Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Luzerne County Judges

This was supposed to be a comment over at Lu-Lac.

The question that I have is how does everybody know what was going on in Lokuta's courtroom but nobody knew what was going on in Ciavarella's?


Anonymous said...

That is one hell of a question See no evil speak no evil hear no evil

McGruff said...

I totally agree...Gort my hat is off to you. As much as all of us have thought about this no one has asked that question. My personal feeling is that even the Judicial Conduct Board smells in this matter and should be investigated.

As arrogant as Ciavarella is, Sprague makes Ciavarella look like a first year law student.

Here is what is wrong with the Judicial Conduct Board. Three board members are judges, three are lawyers, and six are non-lawyers

From their website

by Joseph A. Massa, Jr.

As part of our commitment to preserving the honor, dignity, independence, and integrity of Pennsylvania’s judiciary, we’re going to start publishing a regular column which will deal with judicial ethics.

You are just going to "START"???

David Yonki said...

Gort: Hold your shorts will ya? I'll post it. Tough day at school today.

Anonymous said...

Prediction: Peter Paul will NOT be a judge after Nov.

Anonymous said...

I think that htere is a bit of a difference when you ask how people knew what Lokuta was doing but not the other judges. Do you realize that it was Lokuta's staff and attorney's who practiced in her court who filed charges against her? There were two DA's inoffice when the kids were not represented, they are the ones who need to step up with answers, not the other judges. How does a judge on the third floor of the Court House know what was going on in Penn Place court room? Those comments are just stupid and the people making them don't have a clue. The question that nobody is asking is where was Lupus and Musto-Carroll during all of this? That's the real question.