Monday, May 08, 2006

Sherwood spending big bucks

A little back rub, some playful choking, the cops get involved then a lawsuit. Before you know it Don Sherwood's negatives are so high he has to start spending some of the megabucks he has collected from every special interest in sight. And this is in a primary against a little known opponent.

Is Don Sherwood running scared?

The four-term congressman -considered vulnerable since he settled a $5.5 million battery suit filed by his former mistress -has spent more than $350,000 in the past seven months to wage a primary campaign against his little-known and underfunded challenger, Kathy Scott.
Even Sherwood's campaign manager is using the "s-word." "When we run a campaign, we run it two ways, unopposed or scared," Jerry Morgan said in a phone interview Friday. But he added he expects Sherwood to prevail in the Republican primary on May 16.

Since October, Sherwood's campaign committee has spent more than twice what it expended during the same period in the last election cycle, when he faced no GOP opposition.
Sherwood spent $206,000 in April alone, according to Federal Election Commission data, including more than $160,000 on radio ads and a series of glossy brochures mailed to Republican voters. Some of the brochures question Scott's party loyalty, noting she changed her party affiliation from Democrat to Republican just before the filing deadline for the primary.

I liked one of the direct mail pieces that has a picture of Kathy Scott under Republican bogeymen Ted Kennedy and Howard Dean. The radio ads I've heard claim he knows how to bring home the bacon. According to Cynthia Ore he does know a lot about pork.

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