Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Throw the bum out

"There's a perfect storm of events shaping up. Americans can no longer afford partisanship. This is about good government."- 10th CD Democratic nominee Chris Carney

CHINCHILLA U.S. Rep. Don Sherwood, stung by a strong showing Tuesday by a political novice, noted that he was hurt by “an anti-incumbent wave,” his much-publicized affair and allegations of abuse made against him by his former mistress....
Sherwood said voters are clearly frustrated with the federal government – and his conduct.
“Certainly it had an effect,” he said of the allegations by his former mistress. “People weren’t happy about that. I’m not happy about that.”
“People are dissatisfied” with the government overall, he added, speaking at a celebration at the Ramada Inn in Chinchilla, near Clarks Summit. “The voters sent a message that they want more and I got that message.”

A Republican incumbent in a supposedly safe seat saying that people want more government? His whole campaign is that he knows how to bring home the bacon? Somebody has to pay for all that pork. Oh, I forgot, the Republicans don't pay for anything they just borrow more money.

This was the biggest surprise of the night. In one of the dumbest political moves ever Sherwood sent out a mailer attacking an opponent by name that almost no one had ever heard of. That did more to raise her name recognition than anything she did.

Don Sherwood (I) [(R)]

Kathy Scott [(R)]

A word about Kathy Scott. It took guts to get in this race and she surprised everyone. Thank you Kathy.


Bill Fitzpatrick said...

hiensight is only 20 20
but imagine if haggerty ran against Sherwood or Joe Peters
I think Sherwood will win but it will take away a lot of resources, Haggerty or Peters would kill Carney becuase they dont have the baggage of Sherwood just the great expernice of Public Service i hope someone offers a sherwood a Nice lobbying job rthis summer and we can replace him with Peters
or he loses to Careny and Jim Haggerty comes back in a big way to become a congressman

Anonymous said...

Can you believe people are dumb enough to vote for Sherwood. They cried to impeach Clinton for having consentual, non-violent sex. Here we have someone having a physically abusive marital affair and people want him to govern. What's wrong with this picture?

J. O'Manachain said...

What exactly did the mailer say?

Anonymous said...

Hey Fritz Haggerty is done! That last ditch effort got way too negative.

Gort said...

One of the direct mail pieces has a picture of Kathy Scott under Republican bogeymen Ted Kennedy and Howard Dean. It says she is not a real Republican.

pope george ringo said...

Haggerty is finished; he had his chance and just wasn't up to par. I agree about the hypocricy concerning Sherwood's morality--but this was a close race and a close primary race for the good Congressman was something no one would have predicted a year ago. It tells His Holiness that dear Don is in trouble--big time. If the National Democratic Party throws a lot of cash into this race we just may see a turnover. I bet poor Pat Casey is fuming--if he had only waited for '06 to make his second run, he may very well have ended up joining his brother in Washington. Of course, hindsight is 20/20 and we still have a long way to go. Bless All the Bloggers and those who read them.

Bill Fitzpatrick said...

pAyt Casey does not live in the disitirct since 02 he can still run, but the carpet bagger will not counter balnce the choking issue but will hurt him i think Carney is the best Dem considering he is smat and has no baggage Skrep and PAt Casey have baggage, but I hope either DSherwod wins then retires for 08 or he loses then we retake in 08