asking people to help him gather signatures to get on the Republican ballot for Governor next year. People who follow PA politics know that Guzzardi has donated to many republican candidates and a few Democrats over the last few years. On his recent Facebook posts he talks about the Forgotten Taxpayer and regularly rips GOP lawmakers that have voted to increase spending and debt.

The latest transportation funding bill seems to have pushed him into running saying “Why would you want to be complicit in the nomination of a Promise Breaker to represent you? This is a moment,” Guzzardi wrote.
The polls tell us that Tom Corbett is very likely to lose and not likely to get better with the Corbett Gas Tax.”

He knows this a long shot and may not even get the 2000 signatures to get on the ballot. 
“Winning is unrealistic,” he said. Instead, he wants to send a message.
“My goal is to mobilize a disaffect grassroots, the Forgotten Taxpayers, who are forced to fund Unions and Government Contractors and Vendors.”

Bob has an informational website and a Wiki page. 

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