Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Phyllis on the job

Mundy calls for improved gas drilling oversight

HARRISBURG, June 21 – State Rep. Phyllis Mundy, D-Luzerne, today joined House Democrats, environmental advocates and residents who had their water supplies contaminated by natural gas drilling to demand better oversight of the industry.

Speaking at a rally in the Capitol, Mundy said the state has issued more than 6,600 Marcellus Shale drilling permits, and more than 2,800 wells have been drilled.

"I agree that the drilling industry is bringing economic benefits to our state and to some of our citizens," she said. "However, anyone who travels to Dimock in Susquehanna County as I have, or reads about countless drilling accidents that have occurred across the state, knows that we are not properly regulating drilling operations in the Commonwealth."

Several residents of Bradford County, where a large spill recently took place during Marcellus Shale fracking operations, attended the rally.

Mundy has introduced five pieces of Marcellus Shale-related legislation this year.

H.B. 233 would put a one-year moratorium on new Marcellus Shale drilling permits to give the legislature time to enact necessary protections in law and regulations. H.B. 230 would create a 2,500-foot drilling buffer around drinking water supplies. H.B. 234 would create an online tracking and reporting system for Marcellus Shale waste, such as drilling mud and chemically treated water used to fracture shale to release gas. H.B. 232 would restrict drilling and site preparation in floodplains, improve the disposal of waste water and better control erosion and sedimentation where gas is drilled.

In addition, Mundy attempted to amend a bill so Marcellus Shale wastewater would be designated as hazardous waste under the state's Vehicle Code. The amendment, which was blocked by Republican procedural maneuvers, would have ensured drivers transporting frac water for treatment are held to the highest standards.

Mundy said new state Department of Environmental Protection Secretary Michael Krancer has recommended more than 20 amendments to the state's Oil and Gas Act that mirrors legislation she and others have repeatedly introduced. She said she hopes the amendments become law soon.

Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it," she said. "If we as Pennsylvanians learned nothing from the legacy of the coal industry, shame on us."

If you think that this gas drilling is some jobs panancea take a look at this report from the Keystone Policy Center.

My blog buddies were out on the river this weekend and had the nerve to object to the gas drilling companies sponsoring Riverfest.

Kayack Dude documented the lies and The Blogfather wrote it all up.

Speaking of Mark, he took a shot at me the other day and I think he was trying to get me to start posting again. Well if if you wanted to get a rise out of me pal you have succeeded!

I talked to him recently, and I was stopped dead in my tracks when he said he thought Barack Obama was doing a “good” job. And even though his comment resulted in tiny bubbles coming out of my nose, I sought out no point/counterpoint exchange.

I know that the rest of you will be surprised that Mark and I disagree on national politics although we are almost on the same page on what is going on locally. Yes, I have been disapointed with this President. I voted for him to end the wars not to start a new one in Libya or Yemen. On the domestic front I think he inherited an enourmous mess that is going to take time to fix. It doesn't help that he is dealing with a Republican Party that is hell bent on economic sabotage. You don't take money out of the economy when growth is slow. The people who are bitching about deficits now didn't care about them the last decade.

We need another stimulus. Instead of a payroll tax cut of $120 billion spend that on fixing our roads, bridges and isolate the storm water runoff from sewage systems that pollute the Susquehanna River and many more accross the country. I think that would please Kayack Dude.

And please find another color for your exceperts of the local papers. It's hard to read.


Professor Milburn Cleaver, OPA said...

I have never understood the tendency in NEPA for so called good neighbors to become jealous if someone is doing well financially.
Students, the entire Marcellus Shale controversy is overblown at best. When new drilling sites are developed, it is true that there will be some minor complications or false starts; but the benefits, and may I emphasize this class, the benefits far outweigh the consequences.
I have said in the past that if NEPA wishes to maintain its "depressed area" reputation then we should kick out the drilling companies.
But if we have any hope of going forward, we must embrace them. The owners are not your enemy students, but your friends. They ask to be part of this community and I cannot see how a true Valley With A Heart can prudently choose to ignore them.
As for the youngster Gort; he presents a well written blog, but seems to live in a world of sunshine, lollipops and rainbows. A world where there is always laughter and prosperity at no cost and where Teddy Kennedy's image shines. Of course, this world does not nor has it ever existed.
So, students, I give Gort an A for effort and a C- for liberal leaning content. Nevertheless, unlike most of you slackers, he does his homework (even if sometimes the answers are incorrect).
Something to think about this morning....
Class Dismissed!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Another stimulus? Really? Spoken like someone who earns their money on the backs of hardworking Americans. Time to get rid of social security, medicare, medicade and every other entitlement program. Allow people to keep their own money and determine what they will do with it. If they succeed fine, if they fail fine, but stop supporting worthless government employees and those on the welfare state.