Saturday, May 20, 2006

No Decision yet

The numbers are bouncing all over the place in the 118th State Rep race. The district includes northern Luzerne County around Pittston and a part of Monroe County.

WILKES-BARRE - Luzerne County officials on Friday conducted a 14-hour count of Tuesday's primary election returns, and the official vote count erased some votes officials say were erroneously added during Tuesday's unofficial count of paper ballots.
As a result, Arthur Bobbouine, Luzerne County chief deputy sheriff, went from winner to runner-up in the Republican primary for the state House 118th District seat.
Maureen Tatu, a Chestnuthill Township supervisor in Monroe County, appears to have won by 11 votes. According to the unofficial vote count, she trailed by 20 votes. Tatu's vote total now stands at 818. Bobbouine's total is 807.

This one is headed to a recount.

In the 117th Karen Boback is the apparent winner. I know James May mounted a write-in campaign but I have not seen the final numbers.

Boback edges out Carroll for GOP race for Hasay seat


Anonymous said...

Not-a-clue Tatu in Harrisburg? God help us!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

nothing to do with bitter if you been following the race you know she hasent come off well accept for medical issue - wont be effective for Luzerne

Anonymous said...

If you been following its not all about Luzerne County. It's about 118th district.

Anonymous said...

It's about gerymandering. It's a Democratic seat and will stay a Democratic seat. Let her waste her money.
She just plays the game well but doesn't have the tools to help either part of the District. Another "yes-man" who will toe the party lines rather than think for herself and the taxpayers.