Friday, February 03, 2012

Kane is Able to back McCain

The news in the Pennsylvania Attorney General race is about the money the Democratic candidates have raised.

PoliticsPA: Kane’s husband helps to run his family’s business, Kane Trucking in Scranton. He loaned $1.75 million to his wife’s campaign, reports PhillyClout, and contributed $500,000. The former Lackawanna County assistant District Attorney currently has $2,009,911 on hand.
Murphy, meanwhile, did it the old fashioned way. He raised around $1.4 million in 2011 and begins 2012 with $1,043,016 on hand. He boasts over 2,500 individual donors.

Patrick Murphy and Kathleen Kane have both released internal polls that the campaigns are spinning but both show Murphy in the lead.

Murphy picked up support from Philadelphia politico's after Dan McCaffery dropped out.

In interesting twist the comment threads on PoliticsPA say that that Kane went the PUMA route after Hillary Clinton lost the Democratic nomination to Barack Obama in 2008 and supported John McCain for President.

Local Clinton backers, McCain adviser meet

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Anonymous said...

I supported Hillary. Heck, I was employeed by Hillary. I spent a year of my life travelling around the United States, all Hillary, all the time. Not even staffers like myself, and those who were and still are fiercely loyal to her, supported McCain. McCain/Palin would have destroyed everything that Hillary fought for her entire public life. She encouraged us, publicly at the convention, and privately during conference calls, to support Barack Obama after she withdrew; however, we would have supported Obama anyway, not because she told us to, but because we believed in what she wanted to do for this country, and while we were disappointed she wasn't going to be sworn in as our next president, we knew that a President Obama meant that Hillary's ideas would live on and become part of the basis for American government for generations to come.

Plus, having her as Secretary of State and watching her fix the world is pretty awesome.

Casey Evans