Tuesday, July 05, 2005

My Dog opposes this legislation.

It is bad enough that Rover has to have shots, a license and be on a leash in public.

Now this:

Proposal could put seat belts on dogs

The bill, submitted to the Transportation Committee in June, would make it illegal for drivers to let their pets stick their heads or other body parts out the window. It also would require pets to be restrained by methods that could include a pet seat-belt system, or a crate or carrier box.

Are these guys drinking water right out the Susquehanna? Do they live to close to 3 Mile Island and feel the effects of the radiation?

I conducted a poll of the local dog population to get their reaction. Spot said it would cause him a financial hardship and he may have to choose between a seat belt and Alpo. Rusty was very upset. He said "How many snausages is this going to cost me? Tell me where he lives and I will leave a present in his yard." My own dog was very cynical and pointed out that they worry about stuff like this but do nothing to establish a National Vet Care Program. He also wants some politician to guarantee a Milkbone in every supper dish. The ankle biter across the street had a typical comment, yap yap yap yap, etc. I also consulted the cat. He told me to buzz off because he was taking a nap.

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Anonymous said...

The only comment that can be made; "RUT ROW".