Tuesday, May 30, 2006

10th CD update

“You can’t be proud of this congressman.” -former Georgia Sen. Max Cleland

CLARKS SUMMIT-Mr. Cleland, a decorated Vietnam veteran who lost his legs and part of an arm in the war, spoke to about 45 people at the Clarks Summit VFW. He endorsed Mr. Carney, of Dimock Township, Susquehanna County, because of his “honor and integrity” and “family values.” He talked about Mr. Carney’s war experience as a lieutenant commander in the Naval Reserve, saying Mr. Carney had a unique perspective on the war in Iraq that could help if he is elected. “We have the chance to get someone better than what we have here,” Mr. Cleland said. “Don Sherwood has not represented this area and its values.”

I picked up something interesting from the vote count in Wyoming County according to the Wyoming County Press Examiner:

In contested races locally, outside of the 20th Senate and 117th House races, there were few surprises, except that a number of observers were surprised at the strength of Kathy Scott in her Republican Primary challenge to U.S. Rep. Don Sherwood's 10th District seat. District wide, Sherwood garnered 56 percent of the vote to Scott's 44 percent. In Wyoming County, Sherwood had 67.8 percent of the Republican vote compared to Scott's 30.5 percent, and the rest given to write-ins.However, the 2,579 votes that Sherwood did receive were down by 863 from the 3,442 votes he received two years ago in the Republican Primary, when he was unopposed. Last week's showing suggested some voter upset over Sherwood's admitted relationship with a woman not his wife that ended last year but led to charges of physical abuse. Those charges were settled last November out of court.

The CV and the Scranton Times had a story about how Kathy Scott almost pulled it off:

She doesn’t think it was an accident. She did not improvise. She had a plan. Seasoned politicos question the role played by Scott’s $12,000, classic grass-roots campaign based out of her Williamsport home, but she said she thinks her hard work and election savvy helped her almost topple a sitting Republican congressman in the sprawling 14-county 10th Congressional District.

I like Kathy Scott. She was almost a giant killer. If she decides to run for office in the future I will consider helping her. She concentrated on the so called super voters. I'm one of them but I don't live in her district. So now the choice is easy:

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