Monday, May 08, 2006

Some surprising endorsements

The Times-Leader made a pick in the 121st District State Representative race that pointed out the same things I think about:

And all three candidates besides Pashinski have political ties that are deep and, in some cases, troubling. We hope that voters will see Pashinski as a bit of an outsider - his own man - with few politically-connected pals and family members.

Of all the candidates, he has the most potential to be a successful state representative - and the least political baggage.

As the WB-Keeper pointed out O'Donnell has the most money. From the TL:

The campaign finance report of candidate Bob Reilly, was not available Friday evening.

Contributions to O'Donnell $148,000.

Pashinski's political committee $36,500 in contributions .

Hayward, raised just more than $4,000.

The story points out that most of O'Donnell's money went to Ed Mitchell. The feel I'm getting is that Reilly is fading. People can sense when a candidate is running to do something vs. to be somebody. And Hayward just reminded me too much of McGroarty. Then the Blogfather weighed in. Eddie Day got his vote the old fashioned way, he asked for it:

There was a minute part of me that was hesitantly leaning towards voting for another candidate, but Ed bothered to press the flesh and he all but forced me to remember that he's a quality person. He's got my vote. You can e-mail me and spark all sorts of further debate, but I seriously doubt that it'll resonate much with me. Much like Mayor Tom Leighton before him, I would prefer to vote for the people who have their hearts in the right place.

And in my mind, Ed Pashinski has his heart in the right place.

Let's vote!


Anonymous said...

I wish I lived in Pashinski's district. Big money and political connections are WRONG. Everyone should vote against the big spenders on May 16th...if you don't vote, don't complain about how they waste your tax dollars later. What does the TL have to say about the other local races?

Anonymous said...

Who wouldn't like to see an underdog upset the politicians? I wish I was in Sutton's district. If he pulls it off, what an upset. There's a handful of good guys out there, but I don't know if they can get the votes. I'd cross party lines for some of them.

I definitely will vote for whoever runs against Mundy (Stebbins, chacke).

Bill Fitzpatrick said...

Dr Rick will blow a fuse

Anonymous said...

I see money as a sign of support. The fact that one candidate raises an exponential amount of [legitimate] money greater than his opponents shows me that this individual has support. I've tracked down some information on the recently filed reports and find that no matter how nice a guy Eddie Pashinski seems to be, what makes him the best individual to represent the 121st? Since when do "nice guys" with little financial support result in effective legislators? Being elected to a state office requires money and advertisement to get a message across. Personally, I need someone with a little more courage and more political wherewithall in a state office. O'Donnell all the way. Also a very personable, nice guy, but most importantly the man has balls!

Anonymous said...

Money=support? According to what law of economics? Why would someone who wants lower taxes contribute hundreds, and in some cases thousands, to anyone's campaign. Because they want lower taxes? NO! If they save their money it could be like an instant tax rebate. Money=I'll be looking for something later on if you're elected. Too many people think like you and that is why it is difficult for there to be any REAL change in Harrisburg.

Anonymous said...

How much did O'Donnell get in from the Hubbard Foundation?

The guys is the ugliest man in Northeast PA. He will lose like his brother and sister-in-law both did.

Anonymous said...

The pashinski camp is really interested in the blog's eh?

Johnny Hall said...

I have known Eddie Day Pashinski since the early 60s. I have been on stage with him many times and have been his friend for a long time. I love the guy. He is the genuine article with an interest and a passion to serve his community. Sadly, I do not live in his district, or he would be my candidate. He has an earnest desire to make things better for the people of Wilkes-Barre and the citizens of PA. I called him last night and gave him my best wishes and blessings. I found this blog through a Google search for his name and just had to say something about this man. He is for real.