Saturday, May 13, 2006

Democratic Senate race

The Democratic race to face Pennsylvania's biggest embarrassment has come down to the wire. Bob Casey is the heavy favorite to win the nomination. Chuck Pennachio has built a grassroots network and says what's on his mind. Alan Sandals may split the anti-Casey vote.

Who would you vote for? The order of finish and share of vote.


Austin said...

Pennacchio 52%
Casey 40%
Sandals 8%

Anonymous said...

Ausitn: lay off the Kool-Aid

Jaekos said...

Actually, I would like some of Austin's Kool-Aid!

I'm voting for Pennacchio. I'm hoping we can deliver Lancaster County to him -- obviously the rest of the state will be much tougher (excepting maybe Centre and Bucks Counties).

How about:

Casey 58%
Pennacchio 37%
Sandals 5%

Chuck and Alan have been 'polling' -- COMBINED -- at 5-8%, but I think that will be far too low. If it rains Tuesday, Casey zombies* may stay home but Chuck's supporters won't. That seems the best scenario for a BIG upset.

*No, before any trolls show up, I'm not saying that anyone who supports Casey is a zombie; I'm saying a lot of voters have zero clue what's going on in this race but they'll vote anyway, and Casey's will be the only name they recognize, so...