Wednesday, May 10, 2006

20th Senate District latest

The race on the west side of Luzerne County and the far north has had all sorts of fireworks this past week. After being sued by the Times-Leader for withholding information on arrests Kingston Mayor Jim Haggerty he is now being sued for not paying his bills.

CV: A Scranton-based marketing and public relations firm is suing Kingston Mayor James Haggerty, claiming he used the firm's work in his state Senate campaign without paying for it, but Haggerty counters that the suit is frivolous.

Chris Siperko had contacted me earlier but I couldn't confirm his version of events but he had this to say in a LTE:

Several years ago I lived in Kingston. At the time, I had a property dispute with a neighbor (who) shut my water off. My wife and my 3-year-old son also lived in the home with me. Jim Haggerty, the mayor of Kingston, was the lawyer who defended this action in court for the neighbor, Jack Schultz. Haggerty was my mayor and he encouraged and defended my water being shut off by his client.

David Madeira got into an argument with Russ Bigus about who has shot more animals in their lives. See Who's a good sport. There is only one way to settle this and Norton found it. Have a duel! And keeping with the gun theme Lisa Baker is accused of blocking a shooting range. The fact that the people who lived around the proposed site had worries about their homes, pets and children being plunked by someone shooting a 30-06 at beer cans objected should not interfere with the god given right to blast away at anything.

This race has got silly. These are not the issues that people are worried about. Carl Sutton has stayed out of this nonsense and so has Bob McNamara.

The best coverage of this contest can be found at 20th Senatorial.

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pope george ringo said...

That water story sounds like pure BS to me; how can a neighbor shut off your water? Isn't that illegal?? ANd if this was true, wouldn't Baker be stupid not to exploit this in a commercial with sad violins and the cry of a child??? Bullshit--NOt that something like defending a scum is beneath Haggerty--who is the poster boy for whorish scum--it just seems too outrageous. Since this was in court--provide the transcripts--come on LIsa, get on the ball! JH is a dangerous guy, and a coveter of Prostitutes (see Al Carpinet in a very early post.)