Friday, April 11, 2008

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Political sign covers county tourism billboard

A downtown Pittston billboard that was supposed to contain a publicly funded message about Luzerne County tourism has been covered with a political campaign banner. State Rep. Michael Carroll, D-Avoca, said his banner went up a few days after Easter, which was on March 23. He said his campaign purchased the ad and he had no idea the billboard was already being rented by the county.

It sounds like the company was selling the same space twice and hoping nobody would notice after getting a no bid contract to do the billboards. And a good question was raised by Steve Urban who asks what is the value of buying generic tourism ads within the county?

The mystery of the location of the bench ads at bus stops has been solved by TL reporter Jennifer Learn-Andes; the benches are on Broad Street in Hazleton, the Pittston Bypass, Main Street in Duryea and River Street in Plains Township.


Anonymous said...

testing...please ignore me.

Anonymous said...

Why hasn't Mr. May been forthcoming about where his children attend school? Or which district employs his wife? ("I married a teacher...") It's my understanding that he home-schools his children. I have nothing against that, but doesn't that show his total lack of respect and faith in our public school system? How can he properly and honestly represent the voters in the 117th district if he won't even send his own kids to public schools? He has no right to attack Dr. Boback, because he doesn't support or truly represent the majority of the voters. Tell us, Mr. May, what else are you keeping secret?

Anonymous said...

The problem with the bench in Hazleton? Obviously due to the illegal immigration problem. Obviously.