Sunday, May 21, 2006

Beer in PA

Tip to Lou's List for pointing this out. Anheuser-Busch has bought out Rolling Rock and will close the local brewery. In the future the rocks will be made in New Jersey.

PITTSBURGH-But news that Rolling Rock will be leaving Latrobe, a town of about 9,000 people, spells trouble for the local economy and has upset residents who have seen generations of local people go to work at the brewery.
Tom Marflak, Latrobe's mayor, called the move "an injustice for the city."
"It goes without saying how disappointing it is to hear the news that Rolling Rock will no longer be brewed in Latrobe," he said. "It goes beyond just the brewery."
He said the sale could lead to a rise in unemployment or the relocation of families. If the plant closes, he said, taxpayers would pay a price.

Boy this global economy is just great. A few years ago Anheuser-Busch wanted to buy Yuengling but Dick Yuengling wouldn't sell. He realized that they would just take the recipes and close the local bottling plants. Now Yuengling is one of the fastest growing beers in the country! He realized he could have become a very rich man but he would have damaged his town and put his workers out in the street. The advantage he had is that it is a privately held company. Thank you Richard L. Yuengling jr., your head and heart are in the right place.


Jennifer said...

We had this story on our news on Friday. How can Rolling Rock be brewed in New Jersey? It's just not right!

The plant in Latrobe is for sale and will continue making Rolling Rock until July 31. After that, who knows. Maybe Dick Yuengling will want to expand. Maybe Iron City needs an additional facility. I think/hope that with all the microbrews around, someone will buy the place. Maybe the workers can get together.

Gort said...

What's next. Iron City?

D.B. Echo said...

Hmmm...the article I read yesterday didn't mention that they would be moving, but it did mention - as does this article - that Rolling Rock is currently owned by a multinational corporation, a subsidiary of Belgium-based InBev. Apparently InBev had a better sense of the importance of brand identity than Anheusar-Busch. And being made in Latrobe is as much a part of the Rolling Rock identity as is the green glass bottle, the horse-head logo or the "33" on the back.

Not that I drink the stuff. Yuengling lager for me, baby!

The Word Werification word is: iqbswax, a petroleum distillate that when rubbed on the forehead gives the user the appearance of greater intelligence through the ability to spout nonsense that sounds brilliant.

WHOOPS - only it's actually iqbswar, which sounds like a battle between the thinkers of the nation and the radio and TV pundits.

Ausitn said...

Iron City is that the Pgh beer that is sold in metal bottles?

The only time I was in Latrobe was for the Rolling Rock Festival to see Velvet Revolver.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Thanks for posting this on your blog. I wonder whether NJ gave any tax incentives to sweeten the deal. That's another problem.