Monday, September 03, 2018

Oppose the Funeral Tax

Sue Henry has a famous name and a bumper sticker issue in her challenge to Eddie Day Pashinski. Her issue is eliminate property taxes but HB 76 does no such thing.It just moves taxes from the wealthy property owners to working people.  The response should be to oppose the expansion of the sales and income tax such as a NEW TAX on Funeral Services of 7%.. It will also tax food and clothing for the first time.

 No one wants to see a senior lose their  home as we are told  but I've never seen any data to support the allegation that seniors lose there home more than other people that fall behind on their taxes. In fact people over 65 and the disabled get a rebate up to $650 to offset the tax. I would like to see it applied up front so they don't have to wait for the money after they paid the bill.

I'm getting to be a senior and know how much a funeral can cost since I have had  to plan a few. I read obituaries all the time that ask for a donation to a Go Fund Me page to pay for the funeral service, burial and marker. Sadly, many of the deceased left us way before they should have because of overdose, murder, car crashes, etc. Young people for the most part don't have Life Insurance and the family should not be burdened with an additional cost such as a sales tax.


Anonymous said...

Sue Henry is a nice person, but she is uninformed on her what is her signature campaign point. She is using fear tactics ala Trump to try and get elected.
As far as funerals, there is no bigger waste of money. Embalming an empty shell, placing it in an expensive box, hovering over it while troves of people who didn't give the dead person the time of day while they were alive share exaggerated memories with those left behind, only to waste more money on a burial vault, and then sink all components into ground that could have much better use.
When I die, toss that which is left on a pyre and be done with it.

Anonymous said...

You are right on the money about Sue Henry basically shifting the burden to the working poor. Additionally, property taxes will remain in place up to 30 years to payoff existing debt.
She really doesn't have a grasp of this issue, or she has allowed her shtick to become reality. Kind of like they guy who is now playing president in the oval office.
It would be nice if the dems got out in front of this an exposed the bait and switch that it really is. Sadly, though, people like your blog buddy Yonk have already full consumed Sue Henry's bait

Anonymous said...

LuLac supports every other Democrat but his anger towards pashinski is hard to figure out.
He acts like he didnt get a political job or something. I mean what can it be?

Anonymous said...

Not sure 11:30AM. It is hard to tell these days with Yonk. I believe he wrote somewhere he was a substitute teacher at one time (not sure if I am remembering correctly) so maybe he is envious of Pashinski..
He seems to be supporting, of all people, Scavo.
Also, after all the support, I think he even arranged and possibly funded a campaign stop for Wolf, he has been pretty quiet on the Governor's race. That could be because the position he may have been angling for went to the former mayor of Exeter.
Yonk seems to have gone off the deep end when it comes to Trump, yet he is supporting people for state office who are Trump acolytes and could help him in 2020.