Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Joe Leonardi for Congress

I got a press release from the Leonardi campaign. Kanjo never sends me anything. It's a heads up about a LTE that will probably not get published in the local rags:

Leonardi for Congress
228 Main Street Dupont, Pa 18641Leonardi4congress@yaoo.com

(570) 718-1511

Dear Editor: On Saturday I spent the morning in Scranton to support our local Veterans. The Armed Forces Day Parade is a long-standing Scranton tradition which, being a veteran myself, I whole heartedly support and appreciate. I was saddened by Saturday’s low spectator turnout. The outstanding women and men of the United States Armed Services, who volunteer their lives to protect both our freedom and democracy, deserve not only to be remembered, but celebrated. I've talked about the formation of a NEPA Volunteer Corp., and once implemented, the volunteers will make Armed Forces parades and memorials a top priority. Among those priorities will be to ensure the continued existence of the Scranton Armed Forces Day parade. We live in an era in which those who oppose war can protest war, yet not protest those heroic individuals who fight in it. I am confident that all members of our community share my pride in our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines. During the upcoming Memorial Day weekend, I am optimistic everyone can find a way to recognize the sacrifices and contributions the brave members of the United States Armed Forces engage in on a daily basis.Finally, I want to thank WYOU for their coverage of the parade.

Thank You,

Dr. Joseph F. Leonardi,

Republican Candidate,U.S. House of Representatives PA District 11

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