Saturday, May 13, 2006

Predictions for the 10th Congressional District

Will the hub bub over the rub sink Don Sherwood? Or will a little help from the heavy hitters pull him through? Chris Carney's polling shows him within striking distance in the fall. And Sherwood's campaign won't release their internal polling. Must be bad news or they would tell everyone about it. Can Kathy Scott pull off the unthinkable? I think it is interesting that Sherwood doesn't have a campaign site.

So if you're eligible to vote in this race who do you vote for? If you're not in the district who would you pull the lever, er, touch the screen for? Include the point spread.

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Anonymous said...

This one may be the surprise of the night. I don't think Scott will win but if she holds him to less than 70% he is in trouble for November.