Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Matt Cartwright's lame media

Matt Cartwright(D-PA8)  and John Chrin (NJ) have a lot of money to spend on teevee ads.

 Right out of the box Chrin was kicking Cartwright's teeth in. Sanctuary Cities, higher taxes, welfare and scary photos of the soft spoken grandmother from Sodom on the San Andreas.

That's normal for a challenger to tear down the incumbent because he really doesn't have anything to offer. Read his issue page. But he does have the endorsement of the part-time occupant of the White House and his butler.

In response the Cartwright campaign violated the first rule of political advertising. Never, ever let your candidate respond to an attack ad. Use a narrator, man in the street, etc. But they keep using the same approach.

I have a novel idea for the Cartwright campaign. Remind us why we voted for you in 2012.

Instead we get New Jersey and Social Security

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D.B. Echo said...

I laugh every time I hear Jersey Chrin's latest attack ad:

"Matt Cartwright...is a LAWYER."

Yes, you out-of-town dunce, we KNOW he's a lawyer.That's WHY we know who he is. The fact that he's a popular LOCAL lawyer who appeared on commercials throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania and on local news programs for YEARS really gives him an unfair advantage. You would KNOW that if you were from anywhere around here, Chrin.