Saturday, May 13, 2006

117th District prediction

This is one that I have no idea. The candidates are:

Gene Stavitzski

Karen Boback

Stanford E. Davis

Michael McCormick

Edmund Sichler

Tim Carroll

James May


Anonymous said...

"I'd even vote for James May if Tomasacci weren't my cousin..."

Watch for May to pull an upset on the write-in ballot. His supporters are committed and will show up in the rainstorm they're calling for!

Noxen Ned said...

Tomasacci all the way. Never underestimate the missing link vote.

Anonymous said...

Carroll wins it.

Anonymous said...

The James May website has had more than 4000 visits so far; you'll only need about 1200 to win this 8-way race. I go with May, too.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, we'll see how many write-in's James May gets when we challenge them on the new machines, baby. He'll be singing the blues with Dr. Dave on Election Night.

Anonymous said...

That last post sounds like Edmund Sichler supporter... If mommy's money can't buy him the election, then challenge the results in court!