Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Chuck for Senate

My favorite Slob has the Chuck Pennacchio video that you won't see on TV.

Here is the link: THIS Time, Vote for What You Believe In

More Chuck video here.


pope george ringo said...

TOo bad for CHuck; but I think that Casey is the more logical choice for the nod. We cannot risk losing the best chance we have had in years to knock off a powerful Republican Senator. This race (should Casey get the nod) is still too close to call--despite what the wags say--Santorum is a dangerous guy (see early post on Haggerty) and even more so because he does NOT covert with prostitutes! Every great leader needs some down time to relax--those who don't are usually crazy (see GW BUsh). Bless You and forgive me Lord, but i'm not the first (see Pope Leo IV).

Anonymous said...

I agree, I genuinely like Chuck, but Casey has the best chance to unseat Santorum. He has to go. While Casey's democratic allegiance may be called into question at times, he's much better for Pennsylvania and the United States than Dick Santorum. Go Bob Go!!!!

Austin said...

People why do you think he can beat Santorum? Because of name recognition and the polling that proves it? This guy lost huge after running statewide like 5 times and having a much bigger lead.

Also pick any poll you want and the trend shows him losing this race by at least 7 points. There are now three that are showing this race as 8 or 6. This after he once had leads of 16-20 points!

There are now 3 polls (2 Quinnipiac and 1 Rasmussen) that show him losing by 5-7 once people realize he and Santorum are both Pro-life. The only poll showing him capable of beating Santorum when voters get educated is Zogby (1.7% lead).

Santorum would be in a situation where all he had to do is mention the truth about Casey to win.

Austin said...

More info: Zogby just released another poll again this poll shows Casey's lead to be 10 points over Santorum.

What is interesting is that it found Pennacchio's lead to be 2 points over Santorum which represents a massive increase from their last poll.