Friday, May 05, 2006

Blogger on TV

Congrats to Bill Bostic of One-Man Think Tank on his successful debut on PCN. The video is here. He was supposed to appear with Chris Lilik and Dan Urevick-Ackelsberg on Wednesday but a long session of the PA House that accomplished nothing bumped them. He was somewhat surprised by the subject of the program but held his own.

I taped last nights program because I had other things to do and watched the replay this morning. I am disappointed that Chris and Dan were not on as it would have probably a more freewheeling discussion that went beyond property taxes. In fact I was going to call in with a few questions for each of them. Since I wasn't able to ask them I'll pose them here.

Bill: Is it true that you post so many audio interviews because you hate to type?

Chris: How many newspapers do you read in a day?

Dan: Did you guys ever buy that coffee maker for Sen. Ricky Sanatorium (R-VA) ?

Pennpatriot has a summary.

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