Saturday, May 13, 2006

Sherwood pushes the panic button, it's on speed dial

First it was reported that 10th District Congressman Don Sherwood has spent an enormous amount of money in a primary that she should win in a walk. Even sending out mailers accusing his opponent Kathy Scott of not being Republican enough. Then people started getting robo calls from Sen. Ricky Santorum (R-VA) reminding them that he knows how to bring home the bacon. Now the heavy artillery has been brought in.

CV: U.S. Rep. Don Sherwood's re-election campaign enlisted President Bush for a recorded endorsement of the congressman for an automated phone call campaign to Republicans, said Jerry Morgan, Sherwood's campaign spokesman. U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum made similar calls for Sherwood last week.The president's automated calls began Friday. Morgan declined to say how long they will continue, how many households they'll reach or how he convinced the president to do it.....

Scott, portrayed by Sherwood's campaign as a liberal because she switched from Democrat to Republican in March, was unsurprised by the calls. "It appears Sherwood believes he's vulnerable, that his false accusations about my Republican status aren't working and that he needs help from the president. I believe voters will see through this for what it is," she said. Shocked by the calls, Andrew Eldredge-Martin, Chris Carney's spokesman, agreed and said they'll fail because Bush's approval rating is falling among district voters. "I think he's very, very weak across the board because he hasn't represented the values and interests of the district in Washington," Eldredge-Martin said of Sherwood.

Again Sherwood's campaign uses the pork defense:

Morgan said Sherwood will win because he has attracted government contracts for local defense plants, more Medicare money for local hospitals and backed Bush's tax cuts and Medicare prescription drug plans. The spokesman produced a 21-page list of accomplishments. "He represents the people of the 10th Congressional District and he brings home the bacon," Morgan said.

I hope the NSA is keeping track of all these calls.

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